How to Add WRX Token to MetaMask

To add WRX token to MetaMask, you need to copy WRX’s contract address and import it manually on your MetaMask. Once you have pasted the contract address of WRX on MetaMask, it will automatically detect the symbol and decimal. WRX is deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), so you need to ensure that you are … Read more

10 Best NFT Facebook Groups to Follow

Facebook has been used by more than 2 billion people every day. The Facebook groups are an ideal community with similar interests.  If you are into NFT, finding an ideal community on Facebook is a crucial challenge. There are several NFT groups on Facebook, most of them are not very active and some are ideal … Read more

How to Transfer ETH from WazirX to MetaMask

To transfer ETH from WazirX to MetaMask, you need to copy your MetaMask wallet address. Then, select ETH on WazirX and click Withdraw. Lastly, paste your MetaMask address and enter the amount. Click Proceed. Steps to Transfer ETH from WazirX to MetaMask Steps to Transfer ETH from WazirX Mobile Application to MetaMask Mobile Application Steps … Read more

How to Connect Trust Wallet to OpenSea

OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, has a wide category of NFTs such as art, collectibles, domain names, music, photography, sports, trading cards, utility, and virtual worlds. You can buy, sell, and discover NFTs in OpenSea. You need ETH to buy or mint NFTs. ETH also needed to pay the gas fee as well. To access … Read more