How to Connect MetaMask to OpenSea

OpenSea is the largest decentralized NFT marketplace. To access OpenSea, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. OpenSea supports multiple wallets. But MetaMask is the most popular one. To connect MetaMask to OpenSea, you need to first install the MetaMask wallet. Then, head to OpenSea NFT marketplace and click on the wallet icon. Choose MetaMask. Your MetaMask … Read more

How to Add Velas Network to MetaMask

Velas network can be added into MetaMask in two ways: Automatically: It is the easiest way to add the Velas network to MetaMask. Manually: Though it is a manual task, it is simple. To add Velas Network to MetaMask automatically, you need to go to the TokenMagic website. Connect your MetaMask wallet and find Velas. … Read more

10 Best Crypto Telegram Groups to Join

If you are looking for Crypto Telegram Groups / Communities then you came to the right place.  Being a part of a community or group helps you to access valuable information that further improves overall understanding of Crypto. Checkout: Best Crypto Discord Community Beware of scams that are happening in Telegram and Discord groups. Never … Read more

7 Best NFT Telegram Groups to Join

Non Fungible Token becomes mainstream day by day. Every day lot of information are getting shared about NFT. To stay relevant on up-to-date information on NFTs that helps you find the next Crypto punk or bored ape club.  To stay relevant you have to  Follow great NFT account on Twitter  Join the best NFT Discord … Read more