25 Best GPT-3 Tools, Use Cases and Demo

How amazing would it be if AI can build your entire website in seconds and be able to generate human-readable unique content in a matter of seconds?

A few years ago it could have been a dream but now it has become possible with the advent of Open AI’s GPT-3. We are excited about GPT-3’s capabilities and what kind of problem people would solve using GPT-3. Welcome to the future of GPT.

What is GPT-3?

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive language model developed by OpenAI. To put it simply, it’s an AI that produces content using pre-trained algorithms.

GPT-3 is the latest and updated version of its predecessor GPT-2. The GPT-2 was known for its poor performance in music and storytelling.

But the GPT-3 has come a long way. GPT-3 has trained on 10X the data size of GPT-2. Hence, it has taken Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks to the next level such as answering questions, copywriting, essay writing, language translation, and generating code with descriptive text. It has given a slew of opportunities to all kinds of creators

GPT-3 Use Cases

GPT-3 could solve a myriad of use cases. A lot of innovative solutions are already built on the top of GPT-3 such as content creation, copywriting, autocomplete, and chatbot. Well-established products have innovated their exciting solution using GPT-3. GPT-3 technology has provided a lot of value to existing products and new kinds of solutions are popping out every day. We covered a list of use cases implemented using GPT-3.

Top 25 best GPT-3 Tools 

We have curated the list of best GPT-3 tools based on the use-case it solves. We segregated each tool based on the category and specific use-case it solves. Let’s check out the best GPT-3 tools

Best GPT-3 Tools for Copywriting

Plenty of AI writers available for copywriting. Yet, we have compiled the two best copywriters. Check out the best AI Copywriting tools


Copy.ai has been built on GPT-3 and is capable of producing effective copy in 30 seconds. It supports more than 90 templates. It has over 250,000 users around the globe. 

Founded by Paul and Chris, the company recently has raised $2.9 Million from craft ventures to improve the product much faster.

Copy.ai use cases

  • Create digital ad copy such as Google, Facebook, and Linkedin Ads
  • Create a website, eCommerce, and sales copy
  • Create social media content faster than ever before
  • Business can increase their Call to Action through better keywords.

Copy.ai demo



The GPT-3 powered AI copywriting Texta.ai generates creative marketing copy in seconds. It has 50+ content-generating tools. A lot of marketing teams, founders, SEO experts, agencies, eCommerce owners, and content creators are using Texta.ai.

Text.ai use cases

  • Clickable  digital ad copy  in seconds
  • Create website copy such as landing pages and SEO meta descriptions
  • Create eCommerce copy such as product descriptions and sales emails
  • Sales copy including AIDA and Pain-Agitate-Solution
  • Create engagement oriented social media content faster 

Text.ai demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Content-Generation

A lot of tools are available in the market to generate long-form content. We have selected only the two best content generation tools.


Jarvis, the YCombinator backed startup is the frontrunner in the AI copy and content writing segment. More than 10,000+ copywriters, entrepreneurs, and agencies are using Jarvis (previously known as Conversion.ai). It not only creates high-quality copy for ads, emails, websites, blogs, but also generates long-form content as well.

Jarvis use cases

  • Write books and ebooks 10x faster with Jarvis Boss Mode.
  • Write compelling product descriptions for your Amazon and Shopify stores.
  • Rewrite the existing content
  • Generate blog post outline and topic ideas
  • Write a compelling bio’s in Linkedin that  attract companies/ clients
  • Facebook and Google Ads headline and description
  • Write quora answer
  • Create killer marketing content and ideas.
  • Take Youtube content creation to next level by writing a compelling video script, title, and description.
  • Respond to reviews,

Jarvis demo 


Writesonic, the AI-powered writing tool helps you to generate quality articles and blog posts. It has two products one is for Marketing Copy Generation and the other one is for article creation.

Thousands of marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs choose Writesonic to automate and streamline their content generation.

Writesonic use cases

  • Create blog ideas, outline, and intros
  • Create articles and press releases
  • Generate compelling product descriptions for your Amazon and Shopify stores.
  • Rewrite the existing content
  • Create powerful landing pages, marketing content, and ideas.
  • Create company and personal bio 

Writesonic demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Niche Blog Generation


Don’t have a specific article subject in mind? Hop on Kafkai, it will do the job for you. Just choose your niche, sit back and relax; Kafka will write an article for you. If you are a niche blog writer, Kafka is the one and only AI writer that is solely trained in multiple niches.

Kafkai use cases

  • Generate SEO-optimized niched content for your blog.
  • Generate multiple articles for a selected niche in few minutes.

Kafkai demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for SEO Optimized Content 


Stop paying for AdWords, use Topic, and achieve better ranking. The GPT-3 AI writer Topic helps organizations produce quality SEO content. Just type the focus keyword, Topic will provide you the headings, questions, and keywords you should include.

Topic use cases

  • Do keyword research for all the existing and upcoming articles/ copies
  • Create SEO optimized articles and copies
  • Analyze existing content

Topic demo


Best GPT-3 Tools for Sales Email 

Sales emails are crucial in converting leads to a customer. With the GPT-3 implementation, you can write persuasive sales mail. We have curated a few GPT-3 powered sales email generators.

Magic Sales Bot 

Magic Sales Bot writes personalized sales emails based on their social industry news, and your target audience. Magic sales bot automatically gets LinkedIn profiles, email addresses of every target company and even gives your intel on your prospect’s spending habits.

Magic Sales Bot use cases

  • Helps you to send highly personalized sales emails that convert.
  • AI would help you to write industry-specific personalized sales emails and position yourself as an expert on their business.

Magic Sales Bot demo



Smartwriter helps you to automate your entire outreach process. You don’t need to spend time researching the prospect or writing personalized emails again. With the help of GPT-3, Smartwriter helps you to generate personalized emails that get you 8x more replies with 1-Click using AI.

SmartWriter use cases 

  • Sending personalized email based on LinkedIn’s recent activity
  • Sending personalized emails based on Job descriptions
  • Sending backlink requested email to blog in seconds.

SmartWriter demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Chatbot

The chatbot is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to process and understand human languages. Chatbot helps businesses to automate their customer needs which will save a lot of time. With the invention of GPT-3 chatbots can be able to understand the human context and be able to chat like humans. 


Quickchat is building AI Assistants that talk like humans. With the help of Quickchat you can build your own multilingual AI assistant powered by the GPT-3 language model. You can implement the chatbot in your website or app.

Quickchat use cases 

  • Build your  customer support using Quickchat for your business 
  • Build your sales assistant using Quickchat

Quickchat demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for A/B testing 

A/B testing is an experiment where we display two versions of a webpage, page elements are shown to the different segments of website visitors to understand which version of web pages yields maximum impact and drives value generation. We have found a few A/B testing tools that will optimize your web pages using GPT-3.


Abtesting.ai enhanced the A/B testing process by adding Artificial Intelligence into the mix. Now it’s easier and faster to get the right combination of headline, copy, and call to action with help of GPT-3.

Abtesting.ai use cases 

  • Create a highly convertible a/b tested landing page.
  • Create the best possible headline and highly convertible call to action.

Abtesting.ai demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Website Builder

Building a website needs a prerequisite and time-consuming process. What if AI was able to build a website for you in a few seconds.


Enzyme turns words into websites in seconds. With the help of Enzyme, you can build a Personal website, landing page, and Web app. Just enter a description of what kind of website you need Enzyem would generate a website in seconds. How cools is it right?

Enzyme use cases 

  • Build your website in a matter of seconds 
  • The marketer can build their landing page in seconds

Enzyme Demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Web Application 

Only a few people can build web applications. What if AI could be able to build a simple web application that doesn’t need any coding. With the help of GPT-3, many people are building the next generation Web Application builders where you can ask AI to build your next web app with just text descriptions.


Debuild is a tool that lets you generate functional web apps from a single English description. Start with just a sentence, and leave with your new favorite app. Debuild helps you create your software faster than ever before.

Debuild use cases

  • Make your web app idea into reality in a matter of seconds
  • Build web apps much faster than ever before

Debuild demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Ad Generation 

Every business is spending thousands or millions of dollars on ads, the hope of driving more sales or traffic to the site. What if you were able to optimize your Ad content using GPT-3. We have covered the best tools that use GPT-3 for Ad Generation. 


Anyword is the first copywriting AI to offer a predictive performance score as you can make smarter choices. Support all forms of ad copy for every channel including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Verizon, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. You can connect your ad accounts, incorporate keywords and promotions, rewrite copy to target your key demographics

Anyword use cases 

  • Helps you to generate engaging text for every channel including Google search ads, Facebook, and Instagram. 
  • Write compelling product descriptions for your amazon and Shopify store.

Anyword demo 

Best GPT-3 Tools for Product description

Writing a great product description consumes a lot of time and you have to hire a writer to write compelling and clickable product descriptions. With GPT-3 AI could be able to generate multiple product descriptions for you


With Copysmith you can scale your marketing needs by creating high-converting ads, product descriptions. They even have a Shopify app to create a product description for your products hosted on Shopify 

Copysmith use cases

  • Generate beautiful descriptions worthy for your product 
  • Rewrite your old product description quickly
  • Generate ad copy, marketing copy for your product

Copysmith demo 

Best GPT-3 Tools for Code Generation

GPT-3 Tailwind CSS 

An AI-powered GPT-3 code CSS generator. Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable, low-level CSS framework that needs to build a bespoke website without any annoying opinionated styles you have to fight to override.

GPT-3 Tailwind CSS use cases 

  • Saves time in building user interfaces with the popular utility-based CSS framework

GPT-3 Tailwind CSS Demo 

Best GPT-3 Tools for Coding Assistant 

Github Copilot 

Github Copilot used OpenAI Codex instead of GPT-3. Github Copilot is trained on billions of lines of public code. It has a broad knowledge of how people use code and is significantly better than any other code generation.

Github Copilot use cases 

  • Helps programmer to write better code.
  • Helps programmers to find an alternative way of solving problems and write test cases.

Github demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Spreadsheet

Google Sheets

Now, a function =GPT3() is enough to look up some answers for state populations, people’s Twitter usernames, even do the math and it is capable of doing much more.

Google Sheets use cases 

  • Saves time as we don’t need to look up and enter manual data

Google Sheets demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Document Extraction 


We all know how cumbersome the document extraction process is. The GPT-3 powered AirPaper helps organizations to facilitate this process by automation. The AI will read and extract the text for you.

Airpaper sheet use cases

  • Fields and line extraction from Invoice
  • Extraction of documents such as medical and insurance

Airpaper Demo 

airpaper demo

Best GPT-3 Tools for Customer Service


Can you believe you can find insight from your thousand of customer feedback in seconds? Using Viable powered by GPT-3 immediately find answers in your customer surveys, product, reviews, and help desk data. You can even label the customer feedback based on the category within a second using Viable.

Viable Use Case 

  • Get the complete picture of what your customers are saying about your product
  • Ask a question to pull out all qualitative customer feedback data
  • Saves hours as AI automatically structures the data into the relevant categories
  • Saves time as no one has to read tickets for hours & hours

Viable Demo 

Best GPT-3 Tools For Designer 


Tricycle is an automation tool for designers that automates part of your design process from prototype to production powered by Open’s AI GPT-3. With the enablement of GPT-3, the designer would be able to design basic functionality just by giving a description.

Tricycle use cases

  • AI generates design based on the description use enters. 
  • Draw shapes move layers, and more just by talking to AI Assistant 

Tricycle demo

The interesting project built on GPT-3 


With Ai2sql, engineers and business people can easily write efficient, error-free SQL queries without knowing SQL. 

Ai2sql UseCases 

  • Write your SQL query in seconds with just a few clicks 
  • Spend less time on writing queries
  • Helps your write error-free SQL queries.

Ai2sql Demo


Enrich your creative thinking with Inspo. It produces fresh creative ideas by combining quotes, poems, Ads, memes across the web with photos or any design format.

Inspo use cases

  • Seek inspiration for content, campaigns, brainstorms, or moment marketing.
  • Helps you to stay on top of events and trends, and make great content out of them.

Inspo demo


Resemble AI allows you to create realistic synthetic voices. It can create any custom voice from your data source and enable it to speak other languages. With GPT-3 integration you can create realistic ad copy by creating an instant voice-over.

Resemble.ai use cases 

  • Generate multiple ad copies in several languages with instant voice-over.
  • Create a dynamic powerful virtual agent powered by text-to-speech.

Resemble.ai demo 


Want to collaborate with AI agents? AI Channels, a social network platform that lets you have a conversation with an AI along with your friends and co-workers. Unlike chatbots, they can even answer unanticipated questions as well.

ai|channels use cases

  • You can create a conversation between Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. If you want to ask questions in between
  • Creating a fictional world that you can interact with the characters in or let them interact on their own
  • You can know in-depth about current events/ news
  • Unlike chatbots, with AI Channels, provide your customers in-depth and specific answers

Checkout  ai|channel Demo


Create virtual beings with Fable. With the help of GPT-3, Fable creates interactive stories with virtual characters that can live, learn, and make decisions with us. Unlike other AI conversations, it sounds like a natural conversation.

Fable uses cases

  • You can create an entire scene with Fable
  • You can have a long natural conversations with the virtual characters

Checkout Fable Demo


Can GPT-3 generate code?

GPT-3 can already code in any language. It was trained on hundreds of billions of lines of source code from publicly available source code. It is most capable in Python, Javascript, Go, Pearl, PHP, Ruby, Swift, and TypeScript.

Can AI replace programmers?

No, AI cannot replace a programmer. As programming involves logical thinking and problem solving, AI could not even compete with humans. But it will increase the productivity of programmers by giving other ways of solving problems, writing test cases, and improving code standards.

What is GPT-3 used for?

GPT-3 is used in copywriting, content writing, chat system, A/B testing, website building, Ad generation, code generation, spreadsheet, document extraction, customer service, design, and much more.

How powerful is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is by far the most powerful and advanced language model ever created. It is 17 times as large as GPT-2 and 10 times as large as Microsoft’s Turing NLG model. It has 175 billion machine learning parameters to regulate its language processing.

Can GPT-3 replace writers?

No AI cannot replace writers. Writing demands a lot of creative thinking and storytelling, which only humans can do. With GPT-3 writers can able to produce output at a faster rate and which improves overall productivity and saves time. 

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