7 Best AI Website Builder 2021 – Create a Website Easily

Best AI Website Builder 2021

Want to create a website without writing a single line of code? Some of you might think it is a scam, but it is possible with AI.

There are plenty of drag-and-drop website builders and no-code website builders available in the market but by answering a few questions and options you are able to build your website using AI. It saves you time and removes a lot of friction. You don’t need to rely on a web designer or agency to build your website or eCommerce store. 

With the advent of GPT-3, AI website builders can build a website and web app just by describing the functionality. This is still in early-stage so we are not going to consider GPT-3 powered Website builders.

In this list, we have curated the best AI website builder based on ease of use, functionality, usability, how fast you could launch your website and how reliable is the site created by AI.

Overview of Best AI Website Builder


Our Review Free Plan


10Web AI Builder 4.8/5 14-day free trial Starts at $10
Bookmark 4.6/5 A free plan is available Starts at $11.99
Wix ADI 4.5/5 14 days money back guarantee Starts at $14
Zyro 4.5/5 30 days money back guarantee Starts at $2.90
Site123 4.3/5 A free plan is available Starts at $5.80
Jimdo 4.0/5 A free plan is available Starts at $9
Weblium 3.6/5 A free plan is available Starts at $ 8.25

Best AI Website Builder 2021

10Web AI Builder

Want to recreate a WordPress site in minutes? Go for 10Web.

10Web is an AI-powered WordPress website builder that allows users to recreate any website in a minute. Users can also create a WordPress website using a drag and drop editor.

One can build a website in 3 ways:

  • By using 10Web AI Builder
  • By using 10Web Designer-Made Templates
  • By your own theme & plugins

How Fast One Can Create a Website? While recreation of a website only takes a minute, creating a WordPress site would take 2-3 minutes. If you’re not familiar with Elementor, the customization process would take a longer time.

Ease of Use: The UI is easy to navigate.

Checkout the website we have created using 10Web:

10Web - Output

10Web Features

Automated page speed optimization

10Web provides 90+ page speed with the help of image, WooCommerce, and database optimization, and few compression methods.

Automated website management

10Web provides a dashboard to manage all your websites. The website management feature includes automated real-time backup and security scans, WordPress, plugin, & theme updates.

It allows users to check all website changes and plugin updates and launch them in one click.

Automated real-time backup

Usually, backing up the website is a time and space-consuming process. With 10Web, you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly automatic website backups in zipping, Tar, Tar GZip, or Tar BZip2. Users can even perform separate backups for DB and files.

10Web offers free cloud storage in Amazon S3. 

Automated security service

10Web users can perform unlimited vulnerability and unauthorized file changes scans. They can automate the process by scheduling regular scans. 

Automated few click migration

Users can easily migrate their websites by pasting the URL of the site. Within a minute they get an optimized copy of their website hosted at 10Web. After migration, they will get all the above-mentioned features.

10Web Pros

  • 90+ PageSpeed Score results in improved rankings and conversions.
  • 14-day free trial with no credit card access.
  • Automated hassle-free WordPress hosting.
  • Free automated SSL certificates.
  • Provides real-time automated backups.
  • SEO management services.
  • 24/7 live chat support available.
  • Dedicated Facebook community to interact with other users.

10Web Cons

  • Limited free hosting is only available.
  • Limited integration.

10Web Pricing

10Web has 3 plans namely Personal, Premium, and Agency. Users can save 30% by opting for an annual plan. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - 10Web Pricing

Personal: $14 for Monthly and $120 for Annual. It supports 1 hosted site, 25k monthly visitors, 10GB SSD Storage for hosting, and 20GB for real-time backup.

Premium: $35 for Monthly and $288 for Annual. It supports 3 hosted sites, 100k monthly visitors, 15GB SSD Storage for hosting, and 75GB for real-time backup.

Agency: $85 for Monthly and $720 for Annual. It supports 10 hosted sites, 400k monthly visitors, 50GB SSD Storage for hosting, and 250GB for real-time backup.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - 10Web


Want to get your business online in minutes? Check out Bookmark.

Bookmark is an AI-powered website builder that shows smartness with every website by monitoring incoming site visitors, and interactions within the website builder.

How Fast One Can Create a Website?  In just 2-3 Minutes, your website is ready with Bookmark. Simply answer a few questions like business type, location, desired feature, and this information lays the foundation for your unique smart website. Bookmark AIDA takes only 2 minutes to build your personalized website in 2 minutes. Use a simple drag and drop editor to customize the website to your needs. 

Ease of Use: Anybody could launch their website using Bookmark. Just answer a few questions and your website is ready and it is as simple as it.

Checkout the website we have created using Bookmark:

Bookmark Output

Bookmark Features

Drag and Drop 

Customize your website as much as you want even after the AI-Generated Site.

Smart Prediction

Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, AIDA predicts which sections, elements, images, text, and design styles work best for your industry and conversion goals. 

E-commerce Store

You can even build your online store in seconds and bookmark supports everything you need to support your eCommerce store.


Bookmark supports all necessary features you need to run a successful blog from choosing your custom design to collecting subscribers, categorizing posts, and track analytics for your blog’s traffic.

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth 

Unlike most website builders out there, Bookmark doesn’t want you to worry about your website’s storage limit or bandwidth.


With Boomark’s powerful AI you can automatically translate your website to over 100 different languages. You can create up to 3 translated versions of your website with a seamless language selector to attract more customers. Each translation can be edited and customized independently. 

Security and Hosting 

Website created on Bookmark is SSL Certified and hosted on Amazon Web Service which is an incredibly powerful, highly reliable, scalable platform for your website. 

Bookmark Pros 

  • Simple drag and drop sections and customize them to fit your needs.
  • Response web design: Your website looks great on desktops, mobiles, tablets, and more.
  • Bookmark takes backups daily for your website. 
  • Translate your website up to 100 different websites. 
  • Excellent customer support and you can get your questions answered on “Ask and experts and get access to hundreds of website design experts.
  • Free plan – no credit card needed.
  • Unlimited free storage and bandwidth.

Bookmark Cons

  • Fewer third-party integration.
  • Would be good if they support an additional template-based website creation.

Bookmark Pricing 

Bookmark supports three pricing models: free, professional plan, business plan. You can save 20% in overall billing just by opting for the yearly plan.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Bookmark Pricing

Free: 1 GB, 500 MB of storage, and hosted on bookmark subdomain. 

Professional: $14.99 on a professional plan and you will be paying $11.99 if you choose a yearly plan. Unlimited bandwidth and storage and you can host your site on your custom domain. 

Business: $29.99 on a business plan and you will be paying $24.99 yearly. Additionally, it fully supports eCommerce integration with no transaction fees.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Bookmark


Want to build a contemporary website to showcase your artwork or set up an online store? Then you must check out Wix ADI.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is one of the best AI website builders available in the market. It has the ability to understand your needs and create the perfect website for you.

One can build a website in 2 ways:

  • Using Wix ADI
  • Using the Wix Editor

How Fast One Can Create a Website? Anyone can create a whole website within 2-3 minutes.

Ease of Use: Just follow the simple guidelines that the system generates to create your website. The UI is simple and intuitive for all kinds of people.

Checkout the website we have created using Wix ADI:

Wix Output

Wix ADI Features

More than 500 designer-made templates

You can have total design freedom with over 500 design templates to choose from. You can even bring animation, video backgrounds, and scroll effects to your site. Advanced editing options allow users to choose color, palette, and theme.

Unlimited fonts

Wix has over 100 font variations and it allows users to upload their own too.

eCommerce platform

Wix supports all the essential features to run an eCommerce store successfully. It includes multichannel sales, dropshipping, a single dashboard for management, shipping, & fulfillment, multiple payment options.

Email marketing

Wix has inbuilt email marketing features that can be used for email campaigns.

Visitor analytics

Plan and optimize your site according to your visitor’s behavior and site traffic with the help of Wix visitor analytics. 

Wix ADI Pros

  • Provides solutions by industry.
  • Offers live chat option to take care of the visitors’ needs.
  • Personalized SEO plans help to rank better.
  • Images can be optimized and protected with Image quality tools.
  • Inbuilt event management tools.
  • Mobile-friendly site with all essentials.
  • Affordable pricing with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Wix ADI Cons 

  • The Wix ADI has few limitations on niche sites such as restaurants, accommodations, or photography.
  • Complicated pricing.

Wix ADI Pricing 

Wix has 3 categories of pricing plans: Website Plans, Business & eCommerce Plans, and Enterprise Plans.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Wix Pricing

Website Plans:

  • VIP (First priority support): $39/ month. It includes 35 GB of storage space and 5 video hours.
  • Pro (Complete Online Branding): $23/ month. It includes 20GB of storage space and 2 video hours.
  • Unlimited (Perfect for entrepreneurs & freelancers): $18/ month. It includes 10GB of storage space and 1 video hour.
  • Combo (Perfect for personal use): $14/ month. It includes 3GB of storage space and 30 minutes of video hours.

Business & eCommerce Plans:

  • Business VIP: $49/ month. It includes 50 GB of storage space and unlimited video hours.
  • Business Unlimited: $27/ month. It includes 35 GB of storage space and 10 video hours.
  • Business Basic: $23/ month. It includes 20 GB of storage space and 5 video hours.

Enterprise Plans (Custom solutions): $500/ month onwards.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Wix


Want to build your online store quickly? Check out Zyro.

Zyro is a powerful website that helps anyone to build a website/ an online store. It is equipped with numerous AI tools such as logo maker, image resizer, writer, and more.

One can build a website in 3 ways:

  • Using templates
  • Using AI website generator
  • Importing an existing website

How Fast One Can Create a Website? Creating a website would take 2-3 minutes in Zyro. If you’re not satisfied with the design, it would take a longer time to edit.

Ease of Use: Anyone could launch their website using Zyro with 5 quick steps. Just select any plan, choose a template, customize, leverage the power of AI, and launch.

Checkout the website we have created using Zyro:

Zyro Output

Zyro Features

AI Business Tools

Zyro has a dedicated AI writer, business name generator, slogan generator, blog title generator, and logo maker. It also has an AI Heatmap that helps in the effective placing of information and buttons on a webpage.

eCommerce Features

Zyro makes eCommerce store building effortless. Users can quickly launch an online store page with templates, easily manage with one dashboard, sell anywhere such as in Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram, and opt for speedy & secure shipping services. Also, they have access to multiple tools for SEO, email marketing (CRM), ad campaigns, and traffic analysis.


Zyro can be integrated with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar and Kliken, Facebook pixel, Pinterest tag, Google Ad Tags, and Snapchat pixel.

Zyro Pros

  • CRM support is available.
  • Numerous AI tools help to grow faster.
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor.
  • Capable of building complex eCommerce sites.
  • Mobile-friendly or mobile-ready site with mobile store management.
  • Affordable pricing with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • AI will take care of SEO-friendly content.

Zyro Cons

  • Fewer third-party integration.
  • Lack of automation in SSL certification renewal and security management.

Zyro Pricing

Zyro offers 4 plans: Basic, Unleashed, eCommerce Basic, and eCommerce.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Zyro Pricing

Basic (perfect for personal brands): $2.90/ mo. It includes 3GB bandwidth and 1GB storage.

Unleashed (perfect for businesses): $3.90/ mo (with limited period offer) & $12.49. It includes unlimited bandwidth and storage.

eCommerce Basic (perfect for selling online): $8.90/ mo (with limited period offer) & $23.49. It includes only 10 product listings.

eCommerce (perfect for scaling your business): $9.90/ mo (with limited period offer) & $24.49. It includes 100 product listings.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Zyro


Want to create a free website with CMS? Check out Site123.

As the name suggests, anyone can create a website in 3 easy steps. Forget about website design and structure, only focus on your content.

One can build a website in 3 steps:

  • Select your website type
  • Add the name of your site and upload the content
  • Get your site online

How Fast One Can Create a Website? Anyone can create a website in 2-3 minutes in Site123. However, if you’re not satisfied with the design, it would take a longer time to edit.

Ease of Use: Hassle-free design makes navigation easy.

Checkout the website we have created using Site123:

Site123 Output

Site123 Features

Multiple Website Tools

Site123 has many tools such as SEO, free image & icon library, logo, favicon, multilingual, schedule booking, events, restaurant reservation, musician tools, and more.

eCommerce Features

Site123 has all the necessary features that are needed to run an eCommerce store including coupon creation and conversion code. It supports 80 different currencies for your online store.

Blog Feature 

Site123 has almost all the necessary features for maintaining a blog and lets us look at one by one:

  • Blog template: Site123 offers blogging templates and you can choose templates based on your needs.
  • Comment system: They offer excellent comment systems so that users can interact with your blogs.
  • Auto-Confirm Comments: Site123 lets you auto-confirmation of comments and this huge time saver.
  • Schedule Blog Posts: You can schedule a blog post and you publish the blog post the exact date and time.
  • RSS: RSS is how you distribute updates about your blog to many people.

Site123 Pros

  • A variety of applications can be integrated based on your needs. You can check out their AppStore.
  • Affordable pricing with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Mobile-friendly or mobile-ready site.
  • 24/7 Website support – Both online chat and email chat are available. 
  • Make your website multilingual.
  • SEO management is available.

Site123 Cons

  • Lack of automation in SSL certification renewal and security management.
  • Once your site goes live, you cannot change the template.

Site123 Pricing

Site123 has 2 plans: Free and Premium.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Site123 Pricing

Free (for personal use): Free subdomain, 250 MB storage, and bandwidth.

Premium (eCommerce): $5.80/ mo. Free domain for one year, 10 GB, and 5GB bandwidth.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Site123


Want to create your website in a few minutes? then choose Jimdo 

Jimdo helps you to create your professional website or online store in a few minutes especially for the self-employed.

Using Jimbo you can create your website in two ways:

  • Using their website editor 
  • Using AI to build the entire site for you 

How Fast One Can Create a Website? It would take only a minimum of 2 minutes to create a website using Jimdo. If you are not satisfied with the result you can customize it however you want.

Ease of Use? Anyone is able to launch their website or online store in 2 minutes by following a few steps.

Checkout the website we have created using Jimdo:

Jimdo Output

Jimdo Features

Social Media Connection 

You can simply pull out all your business information and images from your social media (Instagram, Facebook, Google) by simply connecting your profile and the rest of the things Jimdo will take care of. 

Copyright Free Photos 

You have access to free, professional images that fit your industry. You can use any photos for your industry with no royalties to pay. 

GDPR-Complaint legal pages

Your legal texts like terms and conditions and Imprint are water-tight and GDPR-complaint. Available for EU-based websites. 

Mobile Perfect Design 

The website created by Jimdo looks good no matter where it’s seen. So you can create and edit your website from anywhere, and your customer can visit using their phone, tablets, or computer.

eCommerce Features

With Jimdo you can effortlessly build your professional online store from anywhere. 

  • No commission fees: Your revenue is 100% yours.
  • Payment Options from Paypal to SEPA Direct Debit. 
  • Social media Integration 
  • Optimized for all mobile devices

Jimdo Pros

  • Ease of use: Within a minute you can build a responsive website. No coding and design skills are needed.
  • No transaction fees for online stores.
  • GDPR-Compliance Legal pages.
  • Easily connect your website to your social media.
  • Payment options from Paypal to Sepa direct debit.

Jimdo Cons

  • Fewer third-party integration. 
  • Limited storage and bandwidth.
  • Only email support is available.

Jimdo Pricing

Jimdo offers two separate pricing structures for website creation and an online store as follows:


For Website creation, it supports three plans.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Jimdo Pricing

Free: All basic features and hosted on .jimdosite.com subdomain 

Start: $9/monthly with all basic features and you can be hosted on your domain 

Grow:  $15/monthly with all start features with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Marketing, and Personalized support within 4 hours

Online Store 

For online store creation, they have two plans, one is Basic and Business.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Jimdo Pricing

Basic: $15 per month

Business: $19 per month

In Basic, you can host your own site with a bandwidth of 10 GB and you are able to connect your own domain with fewer features for eCommerce operation. With an extra $4 you choose a business plan that supports all necessary features to support your eCommerce operation.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Jimdo


Want to create a website in the blink of an eye! No coding or designing skills are needed. Check out Weblium

Weblium does not use AI in creating your website but they utilize AI to help users in the editing process.

How Fast One Can Create a Website? Creating a website in Weblium takes 2-3 minutes. Just select a template and enter a few details, boom your website is ready. You can edit wherever the changes are needed.

Ease of use? Anyone is able to launch your website, No coding and web design skill is needed.

Checkout the website we have created using Weblium:

Weblium Output

Weblium Features

Smart design supervisor

Weblium in-built smart design supervisor automatically adjusts your website’s visual look as you edit the template and blocks. Smart design supervisor takes care of your perfect spacing, line length, font size, etc.

In-built integrations 

Easily manage your email marketing campaigns, add chats, connect contact forms, and more. 

Marketing tools

You can easily track your website performance and boost its integration with external services using the best analytics free of charge.

Shared Editing

You can collaborate with your business partner, team members so that you can share ideas and work together.

Custom Forms

Easily add and customize anything on your website to meet your needs. They also provide you with lots of good solutions and integration for your email marketing campaigns.

Weblium Pros

  • High responsiveness. Your website looks great on almost any site.
  • You can choose photos or pictures from 100K+ images from their exclusive graphic library.
  • 24/7 support both email and chat support are available.
  • Lots of in-built integration from Zapier to Webhooks to Mailchimp.

Weblium Cons

  • Completely template based.

Weblium Pricing

Weblium offers three pricing tiers from Free to Pro to Landing Pro.

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Weblium Pricing

Free: Basic plan to try out their builder, 

Pro:  $15 monthly or $ 8.25/month if you opt for the annual plan, 300+ ready to use templates, unlimited storage and 

Landing Pro: USD 196 Lifetime Deal/ 3 Pages

Best AI Website Builder 2021 - Weblium


All the above AI website builders are in their earlier stages. Real intelligence is yet to come in the upcoming years. However, they still provide value. Anyone who would like to move agile in the website building process can definitely make use of AI website builders.

  • If you have a WordPress site or you would like to start a site in WordPress, you can opt for 10Web. 10Web is best for recreating (cloning) a website and it gives automated solutions for almost all the essential needs.
  • If you want to set up an online store, you can go for Bookmark, Zyro or Wix ADI. Bookmark uses ML to predict which design and style work best for your industry and conversion goals. Though it’s a bit expensive, Wix ADI has proven its worth already. Also, Wix ADI is best for personal/ blog site creation. Zyro is very cheap and affordable.


Is an AI website builder completely relying on AI?

We are not sure about that because all website builders have a proprietary AI that helps in the process of making a website. It may not completely rely on AI but with certain processes of building a website, they may rely on AI. 

Will AI website builders replace Web Developers?

No, AI cannot replace web developers. If a person or company needs more customization and personalization then definitely you need a Web Developer. AI can only create a static website and you need a web developer to write some complex functionality for you website.

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