8 Best AI Artist Twitter Accounts

Anyone with access to an AI art generator can become Picasso, Aldo Rossi, Annie Leibovitz, or James Gurney in a single click! The arrival of AI art generators, such as DALL.E 2, Mid journey, Stable Diffusion, etc. has made this possible. Just by giving a prompt, you will get amazing AI-generated artwork. To get outstanding results, you need to create good prompts.

Everyone is stunned and intrigued at the capabilities of these text-to-image AI art generators. At the same time, the feeling of fear permeated throughout the artists’ community. While some artists have been worrying that AI art generators might end their careers, some are leveraging these AI art generators for design inspiration.

AI artists are primarily active on Twitter and Instagram. Hence, I have curated a list of skillful AI artists and AI art-related Twitter profiles for you to follow in this article. You will get to know the ongoing announcements related to AI art and outstanding prompt ideas by following these profiles.

Who is AI Artist?

Anyone who generates art with the help of AI Tools can be referred to as AI Artist. With the advent of AI Tools, you don’t need to be an Artist to create Art. Mastering AI Prompt and knowing the intricacy of the creative field may put you in the top 1% of AI artists. 

Best AI Artist Twitter Account 

We have curated the best AI Artist’s Twitter Accounts. Here is the list 

  1. Greg Rutkowski 
  2. Claire Silver 
  3. Sergey Galkin 
  4. Karen X Cheng 
  5. The Culture DAO 
  6. Adam Cole 
  7. Fabians 
  8. Radiant Descent 

Greg Rutkowski 

Greg Rutkowski is a freelance Illustrator/Concept artist who works for the world’s best gaming studios including Ubisoft, Disney, and Blizzard. He has more than 100K followers on Artstation and his artwork has been widely appreciated among the gaming community. 

The artist name “Greg Rutkowski” is the most famous artist name used in Prompt. 

You follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrzegorzRutko14

Claire Silver 

Claire Silver is an AI Collaborative Artist and founder of A2 Accelerate Art, a decentralized community of creators, collectors, and builders. She conducts regular meetups on Twitter Circle, especially on AI and Arts. Her recent twitter circle meetup with Stability AI (the team behind Stable Diffusion) Founder Emad is worth listening to. 

You can follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClaireSilver12

Sergey Galkin

Sergey Galkin is 3D and AR artist. He shows how AI can leverage in both 3D and AR worlds. His Twitter post about AI creating content through text visualized on AR went viral and it shows the potential of what we can leverage with AI. 

You can follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sergeyglk

Karen X Cheg

Karen’s tweets about generative fashion went viral on Twitter and it is eye-opening what you can able to do with AI. If you are curious about AI, AR, VR and then you should definitely check out Karen. 

You can follow Karen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/karenxcheng

The Culture DAO

The Culture DAO is the brainchild of Edward Saatchi (founder of fable studio and cofounder of Oculus VR story studio ) and Anna Nevinson ( a computational scientist and blockchain developer). The Culture DAO is a metaverse guild branded as decentralized web3 Pixar. 

Following Culture DAO helps you to understand what is happening in overall AI Arts spaces. 


Adam Cole

If you really want to know how artist leverage AI tools, then you should follow Adam Cole. His tweets cover and unlock the potential of AI in the art world. He experiments with color, motion, and texture using Stable Diffusion. He usually creates creative animation experiments on Stable Diffusion. 

You can follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamcole_studio


Fabian is a tech entrepreneur based out of berlin. He is the founder machine learning/computer vision business known as EyeQuant. He writes about AI, startups, history, and politics. 

He created the first fully ai generated multiplot film called SALT.  He constantly tweets about his AI creation creating a video with stable diffusion, altering his selfie with DALL.E, and many more. 

You can follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fabianstelzer

Radiant Descent 

Radian Descent shares regular AI creations on Twitter. Mostly the account shares  Generative Art Images created using stable diffusion or mid-journey. You can follow the Radiant Descent account on Twitter https://twitter.com/raddescent.

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