8 Best AI Content Generator Tools in 2022

Best AI Content Generator

Looking for the best AI content generator/ best AI content writer software? You’ve come to the right place.

Needless to say how content connects brands with consumers. A well written, informative, and SEO-friendly content always gives promising results. It improves audience engagement and retention.

However, producing quality content is not as easy as pie. It requires lots of effort in overcoming writer’s block, deadlines, and etc.

Nowadays, overcoming writer’s block and managing TAT is no longer a nightmare thanks to the power of AI.

What is an AI Content Generator?

AI content generator, also known as AI content writer and AI article generator, is a computer that generates long-form or marketing content. AI content writers are created by using the power of Open AI’s GPT-3. GPT-3 is trained on a huge set of pages from the web, Wikipedia data, and a large number of books and it consists of over 175 billion parameters, and that is why it is creating human readable content.

How AI Content Generator Works

Step 1: You will be knowing what kind of content you are going to write, be it in a blog post or personalized cold email. Then you have to feed the AI Generator with a seed paragraph. Suppose you are writing content for Cold shower, You can feed the AI Generator with a seed paragraph like “Benefits of Cold Shower”. 

Step 2: Hit the Generate Button, the AI would produce the relevant content according to your seed paragraph.

Step 3: Sometimes the generated content won’t be suitable for your needs. You could refine the content by editing.

Step 4: Finally the content is ready to publish. 

Why Should You Use an AI Content Generator Tool?

  • AI content generators/ AI content writers are capable of generating an article in a matter of a few seconds/ few minutes. Whether you are an organization or freelance writer, AI content generators will save hours of writing time.
  • Say bye-bye to writer’s block.
  • It is a lot easier to write long-form content, scripts, and ebooks. In fact, it’s a piece of cake.
  • If you are a small business or large enterprises the AI Content generator tools would definitely increase your productivity and money.
  • It gives you a lot of ideas for content creation which you don’t even think about. 
  • Write 10X faster than ever before.  

Difference between Content Writing and Copywriting

Copywriting is a form of writing to make things sell better. Social media ads, PPC landing pages, sales copy, and sales email are examples of copywriting.

Content writing is a form of writing to educate or entertain people. Although it can drive sales, that’s not its primary purpose.

In other words, copywriting generates leads, whereas content writing generates traffic.

The purpose of this post is to discuss the best AI Content Generators that can create long-form content. In case you are looking for specialized AI tools to help with your marketing campaigns, it would be best to read the Best AI Copywriting tools article.

Overview of AI Content Generator Softwares 

SoftwareOur ReviewIdeal ForFree PlanPricing
Jasper5/5Longform content and marketing copy7 days money-back guaranteeStarts at $29
Outranking5/5SEO optimized content and better for team collaboration30 days money-back guaranteeStarts at $40 
Topic4.9/5SEO optimized content No Free Plan ($7 for 7 days) Starts at $99
Kafkai4.7/5Niche blogger3-day free trialStarts at $29
Writesonic4.8/5Long-form content and marketing copy10 free creditsStarts at $25 
Bramework4.2/5Blogger and Content Writer7 days of a free trialStarts at $19
Article Forge4.1/5Blogger and Content Writer5 days of a free trialStarts at $27
Smartwriter4.5/5Cold Email and Linkedin Outreach7 days of a free trialStarts at $59

Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Want to scale your content production in your organization? then Jasper would be the optimal solution. 

Jasper is the leader in AI Content Writing software used by 40,000+ copywriters, entrepreneurs, and agencies. The YCombinator backed startup was previously known as conversion.ai, Jarvis, and is now renamed as Jasper.

They even acquired similar AI writing tools Headlime and Shorty.ai that will definitely improve Jarvis.ai performance in the long term.

In Boss Mode, you can command Jasper to write long-form content such as “Write a paragraph about bitcoin” within a matter of seconds Jasper writes high-quality content.

With Jasper, you can able to write content fast by combining multiple copywriting skill in one document.

I’ve personally used Jasper daily to generate high-quality content.


  • Uses AI to write proven, long-form SEO content. Not only used for generating the content, but you can also write better marketing copy effortlessly.
  • Instantly generate high-quality content for blogs, ads, emails, websites, listings, and more.
  • AI Social Media Content Generator: Generates engaging context-based social media comments and posts using the AI.
  • You can translate your content to more than 25 languages. 
  • Supports more than 50+ templates including Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) and Pain-Agitate-Solution (PAS) framework.
  • Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model GPT-3.
  • Jasper AI is trained by experts.
  • 99.99% original content and it passes the plagiarism test.

Boss Mode 

With Boss Mode, you could able to write long-form original plagiarism-free blog posts 5x faster. You can speed up your content pipeline by writing 80% by Jarvis and 20% edited by you. Jasper can read your past 3,000 characters every time before writing for better context.


Jasper (Formerly Jarvis) Pricing

Starter: $29/month, Good for short term content, 50+ Copywriting skills (Choose Boss Mode, If you want to produce long-form content)

Boss Mode: $99/month (Starts $59/ month), Write 2x faster, Jasper Commands 

Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)




Want to generate SEO-optimized content? then choose Outranking 

Outranking is an advanced AI-powered writing and researching platform to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content. Outranking can be used by both content writers and SEO managers.


  • AI-Powered writing assistant to do research, build outlines and write content in a minute. 
  • Create ranking content by leveraging SERP analysis.
  • Researching, writing, and proofing 1500 words take less than 20 minutes.
  • Create content to rank for the People Also Ask box.
  • Helps you to create content to rank for Featured Snippets. 
  • Real-time SEOs scoring and content assessment.
  • Optimizing existing pages by using web URI or WordPress. 
  • Step by step optimization AI assistance and instructions.
  • Create and optimize content without SEO Knowledge.
  • Better workflow and team management that fosters collaboration.
  • Integration – WordPress Plugin, Google Doc, and Outranking Add-on.


Outranking AI writing tool

Mega: $40/Month, 10 SEO Documents, 300,000 AI Credits.

Giga: $82/month  25 SEO Documents, 1,000,000 AI Credits, 1 Team. 

Tera: $159/month 50 SEO Documents, 2,500,000 AI Credits, 3 Team. 

By going for yearly billing you can get 20% offer.




AI Content Generation

Want to generate quality SEO content faster? then Topic would be the ideal choice

Topic is an AI-bases content analysis tool that shows you how to write highly optimized content for search. Topic was designed to speed up the research process when creating content. It helps you automate the research required to produce high-quality content briefs. Using Topic we can produce better content faster that is optimized for increased clicks from organic search. Topic is used by the top marketers from organizations such as Magoosh, Curated, Elementor, and Quizlet. 


  • GPT-3 Powered Headline & Outline Generation.
  • Create content that’s more valuable and ranks higher than the competition.
  • Helps you to save time on research and write more content that is more valuable and ranks higher than the competition.
  • AI Identifies what is missing in your content and helps you to fill in the content gaps to capture long-tail search traffic.
  • Topic’s NLP technology analyzes the top-performing organic content on search engines for any given subject and shows your semantically related topics.
  • Topic’s Content Grader ensures that every article covers what your audience is searching for.


AI Content Generation

Starter : $99/month, 10 Content Brief and Optimization/Month, 1 User, Keyword Research Tool

Plus: $199/month, 25 Content Brief and Optimization/Month, 3 User, Keyword Research Tool

Premium: $299/month 50 Content Brief and Optimization/Month, 5 User, Keyword Research Tool

You can get 20% offer by o


Want to generate unique and readable content especially in the niche? Choose Kafkai for your niche content strategy.

Kafkai is the first AI writer for generating content for marketers and SEO Analysts developed by Niteo. Their machine learning algorithm helps you to write an article from scratch. Kafkai is suitable for bloggers who are focusing on a niche topic. To produce much better content they took the general writing models and trained them on popular SEO Niches.


  • Articles generated by Kafkai are fully unique and are generated by a machine-learning black box.
  • Supports a variety of niche topics from affiliate, automotive, beauty, business to health and weight loss.
  • Kafkai Mode 1 – Niche Article Writer: Helps you to produce and publish the article within a few minutes. 
  • Kafkai Mode 2 – Advanced Niche Article Writer with Seeding: By giving a seed paragraph that will be used to write the article.
  • Kafkai Mode 3 –  General Writer With Seeding: Helps you to write an article with some seed paragraphs. 
  • Writes up to 500 words at least and up to about 900 words.
  • Can translate an article into 7 languages.
  • You can download the Kafkai plugin for WordPress.

AI Content Generation


Writer: $29/month,Total monthly article 100 ,$0.29 per article

Newsroom: $49/month,Total monthly article 250, $0.29 per article 

Printing Press: $129/month, Total monthly article 1000, $0.31 per article

Industrial Printer: $199/month, Total monthly article 2500 $0.08 per article 


Best Ai Copy Writing tool

Want to produce High-quality articles and blog posts at the push of the button? then choose Writesonic

Writesonic, the AI-powered writing tool helps you to generate marketing copy as well as content generation. Writesonic offers two products one is for Marketing Copy Generation and the other one is for article creation. Writesonic can be used by marketing teams, agencies, and E-commerce brands. You can also use Writesonic as a social media content generator.


  • Unleash the power of AI to generate 100% original content.
  • With Writesonic you can write articles and blog posts, summarize articles, draft professional emails, product descriptions, generate marketing copy, rephrase and rewrite the content and fix grammatical errors.
  • With Writesonic we can write about any topic with a conversational style that keeps readers engaged.
  • Not only used for generating the content, but you can also write better marketing copy effortlessly with Writesonic.
  • Supports more than 24 languages.



Writesonic pricing

Free Trial: $0 /month, Ideal for new users.

Basic: $15 /month, Ideal for personal use, 75 Credits, 25 Languages, 1 User seat. 

Professional: $45 /month, Ideal for freelancer, Unlimited Credits

Startup: $95/ month, Ideal for startups and small businesses, 2 User Seats.

Agency: $195/month, Ideal for medium businesses who need copywriting on a large scale, Unlimited Credits,  4 User Seats.



Best AI Content Generator

Want to create an AI-powered blog outline, listicles, and more, then choose Bramework.

Bramework helps you to create blog post writing time in half. More than 1000+ bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers use Bramework to create their blogs.


  • No more writer’s block 
  • Bramework keyword analyzer gives you phrases, trends, and common questions people are searching for online. 
  • Improve SEO ranking by using Bramework SEO Booster that analyzes and suggests tips improve your post’s search ranking.
  • Optimized royalty-free stock images found for you for all parts of your post automatically saving your valuable time 
  • AI features include AI Summarizer, AI Rewriter, AI Steps Generator, AI Listicle Generator, AI Writer, and AI Title Generator.


Bramework AI writer

Basic: $19/month, 10,000 AI generated words

Starter: $49/month, 40,000 AI-generated words

Pro: $79/month, 100,000 AI generated words. 

Agency: $199/month unlimited AI-generated words. 

Article Forge

AI Content Generation

Want to generate high-quality content in under 60 seconds? then choose Article Forge 

ArticleForge runs on highly advanced artificial language and deep learning that helps you create content faster than ever before.


  • Articles written by Article forge are completely unique, on-topic, high-quality articles.
  • Article forge can automatically add relevant titles, LSI keywords, videos, images, and links to fill out your article and make sure your content is more than a text.
  • Truly SEO Automation. Completely automate all of your SEO efforts by automatically scheduling and posting articles to your WordPress site.
  • Helps you write content in seven languages.

AI Content Generation


Unlimited – $57/month, unlimited words/ month, AI-powered writer, Content passes Copyscape, and automatically posts to blogs 

Standard – $27/month, 250,000 words/ month, AI-powered writer, Content passes Copyscape, and automatically posts to blogs.

Best AI Content Generator


AI Content Creation

Want to generate Personalized Cold and Sales Emails and Scale your LinkedIn outreach with one click using AI? then choose Smartwriter.

Smartwriter is yet another AI content generator software that is completely focused on sending cold email and LinkedIn outreach messages. We know how crucial it is to send personalized in-mail in Linkedin that would generate leads and customers for our business.

Not only is Smartwriter focused on sending a personalized email we can use Smartwriter to generate marketing copy for a landing page or create product descriptions for your business. 


  • Personalized Cold Email Outreach: AI uses a prospect’s online data to create tailored emails.
  • Automated SEO Backlink Outreach: AI that reads a blog, understands the content from the blog, and creates a hyper-personalized backlink request email using the blog content. 
  • Personalized LinkedIn Outreach: As an AI LinkedIn content generator, Smartwriter generates content by reading LinkedIn profile bio and recent LinkedIn activity.
  • AI Social Media Content Generator: Generate engaging context-based Instagram comments and Quora answers using the AI.
  • AI Content Generator: AI generates high converting copy that can be used for landing pages, writing an ebook, or creating a product description.



Smartwriter pricing

Basic Plan: $59/month, 400 leads, LinkedIn personalization outreach.

Popular Plan: $149/month, 1200 leads, LinkedIn personalization outreach.

Pro Plan: $359/month,3500 leads, LinkedIn personalization outreach.

Best AI Content Generator

Can AI Replace Content Writers?

Did Grammarly steal the proofreading jobs? No, right? Rather, it coexists with proofreaders.

AI has been the next big thing but it cannot fully replace the content writers. Because AI content generators lack emotions such as humor. Also, it can’t be creative and imaginative in terms of storytelling.

However, AI content generators facilitate the marketing and sales emails/ copies, long-form content dramatically. It brings enhancement thus it coexists with content writers.

A content writer who uses the AI Content Generator is like a military man with a machine gun. He has got the capability to pump out content faster than any human alone could.

Hence, writers who embrace any of these tools will definitely improve their content output and productivity compared to writers who have not.


Whether you are a freelance copywriter, marketer, or any agency, AI content generator tools can help you achieve your business goals in an agile manner.

Since the above all AI copywriting tools are built on the autoregressive language model GPT-3, it’s important to check out a free trial or samples written by these tools before you make a purchase.

Final Opinion

  • If you are looking for both long-form content (to write blogs, books, ebooks) and short-form copywriting (to write ads, emails, etc), Jasper is the optimal solution.
  • If you are looking for higher organic traffic and SEO scoring, Outranking is the best choice.
  • If you are looking for personalized Linkedin Outreach and cold mailing, Smartwriter would be your go-to AI tool.

Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)


1. Is there any free AI content generators available?

AI content generators available in the market that gives free trials include: Jasper, Kafkai, Bramework, Article Forge, and SmartWriter. Even if there is no free trial, there is a money-back gurantee available in almost all of the AI content generators.

If you are not satisfied with AI content generators performance, you can get your money back by simply crafting an email.

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