The Lingo / Language / Jargon for NFT’s

If you are navigating the world of NFT twitter, you may hear specific lingo and jargon that are interchange among Web3, Crypto, and NFT enthusiast. It will be difficult to follow and grasp for newcomers. In this guide, we will cover almost all Lingo that has been used among NFT users on Twitter. 

This article completely inspired by a tweet thread from @punk6529.


(“good morning) 

GM means “good morning”. We say good morning to each other because we are a friendly happy optimistic global community and it is nice to say good morning to your friends as you start your day. 


(“good night) 

GN  means “good night”. We say good night to each other because we are a friendly happy optimistic global community and it is nice to say good night to your friends as you end your day (20 hours after you say gm and 4 hours before you say gm again) 



Ser means “Sir”. It is a way to respectfully introduce oneself or perhaps share an alternative point of view.



Fren means “friend” Because we are all friends here on a happy mission quest together. 


(“Gonna Make it” / “We All Gonna Make it”)

 The happy future state when everyone understands our JPGs the way we do. “MOMA just bought a punk. WAGMI”.


(“Not Going to Make it”) 

   Best used in a self-deprecating way about one’s own personal bad decisions “Sold a Fidenza for 5ETH. NGMI”.

Generative ART

Art that is algorithmically generated, ideally in real-time when minted. “She is a bright new star in gen art”


ArtBlocks, the most important platform for generative art in the world, has three collections: “Curator” (ABC), “Playground” and “Factory”


Larvalabs, the creators of punks, autoglyphs, and meebits 


 Our backup career plan in case the NGMI scenario comes true “Sold a Fidenza for 5ETH. Applying now to McDonalds”


 Profile picture 

 The punks, apes, cats, dogs, skeletons, and so on, that we all use in our proto-metaverse of Twitter and Discord. “That golden snail PFP is sick”

Looks Rare 

Rarity is often a driver of value in this place. Used ironically. 


(The Fear of Missing out) 

  Buying an NFT because you are afraid of missing out on the next big thing. I FOMOed into Golden Snails and I am not sure why.


(The opposite of FOMO) 

Failing to buy an NFT because one is coping with one’s earlier error of not FOMOing at 1/10th the price. “I know Golden Snails are up 50x and heading to Christie’s but I didn’t like the launch so staying out” OK, LOL, cope”

1:1 Art 

Art where each piece is Unique (1 of 1) .

This can be thought of in contract to PFP and Generative Art Collections that range from 200  to 10,000 pieces typically. 1.1 szn is coming soon. 


 Szn means season which means market cycle. 

 Crypto szns are accelerated IRL seasons. NFT szns are accelerated crypto seasons. Might last as little as 1-4 weeks. 


(In Real Life) 

IRL means In Real Life, otherwise known as the world beyond OpenSea, Twitter, and Discord. It is not recommended to spend too much time there.IRL does not have sufficiently good JPG.

Probably Nothing 

“Probably nothing” means “Probably something”

It is the polite way to FOMO, with just barely some plausible deniability. “Visa bought a punk. Probably nothing”

Up Only 

Originally popularized by @Cryptopathic for ETH this year. It is everyone’s desired direction of NFT prices, certainly preferable to the less popular alternative of “Down Only” 


Available ETH to buy JPGs. 

This is an impossible state of being. Any available ETH converts into JPTs immediately so everyone is in a state of perpetual illiquidity.


The act of initially issuing a piece of art on the blockchain, either by the artist or the collector. “Wow, beautiful picture. Mint it!”


An absolutely infuriating marketplace for art issued on the Tezos blockchain that combines; a) a huge amount of interesting and inexpensive NFTs are b) the worst UI made by any marketplace website in decade HEN

1/1 of X 

The way to think about PFP and gen art collections. Punks are 1/1 of 10,000. Fidenzas is 1/1 of 999. Each one is unique, but they belong to a coherent whole collection in contrast to 1.1 art.

Right Click Save As 

Every non-NFT person’s first “gotcha” move when learning about NFTs demonstrates their vast technical capacity to download an image from a web browser. Civilian.”I Right Click Saved 6529 and now it is my PFP” 6529: ‘Go right ahead”

This is the way 

A way to commend socially positive behavior, “She never shilled her project” “This is the way”

Floor price 

The lowest available asking price on OpenSea/ Larvalabs/ etc either for collecting as a whole or for a subset of the collection. “Golden Snails have hit a 3ETH Floor, but Golden Snail Nerd Glasses are 12ETH floor this morning”


OG means original gangster. First, become popular in though the 1900s hip hop, the super-Lindy term just flows through community after community. It means the folks who were here early and earned respect.”He is an OG punk holder”


Alpha is a term from the investing/hedge fund community representing the outperformance generated by skills of the asset manager vs beta (market performance) Most people’s alpha IRL and in crypto is beta in disguise. “She dropping serious alpha today”

Its money laundering 

This is meant to suggest that NFT prices are not real because people are using NFTs to money laundering. The exact mechanism of how this works in highly liquid markets is never described. This is a specific form of IRL and crypto Twitter coping about NFTs.


JPGs refer to our NFTs that might be JPGs. or GIFs or PNGs or audio file or video files or computer games. It is reclaiming a cope/insult for the community given many normies think “ but you are just buying JPGs, are you mad?” They will never steal our JPGs.  


Delist your NFTs from Opensea (no longer offer them for sale) because prices are rising rapidly and they might get sold and market expectations of their value have changed. “Golden Snail 5ETH floor. Delist!” Also related to: Hide your JPGs.”


 A messaging platform heavily used by NFT Twitter for NFT project communities. Discord is all of useful, overwhelming, full of scammers, will eat all of your CPU cycles, default to set annoy everyone within miles with notification beeps.


The set of activities an NFT project (usually PFP) will plan to add value to a community. Roadmaps are viewed as desirable in PFP projects and insulting to ask for in art projects. Needs some care to not accidentally violate securities laws.


Let’s F***ing Go. Used when you are excited about something. Best used with rocked emojis.


 Few is short for “few understand”.Like “probably nothing” it is polite FOMO. “MOMA bought a punk. Few”

Gas or Gas Wars 

The state of chaos ensues when all of the NFT twitter tries to mint the same project at once, driving up the gas price for the whole Ethereum network. The hardest unsolved problem in computer science – there is a Nobel Prize in this for someone.


Ded is short for dead. Also, see “deceased” I sold my Fidenza for 5ETH. I am deceased. 


Rug is short for rug pulled. 

It came from Crypto Twitter and particularly DEFI where a lot of projects pumped and dumped on retail. Not 100% sure if rugs as concepts make sense in the context of JPGs. But it is used for devs who run away from their project +/-

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