Meta’s Text to Video AI Generator: With Stunning Example

Meta Make a Video

Generative AI Technology is pushing creative expression forward by giving people tools to quickly and easily create content. The advent of generative technology like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Mid journey allows anyone to share their creative expressions.

We have seen text-to-image models, image-to-image models like DALL-E, and Stable diffusion. Meta’s text-to-video is a significant leap in the Generative AI Art generation field. 

Meta’s Make-A-Video is a new AI system that allows people to turn text prompt into high-quality video clips. With just a few clicks and imagination, anyone can able to create one of a kind video full of colors, characters, and landscapes. 

Meta is planning to launch Make-A-Scene, a multimodal generative AI method that allows people to create high-quality photorealistic illustrations and storybook-quality art using word and freeform sketches.

Feature Supported by Meta’s Make-A-Video

  • Make a Video with text 
  • Static Image to Video 
  • Create a variation of your video based on the Originals 

Make a Video with text 

With Make-A-Video studio, You can able to create a realistic 5s video using text prompts. 

Meta's Make a Video

Static Image to Video 

You can add motions to single images or you can motions between two images. Yes, Make a Video can able to generate video through images or by using pair of images. 

Meta's Make a Video

Create a variation of your video based on your Orignal video. 

Just by uploading your original video, you can able to create a variation from the originals.

Meta's Make a Video

How to access Meta’s Make-a-video AI Generator. 

Meta’s plan is to eventually make this technology available to everyone, but for now, they are in the process of analyzing, testing, and trialing Make-A-Video to ensure that each step of release is safe and intentional.

If you are interested in trying Meta’s Make-A-Video or update on future releases of generative AI research, You can sign up by filling out this form

Meta’s Make a Video Stunning Example with Prompt. 

Prompt: A small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractable claws.

Facebook MetaAI Prompt

Prompt: A golden retriever eating ice cream on a beautiful tropical beach at sunset, high resolution.

Facebook MetaAI Prompt

Prompt: A Musk ox grazing on beautiful windflowers.

Facebook MetaAI Prompt

Prompt: A blue unicorn flying over a mystical land

Facebook MetaAI Prompt

Prompt: Humans building a highway on mars, highly detailed.

Facebook MetaAI Prompt

Prompt: Sailboat sailing on a sunny day in a mountain lake, highly detailed.

Facebook Meta AI Prompt

Prompt: A confused grizzly bear in calculus class

Facebook AI Meta

Prompt: A ballerina performs a beautiful and difficult dance on the roof of a very tall skyscraper; the city is lit up and glowing behind her.

Facebook AI Meta

Prompt: A knight riding on a horse through the countryside

Meta AI If you are looking for more AI-generated videos from Meta’s Make-A-Video, You can check out #MetaAIMakes on Twitter for more inspiration.

You can also follow the team behind Meta’s Make-A-Video on Twitter and contact them directly if you are looking for more information. Here is the list.


We are still unsure how this generative technology will be used in the future. Whether it will replace artists and creators or it will enhance their creative endeavors.  Let’s wait and watch the future, and how it unfolds with this technology.

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