All You Need to Know About Midjourney V4 and It’s Use Cases

Midjourney, the research lab, has begun the alpha-testing of Midjourney version 4 on November 4, 2022. Compared to the previous versions, Midjourney V4 has a wide knowledge of creatures, places, and more. More knowledge brings more detailing and better compositions with even simple prompts.

David Holz, the founder of Midjourney, said that Midjourney V4 is entirely based on a new codebase and AI architecture. It is the all-new model that was trained on the new Midjourney AI supercluster. He further states that the Midjourney V4 is just the beginning of something deep and unfathomable.

How to Use Midjourney V4

Users can use Midjourney V4 just by adding “–v 4” after the prompt or selecting “V4” from /settings on Midjourney Discord. 

Midjourney V4 Prompt Example:

Creative woman, pretty face, oil slick hair, realistic shaded perfect face, extremely fine details, realistic shaded lighting, dynamic background, artgerm, 8k ultra realistic, highly detailed –v 4 

Midjourney V4 Prompt

Is Midjourney V4 Released?

Yet Midjourney V4 is in alpha state, it has been rolled out for public use on the official Midjourney Discord channel.

The following features are still under development in Midjourney V4 since it is still in alpha state:

  • Upscaling
  • Custom aspect ratios
  • Image sharpness
  • Reduction of tight cropping and text artifacts
  • Improvement of default styling

Features of Midjourney V4

  • Better performance at small detailings in all situations
  • Effective handling of complex prompts that contains multiple details
  • Better with multi-object / multi-character scenes
  • Advanced functionality support like image prompting, multi-prompts, and image variety control
  • Increased understanding of creatures, places, and more

Midjourney V4 Upsampler

There is no way we can overlook the upsampler when we talk about Midjourney v4. You all know that U stands for “upscale/ upsampler” in Midjourney.

Upscaling is the process of fine-tuning the Midjourney-generated images for better quality. Upscaling for Midjurney V4 can add/change/correct details in the original image and is still under development.

Midjourney V4 X Stable Diffusion

Soon after the alpha release of Midjourney V4, it exploded in popularity among AI enthusiasts and existing users of Midjourney due to its potential.

As a result, a firm named PromptHero released a free open-source model called “midjourney-v4-diffusion” later renamed “Openjourney”. Openjourney is a Stable Diffusion model that was trained on publicly available images of Midjourney V4.

Stable Diffusion X Midjourney V4 = Openjourney (formerly Midjourney V4 Diffusion)

By using the Openjourney model, anyone can achieve the styling of Midjourney version 4 without spending a single penny.

Midjourney V4 Use Cases

Game Design

Midjourney V4’s intricate detailing feature is perfect to create game assets, such as a floating island, a town, a badge, a character design, and more.

Double Exposure

Double exposure is a photography technique that uses two exposures to create a single image. Double exposure in Midjourney V4 looks stunning, with intricate details and fewer artifacts.

App Icon Design

Midjourney V4 can now create flawless vector icons.


Reduced text artifacts and exceptional vector image generation make Midjourney V4 ideal for logos, branding collaterals, and advertising.

Tattoo Design

I personally explored some designs for tattoos and they turned out well. Be it a monochromatic style, line art, or black and white, Midjourney V4 has nailed it.

Midjourney V4 Use Cases
Prompt: line art tatoo style black and white –v 4

Real People

Midjourney V4 has achieved a remarkable upgrade when it comes to real-world people, such as celebrities, influencers, and politicians. Particularly, the eyes of the character look more realistic and convey a lot of emotion.


While enjoying the features of the new Midjourney V4, make sure to strictly follow the rules and policies of Midjourney, such as not using the list of banned words. Because the founder said they would be stricter with their policies and rules hereafter.


1. How do I control the variety of image grids in Midjourney?

To control the variety of image grids in Midjourney, you need to use the “–chaos” argument. The chaos argument has a value of 0 to 100. 

If you have a favorite prompt, you can try using the chaos argument to get a variety of different results. 

2. Is Midjourney V4 free forever? Or How to Use Midjourney V4 for Free?

No, Midjourney V4 is officially not free to use. However, you can use it for free forever by using the “prompthero/midjourney-v4-diffusion” open-source model.

Midjourney V4 Diffusion is a stable diffusion model that is trained on publicly available MJ images. By leveraging this model, you can achieve the style of Midjourney V4 without spending a dime.


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