How to add Moonbeam Network ( GLMR ) to MetaMask

Moombeam is Solidy Smart Contract on Polkadot. It simplifies the developer experience by combining full Ethereum compatibility with the power of Polkadot, including scalability, cross, chain integrations, and on-chain governance.  Glimmer ( GLMR ) is the utility token of the Moonbeam Network, Moonbeam’s primary deployment on the Polkadot network that serves as a developer-friendly parachain. … Read more

How to add Astar ( ASTR ) to MetaMask: Step by Step Guide

Astar is a multi-chain contract platform that supports multiple blockchains and virtual machines. Astart Networks connects the Polkadot ecosystem to Ethereum, Cosmos, and all major Layer 1 Blockchains.  ASTR token is used for facilitating the governance activities such as voting and referenda. There are ways to add Astar ( Astr ) to MetaMask  Steps to … Read more