Stable Diffusion Pricing

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image AI generator that generates art based on the instructions given by the user. The instructions are in the form of a text description that is termed a “prompt”.

Is Stable Diffusion for free?

Yes, Stable Diffusion is free forever if you run it on the Google Colab notebook or on your local device. As a purely open-source project developed by Stability AI and researchers from LMU Munich and Runway, Stable Diffusion has released its complete code on GitHub with no restrictions on commercial usage. As a result, anyone can use run the Stable Diffusion code with unlimited generations or build any interesting models upon it.

Then, why do we need to discuss its pricing? I got you.

Stable Diffusion Pricing

To run Stable Diffusion smoothly without any coding intervention or environment, you need to pay for it.

Stability AI has released an in-browser graphical user interface (GUI) called DreamStudio to use Stable Diffusion in a non-coding environment.

DreamStudio allows people to use Stable Diffusion with a few clicks of buttons and sliders. With DreamStudio, you feel like you are using Facebook or Twitter.

To use Stable Diffusion in DreamStudio, check out this article: How to Use Stable Diffusion for Free.

DreamStudio Pricing

DreamStudio application also offers a one-time limited free credit of 200 generations. To avail of this free generation, you must sign up with your Discord account.

There is a cost to making complex things simple. Hence, after the free generations, you must enroll in the membership that costs $10. There are approximately 1,000 generations included in the $10 membership.

With the default settings, one image consumes one credit. The credit per image can range from 0.2 credits to 28.2 credits, depending on the image resolution and step count settings.

The membership purchased in DreamStudio does not get renewed automatically. However, Stability AI will soon implement the autorenewal option. Unlike DALL.E 2, the DreamStudio credits will not expire. 

To purchase credits in DreamStudio, click the “profile icon” in the upper right corner. Then, click “Membership” followed by “Purchase Membership”.

DreamStudio Pricing

DreamStudio API Integration

If you are an enterprise or an agency willing to add the DreamStudio API, there are three options available.

  • $100 – 10k generations
  • $500 – 50k generations
  • $1000 – 100k generations

To add an API, click the “profile icon” in the upper right corner. Then, click “Membership” followed by “Purchase” under API partners.

DreamStudio Pricing

Is DreamStudio the same as Stable Diffusion?

People often get confused between Stable Diffusion and DreamStudio. Stable diffusion is a neural network that generates images from natural human language.

DreamStudio is an in-browser application that was created by Stability AI to use Stable Diffusion without any software installation, coding knowledge, or a heavy-duty local GPU. 

Are Blurred Images Counted Against My DreamStudio Credit?

No, blurred images do not consume your DreamStudio credits. Some of the images generated by Stable Diffusion get blurred if they seem to violate the Terms of Service.


You can use Stable Diffusion completely free if you use it in a Google Colab notebook or on your local machine.

If you don’t want to involve any software installation and looking for smooth interaction, use Stable Diffusion in DreamStudio. To use DreamStudio, you need to pay once you run out of your free generations.

Compared to its competitors, DALL.E 2 and Midjourney, Stable Diffusion is a much cheaper and very simple plan.  It only costs $0.0023 per image in DreamStudio.

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