How to Transfer Crypto from DeFi Wallet to

The DeFi wallet is a non-custodial wallet that offers a full range of DeFi services, such as lending, staking, and swapping. It is a product of

Non-custodial denotes that the users have full control over their private keys, therefore, they have full control over their cryptocurrencies.

You can also import your existing wallet inside the DeFi wallet with the recovery phrase. Also, swapping can also be done directly from your DeFi wallet.

In this article, we have explained how to transfer cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Shiba Inu, BNB, and more from the DeFi Wallet to

How to Transfer Crypto from DeFi Wallet to

To transfer cryptocurrencies from the DeFi wallet to, you need to first establish a connection between them. Then, it will be a straightforward task. 

Steps to Transfer Crypto from DeFi Wallet to

  1. Select the cryptocurrency
  2. Tap on App
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Click Confirm
  5. Check your app

1. Select the cryptocurrency

Ensure that have made a connection between your DeFi wallet and You can refer to this guide if you want. 

Open your DeFi wallet application on your mobile phone.

After opening the application, you will be in the dashboard.

There you need to select the cryptocurrency that you want to send.

Here, we are going to transfer CRO from DeFi wallet to

2. Tap on App

After selecting the cryptocurrency that you wish to send to your, you can see Send, Receive, Swap, and Buy.

Tap on Send.

In the Send window, you can see the app, just under Memo.

Tap on it.

Transfer Crypto from DeFi Wallet to App

Once you tap the app, the recipient address and Memo field will be automatically filled.

Tap Next.

Note: The app button will be disabled for coins that are not supported on the App. For example, WTC, XRP, DIA, THETA, GHST, and more are not available in the United States. You can check the list here.

3. Enter the amount

Next, you need to enter the amount of cryptocurrency that you will be sending.

Just type in the amount or you can tap Max.Amount to transfer the whole amount of the crypto that you have selected in Step 1.

Then, tap Send.

Transfer Crypto from DeFi Wallet to App

4. Click Confirm

As soon as you tap the Send, you can see a send confirmation.

Now, you can double-check the fee and the total amount.

Once you feel everything is good, tap on Confirm to send.

Transfer Crypto from DeFi Wallet to App

Then, you can see a Request submitted notification.

5. Check your app

Wait for a few seconds to minutes.

Then, open your application or sign in to the web.

Check your balance.

You must have transferred your cryptocurrency from your DeFi wallet to your account.


Transferring CRO or any cryptocurrency from the DeFi wallet to app is a straightforward task.

You must have established a connection between your DeFi wallet to app before preceding the transfer.

Mostly the transfer fee between the DeFi wallet to is low. However, for Ethereum, you might get higher fees.


1. What is the interest rate of the DeFi wallet?

Users can earn up to 12-14% p.a. for stablecoins. Apart from this, offers good yield for CRO than other coins. With a lockup period of at least a month for CRO, they are setting the interest rates that benefit

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