How to Use Midjourney Chaos Parameter

Apart from Midjourney commands, there are many parameters available in Midjourney. Midjourney parameters allow you to incorporate any change in your wish into a specific prompt.

In this article, you will learn what the “Chaos” parameter is, how to use it, and what its optimal value is. 

“Chaos” parameter enables more variations in the initial generation itself. With Chaos, you don’t need to use variation options (V1, V2, V3, or V4) after the image generation.

The Chaos parameter is a great time saver since you don’t need to wait until the completion of image generation to change variations.

The usage of Chaos parameter in your prompt may eliminate the need for the “–seed” parameter.

How to Use Midjourney Chaos Parameter

To use the Chaos parameter in your prompt, you need to either add “–chaos” or “–c”. Then, you need to add a numerical value next to this parameter.

The numerical value can range from 0 to 100. The higher value results in more varied and unexpected initial image grids, whereas the low-value results in slight variations.

The default value of Chaos is zero.

Midjourney Chaos Parameter

A prompt with no Chaos parameter:

Midjourney Chaos Parameter
a striking illustration of a man avatar thinking, minimalistic, 4k

You can see the similarity between these four images of the initial grid. The style and composition of the subject are the same. 

The same prompt with a Chaos value of 50:

Midjourney Chaos Parameter
a striking illustration of a man avatar thinking, minimalistic, 4k, –chaos 50

The above result is obtained when I add the Chaos parameter with a value of 50 to the same prompt. Now, it is clearly visible that all four images of this initial grid are different from each other. The styling, color, and subject composition are different.  

The same prompt with a Chaos value of 100:

Use Midjourney Chaos Parameter
a striking illustration of a man avatar thinking, minimalistic, 4k, –chaos 100

I have set the Chaos value to its maximum, which is 100. Now, the variations of each image are completely different. The subject in the first image is a full body image, whereas the other three are headshots. The subject in the third image is more of an animated character, while others look like pure illustrations.

Now, you must have a complete understanding of the Midjourney “Chaos” parameter.

Chaos Parameter and Midjourney Versions

I have tried the Chaos parameter with all of the Midjourney models. According to me, the Chaos parameter works well with the current Midjourney version of 4.

While trying this parameter with other versions of Midjourney, I was not getting the optimal results. However, I cannot conclude this is a limitation since everyone’s requirements are distinct.


The —Chaos parameter is the gateway to exploring many variations. You must abstain from it if you want accuracy in your images.

Also, you can use the Chaos parameter with “–seed” parameter. But, the result will be different for each seed.


1. What is the difference between Midjourney commands and parameters?

Both Midjourney commands and parameters are used to perform Midjourney in the way you want to. The main difference is that if you execute Midjourney commands, it affects all of your future prompts; since you add Midjourney parameters inside your prompt, it only affects that particular prompt.




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