10 Best NFT Photographer to follow [ Instagram & Twitter]

Non-Fungible Token is the digital assets that are hosted on the blockchain. NFT can be of anything digitally including various types of media such as audio, video, text, images, and photography.  In 2021, NFT becomes a buzzword, Digital artwork is sold for millions of dollars. A lot of NFT projects like Cryptopunk, BoredApeClub saws millions … Read more

How to Create Nami Wallet: Step by Step Guide

Are you looking for a Cardano wallet? Then Nami wallet is the one-stop solution for all your Cardano transaction needs  Nami is a browser-based wallet extension to interact with the Cardano blockchain and is non-custodial.  Nami Wallet can use for  Send and Store multiple assets To Delegate To Mint Tokens Use Multi-sign Smart Contract will … Read more

Best Cardano NFT Marketplaces

Cardano is a proof of stake blockchain platform and it provides unparallel security to dApps. Cardano is the most environmentally friendly blockchain protocol on a global scale without compromising security. Cardano marketplace value has been ever-rising and it is called to be one of the Ethereum killers.  Cardano impacts on NFT are also crucial and … Read more

5 Best Solana Wallets

Solana is a decentralized blockchain and fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest-growing ecosystem in the world. Several projects ranging from Defi, NFTs, Web3, and more have been growing rapidly day by day. Solana has been called an Ethereum killer as it could able to do what Ethereum could able to do at a … Read more

5 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces

NFT is a digital asset that proves ownership of digital items such as images, art, video games, or virtual land. NFT are unique and can’t be replaced with something else. Digital ownership is stored on blockchain technology like Ethereum or Solana.  Non Fungible Token has been grown to $20 billion dollar sales volume in 2021 … Read more