Cool AI Art Prompts: Stunning Visuals Inside

The arrival of AI art generators has turned many people into artists. Some of them are creating really cool artworks with their prompting skills. If you want to be a good prompter, you must understand prompt engineering. This article contains cool AI art prompts that are collected from the Internet. The artwork posted here are … Read more

An Ultimate Guide to Get Photography-Style Images Using AI Art Generators

AI art generators have the impeccable potential for generating all types of art. One such type is photography-style images. AI art generators can create images that look like the ones you took with a camera. However, you need to fine-tune your prompt skills with certain keywords to create such output. Take a deep dive into … Read more

10 Best Text-to-Image Prompts for AI Art Generator Disco Diffusion: A Visual Treat Inside

Disco Diffusion is an AI art generator that generates art from prompts. Disco Diffusion uses a technique called CLIP-Guided diffusion to generate images from text. It was created by Somnai and augmented by Gandamu.  To use Disco Diffusion for free, you need to access its Google Colab file and save it to your Google Drive. … Read more

5 Best DALL.E 2 Alternative

DALL.E 2 is the one of most popular text-to-image software. It is developed by OpenAI, the company that created GPT-3.  Currently, DALL.E can be accessed by a few people and it is an invite-only program. If you are not invited to use DALL.E you can check out their alternative.  If you are looking for Opensource … Read more

75 Text-to-Image Prompts for AI Art Generator Midjourney: A Visual Treat Inside

Midjourney is an AI art generator that generate art from texts in seconds, similar to DALL.E. Both neural networks are trained with billions of parameters to generate realistic images from prompts. It is clear that to generate art, these AI art generators need input in the form of prompts. Since the release of AI art … Read more