50 Midjourney Food Prompts: Breathtaking AI Food Photography

Midjourney Food Prompts

AI-generated food photography is a fascinating emerging trend that allows you to create stunning images of your dishes without ever picking up a camera. With generative AI models like Midjourney, you can simply provide a text description of your dish and watch as the platform generates a beautiful image that accurately reflects its characteristics. To … Read more

50+ Midjourney Fashion Design Prompts

The Midjourney generative AI has been improving with each new version, becoming more powerful over time. One of the most incredible accomplishments in human history is the ability to create designs and artwork from the text. This is all thanks to the hard work of AI professionals and data scientists who have developed generative AI … Read more

How I Created AI Fashion Models for Brands in Midjourney

AI Fashion Models for Brands in Midjourney

Since I have created numerous photorealistic portraits in Midjourney, creating fashion models has come effortlessly for me. There is not much trial and error. However, here I have used a different approach due to commercial safety concerns. Brands are increasingly turning towards generative AI models to enhance their productivity and achieve greater diversity in their … Read more

How I Created Cinematic Illustrations using Midjourney

Midjourney cinematic illustrations

Cinematic illustrations and children-oriented cinematic locations are crucial in captivating and engaging young audiences in films and cartoons. These designs spark children’s imaginations, create a sense of adventure and exploration, enhance storytelling, and provide cultural exposure.  Back then, only graphic designers or animation artists could design cinematic illustrations and children-oriented cinematic locations. Now, with Midjourney, … Read more

Midjourney Cinema Prompts

Midjourney cinematic prompts

Midjourney Cinema Prompt Tips If you are looking to create a cinema prompt, it is important to include a prefix with relevant keywords. Some examples of these keywords are cinematic shot, cinematic still, film still, movie shot, footage from the movie, movie scene, cinematic movie scene, and similar phrases. By including these keywords, you can … Read more