How to Create your Own T-Shirt Design in Midjourney

Are you tired of spending money on random designer t-shirts? Why not create the exact design of your choice within a minute using Midjourney?

Yes, you can create the design of your own choice using Midjourney.

For those who don’t know what Midjourney is:

Midjourney is a highly sophisticated generative AI that creates art from the text. It can understand the natural human language very well and it only accepts it as input. These inputs are nothing but prompts.

In this article, you will learn how to create your own graphic design, upscale it for printing, and get your design manufactured using print-on-demand services.

Prerequisites to Design Your T-shirt in Midjourney

Steps to Create Your Own T-Shirt Design in Midjourney

  1. Creating Primary Designs
  2. Creating Pattern Designs
  3. Removing the Background
  4. Upscaling the Design
  5. Placing Orders on Print-on-Demand Platform

1. Creating Primary Designs

To create your own t-shirt design, you will want to focus on the center portion of the shirt where designs typically reside. 

Let’s prompt for the design now. If you don’t know how to prompt, just follow the template I will be leaving here. Just replace the words in the square bracket without altering anything.

Prompt 1: [batman’s] silhouette abstract painting, in the style of muted watercolor palettes, splattered/dripped, character-driven, t-shirt design, colourful, gamercore, marvel comics –ar 1:2

T-shirt design in Midjourney

–ar is the aspect ratio parameter of Midjourney that allows you to specify the aspect ratio of your design.

The default aspect ratio in Midjourney is 1:1, a typical square. So, in case of not mention the “–ar” parameter in your prompt, you will get to see your design in a square shape.

In case you don’t like abstract art, try the below illustration design prompt.

Prompt 2: illustration of [Batman], t-shirt design, marvel comics, minimalism –ar 1:2

T-shirt design in Midjourney

2. Creating Pattern Designs

Creating a pattern-type t-shirt design is a simple way to add a unique and eye-catching element to your wardrobe.

Prompt 3: [girih patterns], golden and light black color, dual color, smooth gradient, 4k –q 2

T-shirt pattern design in Midjourney

One parameter that I forgot to mention in the first two prompts is “–q”. The “–q” parameter tells the Midjourney bot to create art of more quality.

If you want to use designs that are not naturally occurring patterns (like cartoons or flowers), you can use Midjourney’s “–tile” feature. This feature repeats your design and makes it look like a seamless pattern.

Prompt 4: a digital illustration of a [tulip], pastel colors, minimalistic 4k, high quality –ar 3:5 –q 2 –tile

T-shirt design in Midjourney

3. Removing the Background

You can remove the background using removebg or you can do that in your Midjourney prompt itself.

Prompt 5: a holy saint with dreadlocks hair performing yoga in air, abstract, vector, flat, mininalistic, mystic, dynamic pose, unreal engine, white background –ar 3:2 –no background

T-shirt design in Midjourney

By using the “–no” parameter in Midjourney, you can instruct the bot to exclude the terms that come after the parameter.

If you still need a transparent design, you can go and achieve that on the removebg website.

4. Upscaling the Design

Upscaling the design you created using Midjourney is a very significant process since Midjourney doesn’t produce images that are optimal for printing.

Upscaling Midjourney images can be done using many external image upscalers listed in this article.

Apart from that, you can use the open-source tool called chaiNNER.

5. Placing Orders on the Print-on-Demand Platform

Once you have upscaled the Midjourney image, you need to go to any one of the print-on-demand platforms to select the t-shirt.

You can find the top print-on-demand platforms here.

After selecting the t-shirt, upload and align the design that you have created with Midjourney.

If you want a seamless pattern printed all over the t-shirt, make sure to use the “tile” option they have.

This is how you can create your own t-shirt design using Midjourney and get it manufactured using print-on-demand platforms.

You can use these designs on not only t-shirts, but also shirts, trousers, and even utensils.

Points to Remember While Creating T-Shirt Design

  • Use the “–ar” to specify the aspect ratio of your design
  • Use “–q 2” to achieve the highest quality
  • Switch to “Niji” version 5 while designing anime designs. You can use “/settings” command to switch between models

Bonus Prompt for T-shirt Design Mockups

By using this prompt, you can see how your design looks without going to the “print-on-demand” platforms.

Prompt 6: a full sleeve knitted tshirt with girih patterns, golden and light black color, dual color, smooth gradient, 4k, tshirt design –ar 5:7 –q 2

T-shirt design in Midjourney

Prompt 7: t-shirt features an illustration of a robot king, in the style of inkblots, dark white and amber, t-shirt design –ar 3:5 –q 2

T-shirt design in Midjourney


Creating your own t-shirt design with Midjourney is not only cost-effective, but it also allows you to personalize your clothing with unique and creative designs. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your own t-shirt designs with Midjourney today!

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