Send Avalanche (AVAX) from Binance to Avalanche Wallet

To send Avalanche (AVAX) from Binance to the Avalanche Wallet, first, you need to copy the Avalanche Wallet address. Then, head to your Binance account and go to “Fiat and Spot”. Select “Withdraw”, paste the AVAX deposit address and enter the amount. Lastly, complete the verification process. The withdrawal processing from Binance to Avalanche Wallet … Read more

How to Sell Cryptocurrecy on Changelly

Changelly is primarily a cryptocurrency exchange platform and an aggregator that brings the best exchange rate by analyzing a set of centralized exchange (CEX) prices. Apart from cryptocurrency conversion, Changelly allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease. Changelly has partnered with Mercuryo to sell cryptocurrency. Users can sell crypto and withdraw in USD … Read more

How to Buy SaitaRealty in SaitaSwap & SaitaPro

SaitaRealty is a satellite token in the Saitama ecosystem that brings the Web 3.0 approach to real world real estate. The project intends to solve the issues, such as Finding affordable housing Shortage in residential properties for lease or purchase Homelessness SaitaRealty aims to improve the world’s economy as well as promote token buyers to … Read more