How to Contact Phantom Wallet

Are you facing any issues with the Phantom wallet?

Maybe your transaction getting stuck and you couldn’t send any SOL or maybe you can’t see your funds or might be having issues with staking.

Whatever the problem is, you can contact Phantom wallet for help.

Before contacting Phantom wallet support, try visiting its FAQ page and guides.

You might get solutions there.

In case you haven’t found any solutions there, you can contact Phantom wallet support in 3 ways:

  1. Phantom Bot Support
  2. Submit a Ticket
  3. Ping on Twitter

How to Contact Phantom wallet

To contact Phantom wallet support, you can either submit a ticket, chat, or ping them on Twitter.

You can also seek help from the Phantom wallet FAQ page and Guides page.

The Phantom wallet has a dedicated page to submit tickets.

While submitting the ticket, try to give as much information as possible and include screenshots if necessary. These will improve the chances of getting a reply fastly.

Phantom also has a chat option to communicate. You can chat and seek solutions via chat instantly.

Lastly, you can contact Phantom support via Twitter. You can tag Phantom in your tweet and wait for a reply.

Three Ways to Contact Phantom Wallet Support

1. Phantom Bot Support

Phantom has a chatbot feature for instant help.

You can find this feature on all pages except the homepage of the Phantom wallet website.

Contact Phantom Wallet Support

Click on the Help button located at the bottom of almost all of the web pages.

A chat box will open up.

Just, type in your issues.

The bot will pull out a few articles and guides related to your issue.

If you are not given any solution, you can move on to the next option.

2. Submit a Ticket

Before submitting the ticket, you can seek solutions from FAQ and Guides page.

In case you cannot find solutions there, you can try submitting a ticket.

Submitting a ticket is an effective way to communicate with the Phantom wallet support.

You can submit a ticket by clicking the below link:

To submit a ticket, firstly, you need to select whether you are facing issues on the extension or mobile application.

Then, you need to mention your email address, the type of issue that you are facing, the version of your Phantom wallet, operating system, subject, and description.

Feel free to add screenshots in the attachment field. This greatly helps the support staff understand your issues clearly.

Finally, click on Submit.

After submitting the ticket, you need to wait for one or two days for the response. The response will come to your email address.

3. Ping on Twitter

Lastly, you can come to Twitter and contact Phantom wallet support.

According to the Phantom wallet Twitter page, they are very active on Twitter.

Their official Twitter id is @phantom.

You can check for the verification badge before you tweet.

Once you are on Twitter, you can brief your issue as a tweet and tag them.

Otherwise, you can reply in a specific tweet by them.

These are the best way to capture their attention.


This is how you can contact Phantom wallet support.

Compared to the chatbot support option, submitting tickets and contacting via Twitter could be the effective way.

Chatbot support can be helpful in quickly finding the article you need. It saves your time while searching for solutions in the FAQ and Guide pages.

Always, keep in mind that Phantom will not ask your Secret Recovery Phrase/ Mnemonics at any instance.

If you receive any such email, that must be a scam.

Also, at this time of writing, Phantom is not available for Android. In the case of mobile, it is only available for iOS.

Using a fake mobile application will lead to your funds being stolen.


1. Is there Phantom wallet support?

Yes, there is Phantom wallet support. The Phantom wallet has multiple support channels including chatbot, ticket system, and Twitter.

Amongst them, the ticket system and Twitter are effective support channels. However, one can use the chatbot to get instant solutions for simple problems.

2. What is the Phantom wallet support email?

At this time of writing, there is no such email address to contact Phantom wallet. But users can contact Phantom support via chatbot, ticketing system, and Twitter.

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