How to Find Transaction Id (TxID) on Trust Wallet

Transaction Id (TxID) is a unique string of 64-bit alphanumerical that acts as an identifier for each blockchain transaction.

Transaction Id (TxID) is also known as transaction hash (Tx Hash).

With TxID, anyone can retrieve the blockchain transaction details, such as status, block confirmation, timestamp, From and To addresses, transaction fee, gas price, etc.

In this article, you will learn to find transaction Id (TxID) on Trust Wallet mobile application with simple steps.

How to Find Transaction Id (TxID) on Trust Wallet?

To find transaction Id (TxID) on Trust Wallet, you need to tap on the crypto asset under “Tokens”.

Then, tap on the “recent transfer entry” followed by “More Details”.

By doing so, you can see the transaction Id (TxID).

Alternatively, you can head to the corresponding blockchain explorer and paste your wallet address to see the transaction Id for all transactions that you made with that wallet account.

Steps to Find Transaction Id (TxID) on Trust Wallet 

  1. Tap on “Crypto Asset
  2. Tap on “Recent Transfer
  3. Tap on “More Details
  4. Copy TxID

1. Tap on “Crypto Asset

Open the Trust Wallet mobile application.

On the front page of the wallet, your crypto assets can be found under the “Tokens” tab.

Tap on any one of the crypto assets for which you want to see the transaction Id.

Assets under Token

2. Tap on “Recent Transfer

After tapping on any one of the assets, you will be able to see Send, Receive, and Swap.

Just below those options, you could see the recent transfers of the particular asset that you have selected.

Tap on the “recent transfer entry”. 

recent transfer entry

3. Tap on “More Details”

Once you have tapped on the recent transfer entry, you will land on the “Transfer” page.

On this page, the transaction details, such as the withdrawal/ deposited amount, date, status, sender, and the network fee.

To view the transaction Id (Id) on Trust Wallet, you need to tap on the “More Details” option on the “Transfer” page.

More Details in Trust Wallet

4. Copy TxID

Tapping on the “More Details” will take you to the corresponding blockchain explorer.

There you can view the transaction Id of the particular transaction.

To copy the TxID, tap on the “Copy icon”.

Find Transaction Id (TxID) on Trust Wallet


In Trust Wallet, you can find the transaction Id (TxID) inside the “recent transfer entries”.

To reach the “recent transfer entries” section, tap on any assets under “Tokens”.

TxID is used to see the completed details of a blockchain transaction.

Alternatively, you can find the TxID and transaction details of your Trust Wallet account on the blockchain explorer by pasting your Trust Wallet address on the particular blockchain.

Depending on the digital currency, you have to go to the corresponding blockchain explorer:











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