How to Delete Images in Midjourney

As a user on Midjourney, there’s nothing like the feeling of creating something truly amazing and sharing it with the community. However, as much as you strive to create appropriate content, there may come a time when something you create turns out to be NSFW or just plain weird.

You may end up in an embarrassing situation if you do not use a private plan, as whatever you create will be shared with your fellow community members. In order to avoid awkwardness, it may be necessary to delete the artwork altogether.

If you find yourself in this situation, fear not. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to delete your artwork both on Midjourney Discord and, ensuring that your artwork is gone for good and you can get back to creating content that you’re proud to share.

How to Delete Images in Midjourney?

Currently, you can only delete the image in Midjourney Discord server, not on

To delete images/ artwork in Midjourney Discord, you need to react to the image, which you want to delete with Midjourney delete icon.

In case you cannot find the image to delete, you can head to to locate the image. Then, you need to load that image into Midjourney Discord in order to delete it.

Steps to Delete Images in Midjourney

Now, let’s see how you can delete images in Midjourney Discord as well as how to load images from the Midjourney Web into Midjourney Discord for deletion.

  • Deleting Images in Discord
  • Deleting Images from Midjourney Web

Deleting Images in Discord

  1. Find the Image
  2. React it with Midjourney delete” 
  3. Check Midjourney Web

1. Find the Image

Finding an image for paid Midjourney users is always an easy task since they will be creating their artwork with Midjourney bot in a direct message.

Unlike other channels, the Midjourney DM is always zero-crowded and the best way to track all of your generations.

In case, you are not aware of this and using either anyone of the “#newbies” channel or “#general” channel, you need to go to the next sub-heading “Deleting Images from Midjourney Web”.

2. React it with “Midjourney delete

If any of your Midjourney images are NSFW or too weird or gore, you can easily delete them by reacting to them with Midjourney delete”.

To react with the close icon, you need to hover over the image that you would like to delete and click “three horizontal dots”.

Then, click “Add Reaction” and search for “:X:” and select it.

Midjourney Image Deletion

3. Check Midjourney Web

After reacting with the “Midjourney delete” icon, your images will be deleted within a few seconds. However, it will take 5 to 10 minutes to disappear on your Midjourney Web interface.

Hence, check for the Midjourney Web interface after 5 minutes from reacting with the close icon.

Deleting Images from Midjourney Web

Finding an image in Midjourney Discord is super hard for users on their free trials. Because, they have to create their artwork in any one of the “#newbies” channels, which is overloaded with a slew of community members.

  1. Find the Image
  2. Copy the Job_id
  3. Perform “/show” Command in Discord
  4. React with “Midjourney delete

1. Find the Image

If you are a user on free trials, you must be intimidated to find your images on Midjourney Discord.

Worry not. Open a new tab and go to “”.

Now, you will land on your own feed where you can easily find your artwork regardless of when you have created them.

2. Copy the Job_id

Once you have found the image, hover over it.

By doing so, you will be able to see the “three horizontal dots”. Click on it.

Now, head to “Copy”, followed by click “Job ID” to copy it.

Midjourney job_id

3. Perform “/show” Command in Discord

After copying the Job ID, go to any one of the “#newbies” channels. In case you are paid member of Midjourney, go to “Midjourney Direct Message”.

Now, type in the “/show” command and paste the Job_ID that you copied in Step 2.

By hitting “Enter”, you can see your image gets loaded in Discord.

Midjourney commands: /show

4. React with “Midjourney delete

Once you have loaded the image from Midjourney Web to Midjourney Discord, you need to react with “Midjourney delete”.

Hover over the image>click “…”>click “Add Reaction”>Look for “Midjourney delete” and select it.

This is how you can delete images in Midjourney.


Since there is no visible option to delete the artwork, the process of deleting it is not a straightforward task. However, with this article, you can delete your artwork in less than 5 seconds.

To avoid this scenario,



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