How to Write a 1,000 word Niche Article in 5 Minutes Using AI

Niche article with Jarvis AI


We have started a few blogs previously and a couple of them have failed. Failure is because of two things,

  • We started a blog on a topic that is competitive and crowded.
  • We are not consistent enough and quit after a few months of creating content.

Our third blog is a super niche in tech and that started making money in the 4th month and we ended selling that site in 15 months and made a decent profit from the site.

Is starting a blog still relevant in 2021? Google made 181.69 billion and that is 30% higher than the previous year. This shows how important the search is. Now coming to your question. Blogging has a great future ahead but with huge competition.

Almost 500 million searches per year in Google were new keywords. Today’s niche can be tomorrow’s mainstream.

How to Find the Niche Idea?

If you are specializing in tech, narrow it down further and further. Choose the topic that will be the niche for you. 

For eg:

Tech is a broad and competitive topic, it can be tech news, gadgets, etc. The niche topics could be about drones or anything similar to that.

Why Choosing a Niche Topic?

Ranking for a highly competitive and high-volume keyword is way harder than ever imagined and that too for a new site is even harder. Choosing a niche topic and ranking those on Google is much easier. Today’s niche could become tomorrow’s mainstream topic.

Imagine in 2012 bitcoin is a niche topic and only very few people know about it and today it is becoming a mainstream topic with huge search volume and the bitcoin industry is valued at more than a trillion dollars. 

Finding a niche idea is way harder than ever before. You can leverage Google Trends and SEO tools like SEMrush to understand trends better.

Sometimes the niche topic that you have chosen won’t grow as expected and you need to do a  lot of experiments to figure out which niche is gonna work for you. 

How to Make Money with a Niche Blog?

  • Sign up for the affiliate program related to the niche; you can find products related to your niche on Amazon. 
  • Write a sponsored post for the brand or industry that is operating on the niche that you are currently writing about.
  • Join an advertisement network and make money by displaying ads on your website.
  • Educate your audience on the niche through launching courses and info products.
  • Owning a blog means owning a small distribution channel for the niche on the internet. You can leverage that audience and launch your own product line and sell it on Shopify.

Growing your Niche Timeline

    • Finding a niche idea: Finding the niche idea is the hardest. This is where you spend the majority of your time finding and validating your idea.
    • Buy the Domain Name: Finding a suitable domain name is crucial in establishing trust and authority.
    • Create your own niche blog: You can create your blog for under 2.99 USD per month using Bluehost. Check out our article that helps you to create your blog in 5 minutes.
    • Write 100 articles: This is solid advice that we get from our mentors. Write 100 articles around the niche that you have chosen.
    • Collect Email List: Whenever traffic starts to flow. Collect an email list from the visitor and these are very crucial in establishing a connection between you and your visitor. You can update your audience on new product launches or articles through newsletters.
    • Start selling affiliate products related to the niche: Sign up for the relevant product based on your niche and start promoting the product and make money through commission.
    • Start launching courses and info products: After owning a share of traffic for your niche an extra way to make money is through launching courses and info products. 
    • Start your own Shopify store around the niche. After collecting emails and having a constant flow of traffic to the site. You can start selling your own product relevant to your niche by building your own Shopify store.

Niche Blog Income Reports

Niche Website Income per Month
Frugal Living Making Sense of Cents $145,319
Budget Living Club Thrifty $21,566
Virtual Assistant Horkey Handbook $20,492
Knitting Sewrella $9,755.76
Veganism Yup, It’s Vegan $1,478.54


Jarvis is an AI content/ copywriter software that is used by 30,000+ copywriters, entrepreneurs, and agencies. It is built upon OpenAI’s (founded by Elon Musk) GPT-3, and further, it is trained by the Jarvis team to achieve an optimal output.

Jarvis Features

  • Multilingual—supports more than 25 languages
  • Boss Mode: Boss Mode in Jarvis helps to write long-form content faster. Also, it lets you use voice dictation to command Jarvis to create content for you
  • Optimizes page ranking with the help of Surfer SEO partnership
  • 50+ copywriting templates—promote your written niche article on any platform with many copywriting templates
  • Team collaboration 


Jarvis Boss Mode is perfect to write your niche article. You can use voice/ written commands to command Jarvis to create content for you. With Boss Mode, Jarvis can now look back 2,000-3,000 characters of your document. This eventually improves your quality of output and the content you will create is more relatable to the previously written content.

However, you can write your niche article by using Starter and Pro plans as well.

Jarvis Review

How to Use Jarvis?

For Boss Mode,

Step 1: Head over to the Boss Mode Tab & Click on ‘Activate Boss Mode’

Step 2: Write/ voice out a command to Jarvis

Step 3: See as it writes

Step 4: Refine the output if you want. Go ahead & publish

Jarvis for Niche article

For Normal Modes,

Step 1: Choose a Skill

Step 2: Input your product data

Step 3: Generate AI Content

Step 4: Refine the output if you want. Go ahead & publish

Jarvis Pricing

There are two packages ranging from Starter to Boss Mode. By choosing the yearly plan, you can save $60 in the Starter pack and $240 in Boss Mode. Offers 7-day money-back guarantee.

Starter (Perfect for short-form copies creation): $24/ month. It includes chat support, 20,000 words, unlimited users, and access to AI Copywriter’s Community.

Boss Mode (Perfect for Niche articles): $99/ mo. It includes chat support, unlimited words and runs, Long-Form assistant, Jarvis Commands, and access to AI Copywriter’s Community.

Why is Jarvis.Ai a Go-to Assistant for Niche Blog?

The success of your niche depends on the content that you produce. Producing content for a niche especially that you are not specialized in, is hard. With you could overcome writer’s block and create long-form content easily. Usually, it takes a week of time to create 5,000 words long-form blogs but with Jarvis, you could accomplish that in a single day.

Suppose your competitor is creating content on the same niche idea that you are working on. You can outsmart and outwork your competitor using by producing more original and unique content.

Not only you can use to generate content for your niche blog. You can use it in several use cases:

  • Want to produce an attention-grabbing headline for your Pinterest image? Choose
  • Create an ebook with ease using 
  • Run clickable Google ads using Google Ads copy template 
  • Want to create a clickbait title for your post? then choose
  • Write script for your next YouTube videos using 

These are common use cases as an individual creator we face regularly. With Jarvis, we could be able to create stellar content with a lesser amount of time and money.

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