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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been on trend and making headlines since the year 2021. Although the first NFT emerged in 2014, the year 2021 was a remarkable year for NFTs and NFT enthusiasts.

While talking about NFTs, the main thing that comes to mind is utility. An NFT without a utility has zero value.

NFT utility is the value of a particular NFT that it possesses. An NFT utility can be a passive income, celebrity/ mentor access, memberships, digital character or clothes in play-to-earn metaverse games, and more perks.

That being said, one such important and notable utility of NFT is its use in the Metaverse. Metaverse will be the trillion-dollar industry as companies, such as Amazon, Apple, Decentraland, Meta (Previously known as Facebook), Microsoft, Nvidia, and Roblox Corporation are working on it.

As the metaverse grows, there are plenty of opportunities for NFT artists. How? They can sell digital goods (NFTs) in the metaverse, which can be bought and utilized by consumers.

But how can they sell digital goods in the metaverse? A big question that strikes the mind of all emerging NFT artists. This is where the NFT2Metaverse (N2M) comes in.


What Is NFT2Metaverse?

NFT2Metaverse is a marketplace of the metaverse. NFT artists and sellers can use this platform to sell their digital products. Consumers can purchase those digital products and utilize them in the metaverse.

NFT2Metaverse can be compared to traditional marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay. With N2M, NFT artists need not worry about setting up smart contracts, minting, positioning the art in the metaverse, and attracting potential consumers. Artists can sell their digital artworks within a few clicks.


Why NFT2Metaverse Is the Best Place for NFT Artists?

For NFT artists who don’t know how to sell digital products such as clothes, buildings, jewelry, home decor, etc in the metaverse, NFT2Metaverse is the right place. NFT artists who are aspiring to enter the Metaverse world can use the NFT2Metaverse as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to sell their digital products effortlessly.

  • NFT2Metaverse has a strong roadmap 2.0 in place.

NFT2Metaverse Roadmap

  • The NFT2Metaverse marketplace will be available in various Metaverses soon.
  • 10,000 artists including Tim Bakker, the head designer of the NFT2Metaverse will be onboarded into the platform.
  • During the first trial month, artists can use the platform completely free. I.e. they can keep all their earned royalties.


NFT2Metaverse NFTs for Investors and NFT Collectors

If you are an N2M NFT holder, you can make a nice profit from NFT2Metaverse NFTs as the platform shares 40% of its profits with the NFT holders every month. Those who are looking for a passive income stream will find this an excellent opportunity.

To reap the utmost benefit, one must purchase the NFTs during the Pre-Sale. The Presale is the gateway to making potential profit distributions in the future.

Perks of NFT2Metaverse NFTs

  • Rewards: 40% profit sharing with NFT holders every month.
  • Partner Benefits: NFT holders will enjoy the benefits of the platform’s future partners.
  • Loyalty: NFT holders will also enjoy a significant discount on future NFT collections.
  • Whitelist Places: Participants of Pre-Sale will be secured a place on the whitelist of the next project.
  • Giveaways: NFT2Metaverse honors their NFT holders by giving free airdrops.
  • Embassy Access: All the NFT holders will have Embassy access to Metaverse.


Fee and Profit Sharing

NFT2Metaverse platform takes 10% of the sales amount when a consumer buys a product. The remaining 90% of the sales amount goes to the artist.

To use the platform, artists/ designers will have to pay a monthly fee of $99.

To learn more about the NFT2Metaverse platform, make sure to check the marketplace’s website. Don’t forget to follow the project on Twitter and Instagram and join their Discord server for all the latest updates!


As the Private sale is sold out, NFT2Metaverse announces the Pre-Sale round!  

-> Private sale (1900NFTs) SOLD OUT!

-> Pre-sale 5999 NFTs: June 10th 2022 at 2 PM (CEST) 

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