Midjourney Interior Design Prompts

Midjourney Interior Design Prompts

We live in an age where generative AI has made a significant impact on creative industries, including interior design. Midjourney, generative AI, is an AI system that generates creative art expression from textual prompts. In the realm of interior design, this technology can be utilized to create designs and patterns that are both unique and … Read more

How to Create Consistent Character in Midjourney Effortlessly

Create Consistent Character in Midjourney Effortlessly

The process of creating consistent characters in Midjourney is not as straightforward as it is in Stable Diffusion. It is more difficult to train Midjourney compared to Stable Diffusion. At least for now. It might change in the future version update I hope. Almost all Midjourney users would have found it extremely hard to create … Read more

How to Use ChatGPT and Midjourney in WhatsApp: No Code/ Installation Needed

ChatGPT and Midjourney in WhatsApp

The use of AI has quickly become a valuable asset in both professional and leisure activities. Nowadays, many people rely on AI assistants like ChatGPT and Midjourney to increase their productivity. However, hopping on to Discord and inserting Midjourney commands and parameters is a kind of friction. The use of ChatGPT on the website is … Read more

Midjourney Test and Testp: V4 and “Test” Models Same?

Midjourney Test and Testp

Midjourney has experimental models called “–test” and “–testp” which were released prior to version v4. The “test” models aim to combine aesthetics and coherence into a single system. In general, aesthetics refers to the appreciation of beauty. In the context of the artwork, aesthetics refers to elements, such as composition, color schemes, and lighting which … Read more