10 Best NFT Photography Project / Collections in 2022

NFT will change the Photography industry forever. Many photographic stories are left untold for lack of funding. With NFT creates can earn royalties, money through selling their NFTs. There are have a lot of NFT marketplace especially dedicated to Photography. 

Only a few pioneers are changing the NFT Photography landscapes by launching their NFT collections. In a few years, we would be able to see wide adoption of NFT among a lot of photographers.


Justin Aversano Twin Flames 

Twin Flames is a collection of 100 sets to create a body of work focused on the existence of multiple births. 

The artist behind Twin Flames is Justin Aversano who is a pioneer in photography NFTs and he even founded a photography-based NFT marketplace called Quantum Art. He is one of the best NFT photographers around the world. 

 Twin Flames has been taken by using three formats of film Polaroid, 120mm, and 4×5 by focusing on the simple idea of seeking an intentional phenomenology. 

Twin Flames #2 Jessica & Joyce Gayo has been sold for 207 ETH. 

You can checkout TwinFlames by Justin Aversano on OpenSea

Where My Vans Go

Where My Vans Go is a collection of 119 iconic images taken over the span of three years by exploring all over the United States. 

Where My Vans Go Photography collection is taken by Issac Wright aka Driftershoots a retired Army special operations veteran of six years who began shooting photography to cope with mental illness.

Every portrait in Where My Vans collection feels the heartbeat and it would help ut to rise above the fears with me. 

The photography collections have climbed in snow and fog, sunshine and rain, from the top of skyscrapers and bridges. 

You can check out Where My Vans Go photography on Opensea

 Where My Vans Go #11 has been sold for 43 ETH. 

Quantum Curated 

Quantum Curated features the world’s finest photography collections, carefully curated by a team of experts. 

They feature diverse artists and themes dropping only the best NFT collections. They only maintain the highest level of curation for the NFT photography collections. 

The collection is compromises of great photography artists like Erica Simone, Greg Miller, Mirko Viglino, and much more.

You can check out their own platform as well as in the OpenSea.

Beautiful Cities of the World 

Smithsonian featured artist Trey Ratcliff who has sold millions of physical artwork to collectors including knights, sports heroes, and celebrities like Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Beautiful Cities of the World comprises a selection of 50 images from some of the greatest cities across the world. 

Trey Ratcliff is running the world’s #1 travel photography blog in the world, and Google has tracked more than 140 billion views for his photos with social media following with over 5 million followers.

The collection covers cities including Lisbon, Istanbul, Budapest, Delhi, Guilin, and much more. 

You can check out the Beautiful Cities of the World in OpenSea

Ghozali Everyday

Ghozali’s Everyday collection comprises 933 self-portraits of Ghozalo taken by him between 18 and 22 from 2017 to 2021.  

Ghozali took photos for a school video but decided to turn them into NFTs on the OpenSea market earlier this week. 

The collection was launched on 9 January 2022 at $3 and quickly the floor price reached $3000 apiece. 

You can check out Ghozali Everyday collection on OpenSea

The Metascapes 

Metasacpes is a unique photography collaboration formed between photographers and artificial intelligence, aiming to bridge the gap between reality and the Metaverse. 

More than 2500 fully edited images have been fed into the generative network of Versus Lab AI technology. 

These images make the AI create hyper-realistic landscapes, utilizing the photographer’s styles, color palettes, and compositions. 

Each photo is a symbolic representation of the Metaverse – the real mixes with generated, the border with reality and unreality. 

You can check out the Metascaspes collection at Opensea

Strong Hair 

STRONG Hair is a collection of 100 looping portraits which merge the diversity and power of african hair with the blockchain.

In Ethiopia, hairstyles are sculptures full of meaning, someone just looks at someone, you can identify their nation or tribe. 

Hari can be a social signal and a status symbol. Many of the local hairstyles are disappeared. When we lose a hairstyle we lose a visual language that may be never repeated again. 

Thousands of years of culture have created these looks. You can check out the Strong Hair Portrait NFT Collection at Foundation.

Who We Are 

Who We Are is the first grant by Obscura via Pasiano DAO, distributing $100,000 to 100 photographers across the globe. 

Obscura was created to enable and set free the creative possibilities for photographers. The team behind them are Alejandro Cartegena, Cooper Ray, and Tony Herrera.

The aim of the WHO WE ARE is to document humans who are participating, building, and creating in Web3 and the NFT space in 2021. 

The project has encompassed 33 countries and over 175 people so far and will be ongoing, continuing perpetually with Obscura as it grows over time.

You can check out the WHO WE ARE collection at Foundation.  

World Wonder by Jacod Riglin

World Wonder is a Photography collection by Jacob Riglin with over 50 images, captured in 50 countries in the span of over 8 years.

Each photo inspires you to travel and celebrate the beauty of our planet by finding the most unique and thought-provoking perspectives I can. 

You can check out World Wonder Photography Collection at OpenSea.

Bikes of Burden 

The Bikes of Burden Collection consist of 130 images taken in Vietnam in 2013 and in 2010 – 2011. 

Hans Kemp’s cult classic photobook Bikes of Burden has thus sold well over 100,000 copies in 4 languages. 

Now the same collection is available through NFT. You can check out Bikes of Burden on Opensea.

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