5 Best Generative NFT Music Project

NFT is disrupting the music industry like never before. The music industry is tech-savvy and it is altered by different technological innovations from CDS, Itunes, and Streaming services. With the NFT the future of music is in the hands of creators and their fans. Previously most of the revenue and music rights are owned by private labels and this is going to be changed forever.

Still, innovation in NFT is in the nascent stage driven by music artists and by their fans. Generative NFT music projects are driven by Collectors and music fans.

Currently, algorithm-generated music projects are the most listed in the NFT marketplace and it follows by mainstream music.

BEST Generative NFT Music Project

We have curated the list of generative music projects based on the project scope, community value, and utility. Here is the list.

  1. WVRPS by WarpSound
  2. EulerBeats
  3. The Orbs By BT
  4. Audioglyphs
  5. Synthopia

1. WVRPS by WarpSound

WVRPS NFTs are a hybrid of generative PFP art + AI composed music minted on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The collection compromises 9,999 WVRPS NFTs. Each WVRP is a fusion of generative visual art & AI-created music, spawned at the moment when something glitched for the WarpSound crew.  

The visual is generated with various traits and by using hand-illustrated art created by Emmy Award-winning artist Andy Poon

WVRP = Generated Art Layer ( Visual art + Metadata is generated  ) + Rarity &  Traits Metadata + AI Generated music layer. 

The 3 Layers are stacked together to create the final audio/visual WVRP. 

WVRPS has a total traded volume of 5800 ETH and it is owned by more than 5000 members. You can check out WVRPS Collection on Opensea.

2. EulerBeats 

Best generative music project

EulerBeats NFT is generative visual & audio art piece. Each print has a value backed by Eth on the bonding curve. 

EulerBeats has launched three NFT projects as Genesis, Enigma, and Futura. 

EulerBeats Genesis is the first of a kind, limited edition, algorithmically generated art + music based on the Euler’s totient function. 

EulerBeats Engima completing the second side of the Euler Record and EulerBeats Futura is next evolution of EulerBeats.

You can check out EulerBeats Genesis and Euler Beats Engima Collection on OpenSea.

3. The Orbs by BT 

Best Generative Music NFT

ORBS is a collection of 3333 NFT unique evolving audio-visual music projects. 

Each Orb is unique groundbreaking art series. Each piece has a personality of its own with a collection of objects, terrains, skies, and stars that react in real-time to an ongoing and ever-changing musical creation. 

Orbs is the world’s first series of fully generative art and music NFTs. You can Orb in future Gala Games as one of a kind of soundscape to complement your gaming experience. 

You can check out the Orbs collection at Opensea

4. Audioglyphs

Best generative music project

Audioglyphs is 10,000 randomly generated, infinite audio NFTs derived on-chain Pixelglyph data.

Audiglyphs are a glimpse into the future of music where instead of publishing statically recorded songs and limiting access, artists create infinite variations that are available to all explore freely. 

They are planning to open-source the core technology uses for managing and embedding audio processing on the web. 

They are also planning to develop tools for the artist to create and publish generative music.

You can checkout Audioglyphs at Opensea. Currently, Audioglyphs is owned by 2.7 total members.

5. Synthopia

Best generative music project

Synthopia is Generative music NFT experience and it represents the future of music. A collaboration between Garamatik, Luxas, and Audioglyphs. 

Each Synthopia NFT is unique and synthesized directly in your browser at lossless quality. 

Synthopia DSP graph is comprised of 208 nodes including sequencing and modulation, audio synthesis, sample playback, and both convolution and algorithmic reverb.

Synthopia holders will be able to claim the Audioglyph DAO token to participate in the curation of the platform. 

Synthopia holders will have access to some of Gramatik’s most intimate live concerts.

Most values are continuous and none introduce artificial rarity.  

Holder of Synthopia NFT granted full rights to the music generated by their token with stems available for editing and remixing.

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