Clubhouse Club’s That Calms Your Mind

In today’s world there are lot of meditation apps, guide’s, blogs on Mindfulness. What if you are part of club where every one share their experience on mindfulness, spirituality and their meditation practice with you on regular basis. We have curated best Clubhouse Club and here are the list:

#1 The Mindful Creative 

The Mindful Creative Clubhouse

Every Monday and Wednesday they do a 20-30 mins of mindfulness practice to cultivate presence and reduce stress for your overall wellness. You can sign up for the weekly mindfulness for creativity class

#2 Meditation Room

Meditation Room on Clubhouse

Every day they conduct meditation session’s and they even conduct some weekly activities on Lucid Dreaming Conversation. Meditation guided by community teachers and guest. They conduct meditation retreat on every Saturday.

#3  Too Broke For Therapy

Too Broke For Therapy

Life can be hard especially when you don’t have anyone to keep it with you. This is a therapeutic club where they advocate for mental health among the CH Community. The group is filled with therapists, psychiatrists, life coaches, dating coaches, yoga instructors, musicians, and social workers.

#4 Wellness Club 

Wellness Club

These club share overall wellness related things from fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, healing, recovery, mindset, and spirit. They conduct  daily 10 min workout and Woman’s Wellness Weekly on Wednesday

#5 deep listening

deep Listening on Clubhouse

Expanding our capacity to heal and feel alive through community, mindfulness, and the practice of deep listening. They offer guided meditations, sound baths, discussion on consciousness and holistic wellness practice.

#6 Affirmations & Beyond on Clubhouse 

Affirmation & Beyond on Clubhouse

A Club entirely dedicated for affirmations, manifestations, and healing.

#7 Mind Body & Spirit on Clubhouse 

Mind,Body & Spirit on Clubhouse

These clubs is to help other’s reach their body goals — Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually — align all things in their life to promote optimal growth for ourselves.


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