Common Mistakes to Avoid as a STEPN Player: A Heads-Up

Common Mistakes to Avoid as a STEPN Player

Needless to say, STEPN’s popularity has permeated worldwide.

Within six months of launching the public beta version, STEPN has reached the milestone of 2.3 million monthly active users.

Common Mistakes STEPN

STEPN has achieved this mark despite features, such as a leaderboard, badge system, and marathon being under development.

In this journey, STEPN has boarded many users who are not exposed to crypto, decentralized wallets, NFT, and Web3 stuff. We should mention that STEPN has eased the boarding process with a simplified user interface.

In fact, they all started to earn decent rewards for being physically active.

Every day new users are flooded into STEPN. If you are one of them, you must know these tips and safety measures before you begin.

This guide is not only for beginners but also for the whole STEPN community.

Common Mistakes to Avoid as a STEPN Player

1. Having No Strategy

Before buying an NFT sneaker, you must have a strategy. Decide how are you going to earn GST: by walking, jogging, or running?

You should decide based on your fitness level. Then, go buy a walker, jogger, or runner.

NameOptimal Speed (km/ hr)GST Earnings
Walker1-64 GST/ 1 Energy Spent
Jogger4-105 GST/ 1 Energy Spent
Runner8-206 GST/ 1 Energy Spent
Trainer1-204-6.25 GST/ 1 Energy Spent

2. Not maintaining Optimal Speed

Each shoe type has its own optimal speed as mentioned in the above table.

There is a misconception that walking, jogging, or running as fast as one can, will earn more GST/ GMT.

This is totally wrong. A person with a Walker shoe must maintain his/ her speed between 1-6 km/ hr. Walking below or above this speed will result in zero GST/ GMT earnings.

3. Obsession with Runner Sneaker

Many beginners have been attracted to the runner sneakers since they have higher earning potential (6 GST/ 1 Energy spent).

But due to the impact of running on the body, such as knee pain and oxidative stress some of them didn’t go for a run daily.

They broke the streak thus resulting in low GST earnings.

Hence, it is better to go start with a walker or jogger and gradually move on to the runner-type sneakers.

4. Going for Sneakers with Higher Mints

Without realizing that sneakers with a high number of mints have higher shoe-minting costs, many players are going for sneakers with more number of mints because of style and other attributes.

Usually, sneakers with 0 or 1 mints have less shoe-minting costs.

Buy a common shoe with the main focus on Efficiency and Resilience. It will be nice if the sum of Efficiency and Resilience is at least over 12.

Note: Higher Efficiency = Better GST earnings per Energy spent & Higher Resilience = slower Durability decay.

5. Buying Mystery Boxes

This is one of the most popular mistakes that beginners do often.

Mystery boxes are more expensive than the sneakers available in the in-app marketplace.

Choosing mystery boxes over sneakers is not a wise thing to do as it has only a 3% chance of dropping an uncommon sneaker.

6. Publicly Sharing the Walks and Runs

Sharing the map of your walks and runs publicly will result in an adverse effect. Players of all categories are making this mistake.

Fluxing your achievements along with the entire route map on online platforms, such as Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube is very dangerous as you have no idea who is on the other end of your post.

If sharing your achievements gives you wings, at least share the map with blurred spots like the below image.

STEPN mistakes to avoid

For safety purposes, always change your route or time periodically. And, avoid walking at night.

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