Minting Farms/ Mint Factories Vs STEPN

What Are Minting Farms/ Mint Factories A minting farm is a room or warehouse that is dedicated to minting new STEPN sneakers. People in the minting farms mint with hundreds of phones like there is no tomorrow. Minting a sneaker or Shoe-Minting Event (SME) is a process of breeding two NFT sneakers in order to … Read more

Minting Scrolls in STEPN: All You Need to Know

STEPN team is committed to continually enhancing the STEPN app. As a result of this, they have launched a mechanism called “Minting Scrolls”. As we await the launch of our minting scrolls,Here’s a sneak peak into one of our new designs – especially for #STEPN fam.Tell us what you think! — STEPN | Public … Read more

Is STEPN Legit? Or a Scam?

After the surge of play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity, Star Atlas, and SolChicks, now, move-to-earn games are the talk of the town. Play-to-earn games pay players in cryptocurrency for digital achievements, which can be reinvested in the game or cashed out as fiat currency.  Move-to-earn games reward players for real-world activities such as training … Read more