Best STEPN Strategy for Beginners: ROI in Just 15 Days

Best STEPN Strategy for Beginners: ROI in Just 15 Days

STEPN, the move-to-earn application is getting more popular day by day. Both fitness freaks and ordinary persons are getting fond of STEPN.

However, STPEN puts restrictions on the new registration in the form of an invite-only mechanism since they are in the public beta version.

Also, to get started with STEPN, users need to pay upfront money of 12/ 13 SOL to buy an NFT sneaker. Alternatively, they can lend an NFT sneaker with less SOL. 

As of now, an activation code is a must for the new registration.

If you still not getting the activation code, you can try following these methods.

Many people doubt that STEPN could be a scam, such as a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Check out whether the STEPN is a scam or legit.

Since the crypto world is subject to high volatility, it is best and safe to get a return on investment (ROI) soon.

To get the ROI soon, a strategy is a must to have. Otherwise, the initial investment gets locked in the STEPN ecosystem for a long time.

Best STEPN Strategy for Beginners: ROI in Just 15 Days

1. Buy a High Level and High-Efficiency Sneaker

While buying an NFT sneaker, go for a higher level and higher efficiency.

Efficiency is one of the sneaker attributes that influence GST earnings. Higher Efficiency will result in higher GST earnings per Energy spent.

Hence, omit all other sneaker attributes and just focus on Level and Efficiency.

For example, I got a sneaker with Level 9 and an Efficiency of 41 for 13 SOL.

2. Spend GST Wisely

As you all know, GST is a utility token of STEPN. All the rewards from STEPN will be in the form of GST and/ or GMT. GMT will be given after reaching the sneaker level 30.

GST can be used for sneaker repair, sneaker socket unlocking, level-up/ mystery box boosting, level-up sneakers, shoe-minting, and upgrading gems.

According to our strategy, you need to spend GST only for sneaker repair after every walk, jog, or run.

Abstain from spending GST for any sneaker upgrades, gems, mints, or buying other sneakers.

3. Trade GST for SOL at Optimal Time

If you follow the first two steps, you will be earning 10 GST per day approximately after the repair cost.

But, this is nowhere near the upfront money that you have spent (12/ 13 SOL).

That’s right. The crazy part is the time at which you are going to trade GST for SOL.

To find the optimal time, you need to monitor the SOL/ GST chart to find the overbought situation (RSI indicator above 70%).

Overbought is the state at which the particular cryptocurrency price is in bullish momentum for an extended period.

You can use Tradingview, to set an alert for overbought. To do so, you need to paste this formula into the search box of Tradingview.


Since Tradingview has not had the in-built GST/SOL comparison chart, you need to insert this formula.

Then, click the Alert option in the top bar to create an alert when RSI is above 70%.

Best STEPN Strategy for Beginners

To use the alert option, you need a Pro account. However, you can make use of the 30-day free trial.

Note: The best way to get an alert for RSI is a 1-hour view.

Trust me, this way you can get the best price for SOL.

This is the most important step to get your ROI as soon as possible.

4. Transfer GST to Solana Wallet and SOL to Hardware Wallet

Once you have been rewarded with GST, you need to transfer it to any of the Solana wallets, such as Phantom or Solflare.

It is always the best practice to store your GST/ GMT in external wallets.

Once you have traded GST for SOL, you need to immediately transfer it to any of the hardware wallets, such as Ledger, Trezor, etc.

It is very much safe to have SOL in the hardware wallet.


The sole purpose of this strategy is to get your ROI as soon as possible. Once you have got your ROI, you can play the game safer.

After that, everything else is profit. Then, you can spend your GST earnings on sneaker upgrades, gems, mints, or buying other sneakers.

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