How to Get STEPN Activation Code: Quiz Answered

STEPN Activation Code

STEPN is one of the best move-to-earn NFT games with GameFi and SocialFi elements.

With GameFi and Social Fi, STEPN incentivizes players equipped with NFT sneakers for walking, jogging, and running.

Since it is built around a healthy lifestyle activity with GameFi and SocialFi elements, it is a win-win strategy for its users.

To get started with STEPN, you need an activation code.

STEPN will be accessible to everyone in the future. But, for now, it is invite-only.

Tip: We highly recommend grabbing a second separate screen while looking for the STEPN activation code.

If you switch between tabs on your phone or pc, you will not able to capture the code on time.

To get STEPN activation code, you can ask an existing STEPN player, complete the quiz, search on Twitter, look into STEPN Discord/ Telegram/ Reddit, or any other crypto community.

Steps to Get STEPN Activation Code

    1. Ask an Existing Player
    2. Complete STEPN Quiz
    3. Look into STEPN Discord & Telegram
    4. Look into STEPN Reddit
    5. Search “STEP Activation Code” on Twitter
    6. Look into Any Crypto Community

1. Ask an Existing Player

Since STEPN is invite-only, you need an activation code for the signup. Each existing STEPN player will be getting one activation code for every 10 energy spent. They can hold one activation code at a time.

So, you can get it from any existing players by approaching them in any medium. If you don’t have anyone that you know is playing STEPN, there are other ways to get the activation code.

2. Complete STEPN Quiz

STPEN has listed a set of multiple-choice questions on its website.

If you have answered all of the questions correctly, you will get an activation code.

Q1: What is STEPN?

Ans: A Web3 Running App

Q2: What NFT Sneaker Cannot Do in the App?

Ans: Collect Energy SHARD

Q3: What Token Pair Does STEPN Use in its Ecosystem?


Q4: What is the Total Supply of GMT?

Ans: 6 Billion

Q5: What did the STEPN Team Achieved in OCT 2021?

Ans: Won Solana Ignition Hackathon.

Q6: What are the Goals you Want to Achieve using STEPN?

Ans: Here, you can mentions your goals like “I want to get fit and form an habit of jogging.”

After completing all the questions, hit the Finish button. You will be able to get the activation code upon clicking the Finish button.

But, sometimes, even after answering all the questions correctly and clicking Finish, the page gets into an idle state.

If you have encountered an instance like this, you can still try other ways.

3. Look into STEPN Discord & STEPN Telegram

STEPN Discord is the place where you can interact with the STEPN community including existing players.

STEPN will give 1,000 activation codes per day on Discord, Telegram, and STEPN GetCode Page.

Go to the STEPN GetCode page every day at 24:00 AEDT/ 13:00 UTC and refresh the page several times.

STEPN Discord Link:

STEPN Telegram Link:

Pro Tip: To easily find a STEPN activation code,  visit the Chinese official STEPN Telegram group which has only 44k followers.

You don’t need to know Chinese, all you have to do is wait for someone to share the 7-digit code.

It actually worked for us. We had to wait 5 minutes to get the code.

The STEPN Discord has almost 300,000 members. Here, you can get the code from the existing players.

Totally, the probability of getting the activation code is high in Discord and Telegram.

4. Look into STEPN Reddit

If you still have not got the activation code, don’t worry.

You can still have a few places to look for.

First, go to STEPN Lounge on Reddit.

STEPN Lounge on Reddit is a place where you can chat with existing STEPN members and the STEPN community.

In the STEPN Lounge, existing STEPN members often post the STEPN Activation Code.

Secondly, go to STEPN’s official Reddit page.

Ctrl+F and type in the activation code.

You must also scroll through the feed to capture the activation code that is listed without keywords as highlighted in the below picture.

Get STEPN Activation Code on Reddit

5. Search “STEP Activation Code” on Twitter

Head to Twitter.

Type STEPN or STEPN activation code and hit enter.

Now, click on the Latest tab.

There you might get a code possibly.

You should be faster and ready with two separate screens. Otherwise, somebody would capture the activation code before you.

Alternatively, you can follow the STEPN Twitter page to track events that giveaway the activation codes.

Note: Twitter will not auto-refresh the page. So, you need to refresh it often to get the latest tweets.

6. Look into Any Crypto Community

Looking for activation codes in other communities is one of the best alternatives as you are not fighting against the 100 thousands of people like in the STEPN Discord and Twitter space.

If you are a member of any crypto Discord server /community, Crypto Gaming Discord server/community, Crypto Telegram Groups, DEFI Discord server /community, or Crypto Facebook group, you have got the chance of finding the STEPN activation code there.


You can get the STEPN activation code for free from existing players, quiz, STPEN Discord, Reddit, and STEPN Telegram.

Once you have found the activation code, type it as fast as you can before somebody use it.

If you are an influencer or opinion leader, you can apply for the STEPN Activation Code Generator Application Form.

You need to give your contact email and the links to your social media pages for the evaluation.

After a few days from the submission, STEPN will contact you and give you the activation codes for your followers.

Occasionally, STEPN will disable the Activation Code to ease marketing activities and promotion.

Hence, if you do not encounter the activation code box on the registration page, it means STEPN disabled it.

Always remember that the STEPN activation code is free and you don’t have to pay for them.

Beware of people who are selling the STEPN activation code. They are most probably scammers that sell the used STEPN activation codes.

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