10 Best Crypto Discord Server / Communities to follow

Access to valuable timely information is crucial and is one of the most needed to get ahead in the crypto ecosystem. 

You would be a millionaire if you have invested in Shiba Inu, Solana, Axie Infinity in the early days. What makes early investors stand out is access to information that no one knows. 

The million-dollar worth of information is hidden in the closed-knit community of curious intelligent-minded people. 

Not everyone has the privilege to be part of Silicon Valley Executive or High net worth individual in Newyork but you can able be a part of a dedicated online community that is highly resourceful.

Discord communities are where valuable information is getting shared every day. You should be part of a great discord community if you really want to know what is happening in the Crypto ecosystem. 


Best Crypto Discord Community

We have curated the best Crypto Discord community. Here is the List.

  1. r/CrytoCurrency
  2. r/wallstreetbets
  3. Elite Crypto Signals
  4. Mega Signals – CrytoCurrecny Investment Group
  5. Axion Crypto Community
  6. Larva Labs
  7. Crypto & NFT Realm
  8. Cryptohub
  9. Today We Push- Bitcoin Investment Group
  10. Cryptex Common Wealth

1. r/CryptoCurrency

Best Crypto Discord Server

The cryptocurrency subreddit is one of the most active communities on Reddit for any crypto-related information. The cryptocurrency subreddit has more than 4.6 million active members who discuss anything related to crypto news, strategy, perspective, and general discussion. 

They even have a discord community of more than 90K members and it is one of the few most active crypto discord communities. 

They have active channels for DEFI, crypto-trading, project-spotlight, technical analysis, NFT gaming, minting, taxation, beginner, and much more. 

If you are a crypto trader, DEFI enthusiast, NFT hyper, or newbie then this is the only Discord community you should be joining. 

You can join CryptoCurrency Discord Channel by clicking on this link

2. r/Wallstreetbets 

Best Crypto Discord Server

We all know how r/Wallstreetbets has gamed the stock of Gamestop. This is real-time trading information for traders.

Wallstreetbets subreddit has been followed by more than 12 million members and is one of the most active communities for Traders. 

The subreddit wallsteetbets has a discord community of more than 600K members.

They have Main Chat where they have several channels with respect to gaming, fashion, computer, 3d printing, fashion, and much more.

The channel stocks-and-options and snp5000-spx-es-spy-only where you can speak about trading in general. 

If you are into options trading, crypto trading, technical traders, NFT collectibles then this Wallstreetbet is the discord community you should join. 

You can join r/wallsteetbets Discord Channel by clicking on this link

3. Elite Crypto Signals 

Best Crypto Discord Server

Elite Crypto Signals has started with the goal of creating a great community where anyone can be able to discuss cryptocurrency and master the art of crypto trading. 

They offer Trade Notifications, education, and Experienced Guidance. They provide trade signals based on technical and fundamental analysis and take care of complicated parts.

Elite Crypto Signal has more than 26K members in their discord community. It is a premium discord community and you have to pay $45 dollar to access the premium features. 

You can Join Elite Crypto Signal by Joining this Link.

4. Mega Signals – Cryptocurrency Investment Group 

Best Crypto Discord Server

Mega Signals is a famous Pump and Dump discord server which has more than 90K active discord members. They have a separate channel pump signal where they share an exact time you should pump your crypto holding. 

They have a separate sub-channel where you can learn about Pump. You also share about the price discussion and crypto-related news.

Mega Signals Discord Community Link:

5. Axion Crypto Community 

Best Crypto Discord Server

Axion is a Crypto trading community where they discuss and promote financial freedom and generated profits while trading. 

In a discord community where you could be able to have an open discussion on trade and investment. The community will help you have healthy conversations about your trade where you are able to improve your trading knowledge along with the community. 

They also share education information, profitable trades, and anything related to related. 

The Axion Crypto Community has more than 36K discord members.

You can join Axion Crypto Community Discord Server by joining this link.

6. Larva Labs 

Best Crypto Discord Server

Larva Labs is the home for professional and experimental projects and is responsible for NFT projects like CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Autoglyphs. 

If you really want to stay updated on what is happening on overall NFT landscapes and joining Larva Labs is goto NFT based discord servers. 

Larva Labs Discord Server link

7. Crypto & NFT Realm

Best Crypto Discord Server

Crypto & NFT Realm discord server is great crypto and NFT community. They have been followed by more than 12K members.

They have a different channel dedicated to NFT and Crypto-related information. They even have job-board discord server where you can able to look for an interesting position on NFT and Crypto companies. 

You can Join the Crypto & NFT Realm discord server by joining this link

8. Cryptohub 

A Crypto community dedicated to all things related to Crypto such as gem hunting, IDOs, staking, NFT, trading, investing, and much more, all in a beginner way. 

They even share about NFT mints, new coin launches, NFT airdrops, and much more. The community has great crypto-related resources for beginners and even an introduction to crypto. 

Cryptohub has more than 12K members. They have separate channels for premium as well the public channel where you can able to get information related to signal alerts and much more. 

You can join the Cryptohub discord server by clicking on this link

9. Today We Push – Bitcoin Investment Group 

Best Crypto Discord Server

Today We Push the dedicated community towards Bitcoin. The Discord server has a dedicated subchannel related to crypto news, pump signals, and pump results. 

This group was entirely dedicated to boosting the price of Crytpo currencies after the member of the group bought them to make a big impact and dump once the price went higher. 

They have more than 65000 active members. It is one of the most active pumps and dumps-related crypto discord servers. 

Today We Push – the Bitcoin Investment Group Discord Server link

10. Cryptex Common Wealth

Best Crypto Discord Server

Cryptex CommonWealth is a 4k member discord crypto community where the community is motivated to generate wealth for individuals and our fellow members are absolute.

They have a discussion channel where you can share anything related to Crypto, NFT, and trading. 

You can Join the Cryptex Common Wealth Discord link


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