8 Best Crypto Gaming discord server / community

Crypto gaming is powered by blockchain which enables the player not only to play games but also earn money along the way. 

Discord communities where you could able to find your ideal team members and get to know about the community. Joining the community means you are never left alone and always get to know what is happening in the entire blockchain gaming industry.  

There are few blockchain games which has big potential in the future as well as in the current state. 

Best Crypto Gaming Discord Server/ Community

We have curated the best Crypto Gaming discord server based on the community value, members, gaming popularity, and much more. Here is the List

1. Axie Infinity

Best Crypto gaming discord server

Axie Infinity is the OG of Blockchain play to earn games. Axie Infinity is played by more than 280000 daily active players. Every year billion of transactions are happening in the Axie Ecosystem and top players are making millions of dollars. 

You can join the Axis Infinity Discord Community server to get to know about what is happening around the Axie Infinity Game. 

You get to know about the announcement, future esports event schedule, feedback. They even have a collab for each country where you could be able to meet team members from your respective place. 

You can even apply for a scholarship which is great for beginners to play Axie Infinity. 

Axie Infinity discord server is followed by more than 750K members and it is one of the most active communities. 

Joining the Axie Infinity discord server helps you understand how Crypto Gaming Community operates under the hood. 

You can join Axie Infinity Discord Server by joining this link

2. Gala Games 

Best Crypto games discord server

Gala Games, is the reason behind popular blockchain games like Superior, The walking dead empire, Legend Reborn, Spider Tanks, Mirandus, Last Expeditions, Fortified.

Gala Games is one of the most innovative players in Blockchain gaming spaces. Gala Games ecosystem is powered by a decentralized network of 16000 nodes. Players and node owners will be enlisted, via distributed voting mechanisms, to help determines what game should be added to the decentralized Gala Game ecosystem. 

Gala Games Discord has more than 150K members and it is one of the most active communities in the Crypto gaming space. 

They have various channels including general discussion, request-support, community initiatives, and for each channel for individual Gala games.

The community is very active, you can join their discord community to shape the future of Crypto gaming in general. 

 You can join the Gale Games community by joining this link

3. Enjin 

Best Crypto gaming discord server

Enjin is creating a product ecosystem that will create advanced virtual economies through blockchain technology. 

The use case of Enjin is Art, Sports, Music, Real World, Collectible, and Gaming. 

The games that relied on Enjin Blockchain technology included Azure Heroes, Lost Relics, The Six Dragons, 9 Lives Arena, Age of Rust, Forest Knight, and much more. 

Enjin is trusted by millions, more than 2 million wallets have been installed, 1.17 Billion assets have been created and 10.3 million marketplace ENJ volume.

Enjin discord community has more than 14K discord members. You can join their discord community to get to know about what is happening in Enjin Crypto Play to Earn gaming ecosystem. 

You can Join Enjin Discord Community by Joining this Link

4. Ulti Arena 

Ulti Arena is an NFT Marketplace for Game Assets, Proof of gaming, Crypto Collectible. It is a community for Gaming artists, Developers, Freelancers, and Professionals with the goal of empowering artists and creating opportunities. 

If you are a gamer, game artist, game developer, or creator then Ulti Arena is the community you are looking for. 

They have more than 30K discord members. The discord group is not much active than other gaming communities. If you are into the crypto gaming industry then you should join Ulti Arena Community. 

You can Join the Ulti Arena Discord community by joining this link.

5. Illuvium

Best Crypto gaming discord server

An open-source RPG adventure game built on Ethereum Blockchain. They have integrated with Immutable X Ethereum’s first L2 for NFTS. So there would be Zero gas fees for peer-to-peer trading with instant transactions.

You can join their Discord community which compromises more than 150K members. 

They have various channels from Community, Council chambers, Customer Support, Governance, Intro, Stats, Discussion, and much more. 

They have language communities from Arabic, Czech, English, and much more. Join the community will help you to know about upcoming roadmaps, NFT drops, opensea sales, and much more. 

You can join the Illuvium discord community by joining this link

6. StarAtlas

Best Crypto gaming discord server

A grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination. Start Altas is a virtual gaming metaverse based in the year 2620. 

StarAtlas is one of the most popular Solana-based play earn games which is played by more than millions of users.  

To understand what is happening is happening in Solana Gaming Ecosystem and Atlas universe, you can join their discord community. 

Start Atlas community has more than 157K members and it is one of the most active Solana crypto gaming communities. 

The StarAtlas Discord community has various channels where you can able to get future announcements, interviews, member introductions. 

You can even ask for feature requests from their development team. They have various language communities from Japanese, Greek, English, and much more.

If you believe in Solana and Start Atlas Gaming Ecosystem and then this is the community you have to Join. 

You can join the Star Atlas Discord community by joining this link

7. BigTime 

Best Crypto gaming discord server

Big Time is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG where you can team up with friends to adventure across time and space.

The team behind Big Time has been responsible for Fortnite, God of War, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.  

BigTime discord server has more than 400K members. 

By joining their discord community you get to know about the announcement of the upcoming events, news, and games updates. 

You can Join the BigTime discord server by joining this link

8. WAX 

Best Crypto gaming discord server

The Worldwide Asset Exchange ( WAX) is the world’s eco-friendly blockchain for NFTs, video games, and collectibles. 

The blockchain infrastructure behind famous games like Alien World, R Planet, Farming Tales, Nova Rally, and Journey To GodHood are based on WAX Blockchain. 

Wax discord community has more than 60K members. In Wax discord community you can discuss anything related to Wax blockchain gaming ecosystem. 

You can join the Wax discord community by clicking on this link.

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