10 Best Solana Play to Earn NFT Games in 2022

Play-to-earn games make money in multiple ways and one such way is through in-game purchases. Play-to-Earn refers to games where the player can earn cryptocurrency rewards and can utilize those rewards for in-game purchases to further invest in the game or just cash out in their native fiat currency.

Most of the play-to-earn NFT games are usually based on the Ethereum blockchain, and with the advent of the fastest blockchain technology like Solana, a lot of disruption is happening in the space of NFT, DEFI, and Gaming.

Solana games are seeing a lot of traction and getting more popular day by day.

Every day lot of NFT project is launching on the Solana Ecosystem and their roadmaps include having their Solana-based games.

We have curated the best Solana play-to-earn NFT games based on utility value, investment potential, traffic volume, transaction volume, and community activity. The list compromises free-to-play Solana games, Solana mobile games, and NFT-based Solana games.  Here is the list.

BEST Solana Play-to-Earn NFT Games

  1. Solchicks  
  2. Genopets 
  3. Star Atlas  
  4. Space Falcon  
  5. Project Seeds  
  6. Defi Land  
  7. Cryo War 
  8. Void  
  9. Zoolana  
  10. Nyan Heros  


Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

Solchicks is the leading Play to Earn NFT and Player versus Player game on Solana. Solchick is built around Solchick NFT collectibles, where players use Solchicks as their characters in a unique gaming metaverse.  

Solchicks has an exclusive partnership with leading venture capital and blockchain institution ensures a broad scale and seamless experience. 

You can buy Solchick NFT on Solana Marketplace like Solanart, Solsea, MagicEden, and Solshop. 

Players can earn through earning $Chicks Tokens, earning in-game rewards which can be traded, Breeding SolChicks and selling them in the marketplace, and by earning SolCoins ( in-game currency ). 

Solchicks has a long-term vision with excellent team members who have built many successful blockchain projects. 

They have a pretty solid roadmap with the excellent community on Twitter and Discord 

NFT purchase is required to play the game. 

Genre: Breeding, Collectible

You can follow Solchick on Twitter ( More than 300K Followers ) and Join their Discord Community of more than 252K members.

Checkout: https://www.solchicks.io/


Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

Genopets is the world’s first Move-To-Earn NFT mobile RPG that rewards you for exercising your body, mind, and spirit through digital. 

You can transform your physical movement and cognitive process into in-game progression to upgrade and evolve into Genopet NFT. You can customize your Genopet in a way that makes it rare and valuable. 

In the battle arena, you can challenge other players through mini-based games. Genopets encourage healthy living through exercising with financial and social rewards through the non-fungible tokens. 

You can earn through selling your hard-earned Genopets NFTs in the open marketplace. 

They have an excellent roadmap that covers banking, stacking, fighting for the leaderboard, and quest & battle. 

You don’t need NFT to play the game. 

Genre: Collectible, RPG, Virtual-Reality 

Follow them on Twitter with 144K followers and Join their Discord Community with 163K members. 

Check out: https://www.genopets.me/

Star Atlas 

Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

Star Atlas is virtual gaming play-to-earn metaverse based in the year 2620. The first tier of the mini-game is out right now and building a AAA game would really take a few years from now. 

Star Atlas is built on Solana Blockchain and they have an in-game currency within Star Atlas called $Atlas which is based on the overall growth of the in-game economy. $Polis is the governance token used at each level of governance, representing financial stake in the game, voting power in the DAOs. and it is a fixed supply that won’t grow. 

Star Atlas has a pretty solid roadmap and has a great community and early adopters for the game.

You can start playing Start Atlas without any Crypto or NFT.  

Genre: DEFI, MMO, Space. 

Follow them on Twitter with 305K followers and Join their Discord Community with 160 Members. The community is very active in Reddit as well. 

Check out: https://staratlas.com/

Space Falcon 

Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

Space Falcon is Sci-FI NFT based play-to-earn Metaverse game powered by Solana Blockchain. Space Falcon is invested by Solana Eco Fund, Maven Capital, and Partners with Solana, Raydium, Metaplex, and SonarWatch. 

$FCON is the token that governs inside Space Flacon, You can buy $FCON in Raydium. You can buy Flacon NFT on MagicDen. 

You can start playing the game freely and they are planning to launch on both Android and IOS. 

Genre: Sci-Fi, Shooter, Virtual Reality

Follow them on Twitter with 231K followers and Join their Discord Community with 130K Members

Check out: https://www.spacefalcon.io/


Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

ProjectSeed aims to change the mobile game industry to a whole new level by implementing blockchain technology and Play-To-Earn. 

ProjectSeed is developed by a creative team of gifted artists, talented designers, and top-notch game developers. 

They have in-game assets including zeds, weapons, accessories that are minted as tradeable NFTs.

$SHILL Token which helps users to participate in the project governance and decision-making process, APR for staking rewards, and much more. 

 ProjectSeed is a mobile-based game that is available on both Android and Apple. 

Genre: Action, Collectible, RPG

You can follow Project Seed on Twitter which has more than 160K followers and join their discord community of 19000 members. 

Check out: https://projectseed.io/

Defi Land 

Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

DefiLand is a play-to-earn multi-chain agriculture-simulation game created to gamify Decentralized Finance. 

You can game yourself free and move the way to the play-2-earn tier, compete with others, craft and trade. 

The native utility token is DFL, and it can be used for trending in-game assets, Staking and LP incentive, governance votes, the opportunity for players to determine how to allocate network resources. 

Genre: Casual, Defi, Simulation 

You can follow them on Twitter with followers of 101K and join their discord community with more than 40K members. 

Check out: https://defiland.app/


Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

Cryowar is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT play-to-play game developed in Unreal engine and on the Solana network.

It is a combination of traditional gaming experiences with DAO Voting, NFT, and DEFI. Cryowar gaming session consumes 3 minutes or less. 

It is going to be in Web-based and mobile version as well. 

Genre: Defi, MMORPG, PVP. 

You can follow them on Twitter with followers of 180K and join their discord community of 22K members

Check out: https://cryowar.com/


Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

Void is play-to-earn NFT games run on the Solana ecosystem. Void is defragmenting the world of PVPS by uniting players, casts and spectators. 

Every weapon, armor, arena, or treasure is an individual NFT, tradable on the public marketplace.

$VOIDCOIN is also tradable on major public exchanges. 

You need crypto to play the game. 

Genre: Action, Battle-Royale, Open-World

You can follow them on Twitter have more than 46K followers and Join their discord community of 35K members. 

Check out: https://www.void.games/


Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

Zoolana is an  NFT collection and blockchain-based mobile strategy game. Zoolana is the first mobile play-to-earn game built on Solana.

They have a pretty solid roadmap with a lot of announcements for 2022 and the beta testing of the gaming would be available by 2022. 

Genre: Strategy. 

You can follow Zolana on Twitter with more than 20K followers and join their discord community of 23K members. 

Check out: https://www.zoolana.io/

Nyan Heros 

Best Solana NFT Play to Earn Games

Nyan Heros is an NFT play-to-earn metaverse game on Solana Blockchain. Nyan Heros will have AAA quality gameplay with an extensive 4-year Roadmap.

Nyan hero is backed by marquee crypto investors like Solana Capital, Mechanism Capital, and Sino Global Capital.  

Nyan Heros would be available on both Mobile and web versions. 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter. 

You can Nyan Heros on Twitter with more than 50K followers and join their discord community of 86K members. 

Check out: https://nyanheroes.com/


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