How to Create 3D Artwork in AI Art Generators: 3D Artwork Prompts

Creating 3D arts or adding 3D effects in an art gives more immersive experience compared to 2D arts for both the artists and art lovers.

As per the quote everything comes with a price, making 3D arts requires a lot of time and effort. However, that is no longer the case. Thanks to AI art generators.

Is It Possible to Create 3D Artworks in AI Art Generators?

Yes, it is possible to create 3D artworks in AI art generators, such as DALL.E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. In fact, making 3D arts in AI art generators is much easier compared to how they are made manually.

All you need is to add certain keywords mentioned in this article in your prompt to create the type of 3D art you want.

What is the Best AI Art Generator for 3D Artwork?

All of famous AI art generators, such as DALL.E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion (SD) have potential to create 3D artwork.

Since Stable Diffusion is popular across open-source community, the more innovations like Deforum Diffusion are kept on building upon it. Hence, the advancement of SD is rapid compared to other AI art generators. At the sametime, DALL.E 2 and Midjourney also doing well when it comes to 3D art.

Regardless of whatever the AI art generators, the primary thing is you must know how to write good prompts. With the proper keywords mentioned in this article, you can create awesome 3D designs.

Create 3D Artwork in AI Art Generators: 3D Artwork Prompts

We can classify 3D artwork into 5 categories: 

  1. Sculpture
  2. Products for Human Bodies
  3. Places and Spaces
  4. Crafts
  5. Photographing 3D Artwork

Use the keywords from any of the category and create your 3D design in just a few minutes. Then, you can draw that design and give life to that design by 3D printing it.


  • Bronze Statue
  • Marble Statue
  • Terracotta
  • Jade Sculpture
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze
  • Butter Sculpture
  • Sand Sculpture
  • Topiary, Plant Sculpture
  • Ice Carving
  • Plastic and Fiberglass
3D Artwork Prompts
Bronze statue highly detailed full body and face of the author Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine source
Create 3D Artwork in AI Art Generators: 3D Artwork Prompts
white marble baroque statue of pc gamer source
3D Artwork Prompt
iphone made of terracotta from Harappa, Indus Valley Civilization, Pakistan; 2600-1900 BC, studio light source
3D Artwork Prompt
DSLR photograph of a jade Buddha statue on display behind a glass case in the British Museum, lit from above source
Prompt for 3D artwork
wide-angle golden inca sculpture of  bald eagle source
3D Artwork Prompt
a melting butter sculpture of a cheerful rhino source
3D Artwork Prompt
A photo of an elaborate sand sculpture of a sleeping lion, award winning, 4K source
3D Artwork Prompt
Topiary made to look like a calico cat source
3D Artwork Prompt
Smooth ice sculpture of a robot reading a book, on a snowy hill source
3D Artwork Prompt
A happy gobblin in jester’s clothing juggling, painted plastic miniature figurine. source

Products for Human Bodies

  • Clothes and Shoes
  • Costumes/ Outfits/ Costumery/ Theatrical/ Halloween/ Cosplay
  • Hairstyles/ Haircuts
  • Tattoos and Body Art
  • Fashion and Haute couture
  • Historic / Futuristic Attire, Armor, Imaginary Culture, Fantasy
  • Jewellery and Trinket
  • Accessories
  • Makeup/ Cosmetics/ Face Paint
3D Artwork Prompt
3d render of a chromatic Sneaker with neon tubing wrapping around it, studio lighting, light grey background source
3D Artwork Prompt
High quality photo of a white abstract natural light studio. Extremely detailed hyperrealistic Person standing still, dressed in a futuristic golden outfit with futuristic golden helmet. Strong focal point in the center. Unreal engine. Product photography. Full body. Symmetrical. The effect of the image is youthful and fresh, with the art style being modern and sleek. Source
3D Artwork Prompt
a beautiful woman with futuristic braid hairstyle
3D Artwork Prompt
A photorealistic tattoo of a colorful ice cream cone source
3D Artwork Prompt
Oshun modeling a futurist ankara haute couture outfit for Yaounde Fashion Week, detailed designer 3D sketch source
3D Artwork Prompt
realistic 3d render of a humanoid robot wearing hype beast clothing, upward view, digital art source
3D Artwork Prompt
photo of a jewelry choker of darth vader on a woman’s neck source
3D Artwork Prompt
A purse by Versace, in the shape of an avocado source
3D Artwork Prompt
a woman with green scales instead of normal skin, kobold, portrait, canon, 8k source

Places and Spaces

  • Architecture, Buildings, and Wings
  • Domestic interior/ Home Design
  • Stage sets, Theatrical sets, and TV sets
  • Commercial interiors, Hospitality, Public Buildings, Workplaces
  • Public realm – Streets, Squares, Plazas, Cityscapes
  • Gardens, Landscaping, Natural, Outdoor Spaces
  • Inflatables, Parade Floats, Hot Air Balloons
  • Attractions, Installations, Theme Parks, Educational Spaces, Venues
  • Furniture, Rugs, Sofas, Beds, Curtains, Etcetera
  • Events, Festivals, Event Design, Event Planning, Event Decoration
3D Artwork Prompt
a futuristic harbor building in the morning, sunrise, 3D render source
3D Artwork Prompt
3d render of the interior of a cruiser luxury living room, with minimalistic interior and big balconies, and a big chandelier hanging from the ceiling source
3D Artwork Prompt
3d render of a disco inside an abandoned circus burning down with cloudy sky, digital art | 691 source
3D Artwork Prompt
A CG desk made by a beginner in one week, created with Blender. Source
3D Artwork Prompt
Hong kong main street in the future 3d source
3D Artwork Prompt
Low poly 3d render of a campsite source
3D Artwork Prompt
balloon shaped like a platypus, 3d render, digital art source
3D Artwork Prompt
A hyperrealistic 3d render of a multicolored gradient modern living room with a open floor plan, wallpaper, high quality, 4k source
3D Artwork Prompt
Cinematic film photo of a 3D isometric cube of a bedroom on a black background. The bedroom is inspired by the zodiac sign Taurus. It is entirely made out of green grass. The furniture is made out of flowers. The bed has flower cushions. . Octane render, hyper realistic source
3D Artwork Prompt
An Indian temple decorated for festival, 3D rendered, highly-detailed


  • Papercraft/ Origami
  • Diorama and Doll House
  • Pop-up Book
  • Paper Embossing
  • Papier mache
  • Needle Felting/ Amigurumi
  • Applique Needlework
  • Embroidery
  • Knitting Patterns
  • Ceramic, Bust, Kintsugi
  • Clay, Pottery, Sculpture
  • Porcelain
  • Stained glass
  • Glass paperweight
  • Snowglobe
  • Bubblegram
  • Crystal Figure
  • Tile art/ Mosaic
3D Artwork Prompt
an origami rotten egg and scrap metal sandwich source
3D Artwork Prompt
A miniature diorama of a busy English canal river, with canal boats selling wares on the canal side and lots of people around source
3D Artwork Prompt
An open pop-up book, a haunted house, digital art. Source
3D Artwork Prompt
paper embossing of a mini bonsai tree
3D Artwork Prompt
A cute little bunny, Papier mache
3D Artwork Prompt
photo of an amigurumi of a fox drinking tea in the forest source
3D Artwork Prompt
A cute little bunny, Applique Needlework
3D Artwork Prompt
embroidery with a blue fairy flying in a lilac garden in a frame, macro photo source
3D Artwork Prompt
cutely knit pigeon sitting on mushroom in forest, knitted source
3D Artwork Prompt
A ceramic artwork of a penguin
3D Artwork Prompt
a photo of a clay sculpture of hello kitty riding a unicorn source
3D Artwork Prompt
A porcelain 3D art of a lion cub
3D Artwork Prompt
A stained glass style image of the cutest border collie dog you have ever seen source
3D Artwork Prompt
A vibrant miniature city inside a glass paperweight
3D Artwork Prompt
3D render of a snowglobe containing a bright, burning tree; realistic source
3D Artwork Prompt
a solid block of glass that has been exposed to laser beams to generate three-dimensional design of the Eiffel Tower
3D Artwork Prompt
a lotus flower made out of crystal
3D Artwork Prompt
a Roman mosaic representing SpongeBob source

Photographing 3D Artwork

To take photos of 3D artwork, you only need keywords, such as autochrome photography, studio photography, and low-key lighting.

If you want whole photography keywords and styles, check out our guide to Get Photography-Style Images Using AI Art Generators.

3D Artwork Prompt
Autochrome photography of crystal statue of Julius Caesar
3D Artwork Prompt
Studio photography of Julius Caesar statue
3D Artwork Prompt
Low-key lighting photography of Julius Caesar statue, dramatic


It’s now easier than ever to take design inspiration for 3D artwork with DALL.E 2. All you have to do is insert the right keyword mentioned in this article to your prompt.

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