How to Create an Account & Get Verified on Rarible

Rarible is a multi-chain NFT marketplace with over 5 million monthly traffic. It supports Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow-based NFTs.

Rarible is the place to mint and trade digital arts, collectibles, music, video, Metaverse lands, and wearables.

A verified badge on all platforms indicates trust and authenticity. Similarly, a verification badge in Rarible indicates the same.

A verified badge in Rarible is denoted by a yellow tick.

A yellow tick represents that the account or collection is manually verified by Rarible.

This helps people a lot in finding real accounts and collections.

Importance of the Verified Checkmark on Rarible

High visibility: Only verified items will appear in the search results. Similarly, Rarible will display only the verified collectors/ creators in their leaderboards.

Rarible does this to preserve and promote the authenticity of the items and profiles.

How to Create an Account and Get Verified on Rarible

To create a profile in Rarible, you need to sign in with any of the cryptocurrency wallets supported by Rarible.

To get verified on Rarible, you need to set up your profile and then apply for verification by clicking the Get verified button.

Steps to Create an Account on Rarible

Whether you are a creator or collector, you need to get verified on Rarible.

  1. Click Sign in
  2. Choose your wallet
  3. Accept the Terms of Service
  4. Set your profile
  5. Click Update profile

Step 1: Click Sign in

Go to the Rarible website.

Hit the Sign-in button on the top right corner of the website.

Verified on Rarible

Step 2: Choose your wallet

The sign-in process happens via any supported cryptocurrency wallets such as MetaMask, Torus, Coinbase, Mobile Wallet, Beacon, Blocto, and more.

We will be going with the popular MetaMask wallet.

In case you have not installed MetaMask, you can install and create an account with this guide.

After clicking the Sign-in, you need to click on Sign in with Metamask.

Once you have clicked the MetaMask wallet, you will get a connection request from your MetaMask wallet. Accept it.

If you want to connect with Tezos or Flow wallets, you can click the corresponding tabs.

Verified on Rarible

Step 3: Accept the Terms of Service

Just after signing in, there will be a Rarible Terms of Service window.

Take time to read the terms and conditions and select the two checkboxes.

Then, click Proceed.

That’s it. You have successfully signed into Rarible.

Verified on Rarible

Note: You must be at least 13 years old to access Rarible.

Step 4: Set your profile

Now that you have signed into Rarible, you need to set your profile.

Click the profile icon on the top right corner.

Then, click Edit profile.

Afterward, fill in the necessary details such as display name, custom URL, Twitter profile link, email, and personal or portfolio site.

Consider updating your profile picture for a better look.

Verified on Rarible

Step 5: Click Update profile

After filling in all the details, you can click Update profile.

Before clicking on Get verified, you need to click Update profile.

Upon clicking the Update profile, a signature request will come to your MetaMask wallet, click on Sign.

Steps to Get Verified on Rarible

Click Get verified

Once you have filled your bio, linked your Twitter account, and set your profile picture, you can click the Get verified button on the Edit profile page.

Note that filling in your bio, linking your Twitter account, and setting a profile picture will increase your chances of getting verified.

After clicking the Get verified button, it will take you to a Typeform page.

Verified on Rarible

In that form, you need to give any of your links to your online presence such as social media links, the wallet address connect with your Rarible account, answers to questions on ‘About Yourself’ and ‘how you create your art.

Note: If you apply as a creator, you must own several NFTs created by other users. It can be a mix of verified and unverified items but more weight on verified items will be good.

If you apply as a creator, you should have minted at least one item on Rarible.


1. How long does it take to get verified on Rarible?

Usually, the Rarible team will take a maximum of 14 days to verify a profile. Since this is a manual process and they are receiving 1,000’s requests on a daily basis, it will take a maximum of two weeks.

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