16 Best NFT Subreddit to follow in 2022

Non-fungible token (NFT)  becomes phenomenal and mainstream once Beeple sold his NFT artwork for a staggering $69 million dollars and Cryptopunk are sold for more than a million dollars. Currently, almost 99% of NFT’s are centered around digital artworks, sports cards, and rarities. 

To find the next greatest NFT project and to sell your very own NFT projects you have to be part of the great community and understand what is happening in the NFT ecosystem. Reddit would be a great place to access great information about the NFT project, dropouts, giveaways. You can be part of any subreddit around NFT. Here we’ve curated the best of the NFT subreddit. 

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Best NFT Subreddits to follow

  1. NFT
  2. NFT’sMarketplace
  3. OpenSea
  4. NFTExchange
  5. CrytoArt
  6. NFTgiveaway
  7. Decentraland
  8. Axie Infinity
  9. NFTMarket
  10. NFTStocks
  11. Rarible
  12. NFTGateway
  13. TheSandbox Gaming
  14. CardanoNFTs
  15. SolanaNFTs
  16. Foundation


The NFT subreddit is the place for those who are interested in NON-Fungible Tokens. This subreddit talks only about NFTs and NFT’s only. In this subreddit they share news, announcements in the NFT industry, discuss various NFT Projects, NFT Memes, and Gaming. NFT subreddit is followed by more than 272K members at the time of writing and they even have a Discord community. 

Here in this subreddit, you can even share your NFT Collections and NFT giveaways. The NFT subreddit community is the most happening and vibrant NFT community in the subreddit.


NFTsMarketplace subreddit is a place where you can buy, sell, promote and learn more about NFT’s. Here if you are an NFT artist or creator or collector and this is the right place for you, where you can share your story, and here is the only place where you can find people that truly connect with your work. 

Here they primarily discussed NFT Games, Memes, questions, news, and even educational content on NFT.

NFT’s marketplace is currently followed by more than 135k members.


OpenSea is the first and largest NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell and create the world of NFT’s ranging from crypto art, game item, domains names, and more. The OpenSea subreddit is followed by more than 77K members where they share about the NFT’s creations and giveaways.

You should definitely follow the OpenSea subreddit to really understand what is happening in the largest NFT marketplaces and that will lead you to understand what is really happening in the NFT ecosystem.


NFTExhange subreddit is followed by more than 42K members where they discuss and share the general information of Non Fungible Tokens, Including the trade of NFT. NFTExhange is the community where you can check out information about Awesome NFT’s and hot giveaways. If you are the NFT creator and these are the right places where you can share your NFT’s.


CryptoArt subreddit followed by more than 12K members where they are discussing and sharing Crypto-art and NFT-Art. This is an artist-centric subreddit where followers can share their work and connect and collaborate with one another.  You can check out feature artists and discussion posts at the top of the subreddit.


NFTgiveaway subreddit is where you can able to find free NFT giveaways. Currently, this subreddit is followed by more than 5.5K members. Every day new NFT giveaways are happening regularly in this subreddit. You can follow this subreddit if you are planning for an NFTGiveaway.


Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual reality world and its community-driven Metaverse, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. Decentraland subreddit is followed by more than 72K members and they talk about everything related to Decentraland and the virtual reality world.

They conduct weekly MANA discussions and where they share what had happened in the Decentraland ecosystem.

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a game inspired by Pokemon, Similarly, you can collect and raise a fantasy creature called Axie. In Axie Infinity you can also buy, sell, breed, and trade Axie with others in the marketplace. Axie Infinity subreddit community is followed by more than 94K members where the users share their stories, gameplay, and their strategy.


NFTmaret is a community of more than 9K members where the users discuss and trade and exchange NFT Tokens. If you planning to promote your NFT’s then this is the right subreddit for you. You can also discover the hottest NFT that is available in the marketplace. You will expose to a wide variety of information ranging from NFT Arts to NFT’s giveaway just by following this subreddit.


NFTstocks subreddit is a hub for all NFT-related stocks and it is followed by more than 5.2K members. In this subreddit, they discuss all new NFT stocks and this could be your subreddit you need to follow if you want to find the next Multibagger NFT stocks.


Rarible is the marketplace where you can create and sell digital collectibles secured by blockchain technology. Rarible subreddit is followed by more than 9.9K members. Most community members share about their NFT projects here. If you are an NFT creator who would love to list your NFT project in Rarible then this is the subreddit you should follow.


NiftyGateway teams up with Top artists and brands to create a collection of limited edition, high-quality NFTs, exclusively available on their platform. You can follow NiftyGateaway to know what is happening in the NFT ecosystem especially on the NiftyGateaway marketplace. NiftyGateway subreddit is followed by more than 4.3K members.


The Sandbox Gaming is a community-driven platform where creators can create and monetize voxels ASSETS and gaming experience on the blockchain. The SandboxGaming community has more than 8.8K members where they usually share their experiences, story, creations, news, and information about The Sandbox.


CardanoNFTs subreddit community is followed by more than 12.1K members where they discussed only NFT and CardanoNFT’s ecosystem. In the CardanoNFTs community, they discuss marketplace, drop, news, developer, collections, art.

Solana NFTs 

This subreddit is entirely on Solana NFT’s they share about everything that is happening in Solana NFT’s ecosystem. They discuss only Solana NFT’s, upcoming drop, news around Solana NFT’s ecosystem, and common discussion on NFT’s.


Foundation is a community of forward-thinking creatives, coming together to experiment and learn about the NFT space together. The foundation subreddit is followed by more than 5.1K members and here you could be able to find artists and creators of all kinds and collectors who would love to support their work. 

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