How to Use Changelly to Buy Crypto Instantly

Use Changelly to Buy Crypto Instantly

Changelly is a non-custodial crypto exchange aggregator that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange crypto instantly.

Users can buy cryptocurrency on Changelly via international bank cards (Visa and Mastercard) or bank transfers. Apple Pay is also supported on the Changelly application.

Changelly bank transfer methods

Changelly supports over 40 fiat currencies that include USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, INR, etc.

The platform uses Simplex and Banxa payment integrations for fiat-to-crypto transactions. The fees charged by these integrations and Changelly totally depend on the assets and payment methods you choose.

The fee for fiat-to-crypto on Changelly is approximately 7.5%. This includes the Changelly fee (4%), payment provider fee (3.5%), and the network fee.

How to Use Changelly to Buy Crypto Instantly?

To use Changelly to buy crypto instantly, you need to navigate to “Buy” on the Changelly website.

Then, set the fiat currency and cryptocurrency pairs.

Select the convenient payment option and enter the wallet address to receive the crypto.

Lastly, confirm the payment by entering the payment details.

Steps to Use Changelly to Buy Crypto Instantly

  1. Select Buy
  2. Set the Fiat Currency & Crypto Pair
  3. Select Payment Option
  4. Enter the Wallet Address
  5. Confirm Payment

1. Select Buy

Visit the Changelly website and bookmark it to avoid phishing attacks in the future.

If you want, you can log in to Changelly via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail. Logging in gives you access to your transaction history, password management, and other account settings.

Otherwise, you can also continue without logging in.

Once you are on the Changelly website, you will see multiple options, such as Exchange, Buy, Sell, and Defi Swap on the left hand side.

Click on “Buy”.

Buy crypto in Changelly

2. Set the Fiat Currency & Crypto Pair

Now, you need to set the fiat currency on the first row by clicking on the dropdown box. Then, enter the amount that you would like to spend.

Likewise, set the cryptocurrency that you want to buy on the second row.

Click the buy button.

Set fiat and crypto pairs

3. Select Payment Option

After setting the fiat and crypto token pairs, you will be taken to the next step.

In this step, you need to select the payment at your convenience. There will be card payments, Apple Pay, and SEPA/ Swift payment options available depending on your region.

Payment options in Changelly

4. Enter the Wallet Address

Now, scroll a bit down to reach the address section.

Here, you need to paste the wallet address where you need to receive the cryptocurrency.

If you do not have a decentralized wallet yet, you can create a MetaMask, a popular Web 3.0 wallet.

Then, select the check box and click the buy button.

Paste the Wallet address

5. Confirm Payment

Hereafter, the transaction will be processed on the payment provider’s website.

Fiat Payment - Changelly

There, you need to enter your card details or bank account details to complete the transaction.

Usually, you will get the cryptocurrency in your wallet in less than 5 minutes. If the blockchain network is congested, it may take up to 30 minutes.


After the payment, you can head to your wallet and check for the cryptocurrency.

If you are new to digital currency and don’t want to go through the KYC process of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, you can try Changelly to buy cryptocurrency.

Changelly makes cryptocurrency purchases easy and instant.


1. Does Changelly support PayPal?

No, Changelly does not support PayPal at the time of writing this article. But it may integrate PayPal in the future.

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