Best NFT Instagram account to follow

NON-Fungible Token ( NFTs ) have seen a huge rise in popularity throughout 2021 and a marketplace like Opensea has a huge surge in popularity and they are doing billion of transactions in a single day.  Tiktok launched their own collection of NFT’s by partnering up with top creators and prominent artists on limited edition … Read more

How to Withdraw/ Transfer Solana (SOL) from Binance to Solflare

The process of transferring SOL from Binance to Solflare wallet is straightforward. Go to the Solflare wallet extension or mobile application and copy your wallet address. Once you have copied the wallet address, go to the Binance exchange and paste the address under the Withdraw tab. Fill in the necessary details and click Send. That’s … Read more

15 Best NFT Twitter to follow in 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a buzzword in 2021 around the crypto Twitter community. At first, you may notice a weird monkey profile picture among Twitter users, and the big shot of Crypto Twitter brags about NFT purchases by changing their Twitter profile pictures. Twitter is where all relevant and up-to-date information of NFT, crypto would … Read more

How to Reset/ Change Your Phantom Wallet Password

Hi, Phantom wallet users, did you forget your password? Don’t worry, resetting/ changing your Phantom wallet password is always possible unless and until you lost your Secret Recovery Phrase. You can change your Phantom wallet password in two ways. The first way is by using Forgot Password option. The second way is resetting it from … Read more