10 Best NFT Related YouTube Channel Worth Subscribing

The explosion of Non-Fungible Token in 2021 is unimaginable and it is becoming mainstream. Currently, only a handful of people are exposed to the NFT and it will definitely become an everyday part of life in the upcoming decade. 

There is nothing like anything happening in the Crypto space like NFT and it is creating a great buzz around the entire Crypto Twitter community. 

Anything digital ranging from image, drawing, photography, art, music can be NFT. NFT is something unique created using the Ethereum blockchain network and it cannot be copied. The person who bought NFT is one who holds the rights for the NFT. 

The buzz around NFT started when Beeple sold his NFT for $69 million dollars added to a lot of celebrities, artists, YouTubers plunge into the NFT space that boosted the value of the whole NFT ecosystem. 

The NFT is just getting started and within a decade, it is going to be part of everyday life and the NFT industry is going to be valued around Trillion-dollar. You should never miss out on the NFT train and it is once-up-a-lifetime. 

If you really want real-time updates on NFT then Twitter is the right place. Following the right Twitter account on NFT space will expose you valuable information prior to press and youtube.  We did head lifting by collecting the best NFT Twitter account.

Before investing in NFT or creating an NFT you have to understand what exactly is NFT? so that we have curated the best Youtube channel around NFT. They may help you to understand what is NFT, How to find and mint NFT, upcoming NFT projects, and they will keep you updated on what is happening in the whole NFT ecosystem. 

Here is a list of NFT Youtube channels to get started.

  1. GaryVee
  2. DCL Blogger
  3. NFT Nate
  4. Max Maher
  5. Brett Malinowski
  6. NFTVerse
  7. ReeceHunter
  8. BentoBoi
  9. Wilson K Lee
  10. Carl Hustle


Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of VaynerMedia and creator of VeeFriends, a Gary’s NFT project around meaningful intellectual property and an extraordinary community. GaryVee is the most influential person in the NFT industry and he is one who pushes a lot of celebrities, YouTubers into NFT. Gary not only talks about NFT he created his own NFT collection through VeeFriends. Gary made around $91 million dollars through the Vee Friends NFT launches in 90 days. If you are just getting started you can watch NFT for beginners details explained by Gary Vee. 

DCL Blogger 

One of the earliest Youtube channels on NFT spaces. DCL Blogger have spoken about NFT related bitcoins, buying virtual space in Decentraland 3 years ago. His channels cover everything from NFT Art collecting, trading, flipping, upcoming NFT projects, and even creating your own NFT series. Matty has a strong presence on Twitter as well with over more than 160k followers. 

DCLBlogger does regular youtube streaming where you can ask any question regarding NFT on the comment section and you can contact directly through Twitter.

He even created his own NFT Project called Metakey. Metakey is one token that can be used across multiple platforms to transform into avatars, games items, exclusive game perks, course material, virtual land access, account discounts. 

NFT Nate 

NFTNate is hosted by Nate and he takes an analytics approach to NFT’s with respect to trading and the art. He shares his detailed analytics of each NFT project that helps you identify both good and bad in the NFT spaces which inturns we can mitigate these mistakes. If you are into trading and flipping NFT’s then NFT Nate would be the right place for you.


Max Maher 

Max Maher channel teaches everything that helps to make money. His channel covers all Crypto-related investments from finding the next crypto coin to minting your own NFT collections. This is the one-stop channel to get information related to both crypto and NFT’s. Max Maher explains each and every Crypto coin and updates you regularly on what is happening in the Crypto in relation to investments.  Max Maher not only helps you find the next big thing on crypto but also covers overall investment-related content.

Brett Malinowski 

Brett Malinowski’s channel is what you need to safely navigate the NFT spaces. He is NFT Enthused content creator and he is the creator of Magic Mushroom NFT projects. Watching his channel helps you to identify the next big NFT projects and helps you understand how people reap huge profits by just flipping NFT. 


NFT Verse 

NFT Verse covers everything related to NFT’s. They cover NFT news, valuable information about NFT, and upcoming NFT projects. The channel is quite consistent in making high-quality NFT related content and it is definitely worth following. 



ReeceHunter is the only channel that has a detailed explanation of how to create your own NFT’s. His channel entirely focused on teaching Solana NFT development. His channel covers the entire NFT development from Generating 10000+ NFTs to hosing your NFT to creating your NFT minting website.



BentoBoi channel is entirely dedicated to NFT related. He share all his experiences what he had learned from being in the NFT spaces. He talks about Crypto Punks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins, Crypto Gaming, and much more. 



Wilson K Lee

Wilson K Lee is an entrepreneur and his youtube channel covers everything from building an NFT from Character development, Smart Contracts and Mint passes. He even founded the littles NFT projects which he had covered in-depth hour-long videos.  Wil’s tweets on how to create a successful NFT series quite went semi-viral and you should definitely check after that one.

Carl Hustle

Carl Hustle is entirely a different type of investing channel. Their recent video about NFT’s is worth watching that is why we mentioned them in our list. Form creating your own NFT’s to launch your discord server for NFT projects to promote your NFT project for freeware worth watching.

The above youtube channels help you to understand the overall NFT Ecosystem and all up to date NFT information

If you really want to get real-time information on  NFT then following the right NFT Twitter account will expose you to more valuable information than any other medium. You can check out the curated list of the best NFT Twitter Accounts

You have to be part of the community to understand what is happening inside an NFT community. We have curated the best NFT discord and NFT subreddit which helps you to be a part of the NFT community.

If you are a fan of listening to podcasts, we have curated the best NFT podcast where the top NFT artists, collectors, creators, and entrepreneurs discussed NFT and its future.

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