14 Best NFT Podcasts You Should Listen in 2022

The podcast is the best way to consume information where two industry people share their insights in an entertainable way. If you are into NFTs and want to stay up to date, then we have curated a list of top NFT podcasts you can listen to.

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The podcast list we collected is for NFT futurists, dreamers, creators, collectors, and someone who is curious to know what is happening in the NFT ecosystem.

1. Edge of NFT


3. Zima Red

4. The Nifty Show

5. NonFunGerbills

6. That’s Nifty

7. nft now

8. The Mint Condition

9. The Matthew and Rizzle Show

10. Digitally Rare

11. NorCal and Shill

12. NFTs 4 Newbies

13. The GaryVee Audio Experience

14. The a16z Podcast

Best NFT Podcasts

Edge of NFT 

The Edge of NFT Podcast is hosted by Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Joshua Kriger, and their combined experience of everything from music, arts and entrepreneurship makes this podcast much more interesting.

The Edge of NFT podcast gives you the top 1% of what is going on in the NFT world. They explore the nuts and bolts of NFTs and how it changes the way we interact with things.

Episode to Start With: Alexander Salnikove of Rarible Talks


Kevin Rose, serial entrepreneur and tech venture capitalist, is the host of PROOF. He is one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web” – Time Magazine and one of the “Top 25 Angel Investor” – Bloomberg.

Kevin Rose is the founder of notable social news site Digg, Fasting app Zero, and former General Partner at Google Venture. Kevin has featured on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Charlie Rose Show, and the print covers of Businessweek and Inc. Magazine.

PROOF covers NFT artists, both emerging and icons, generative NFTs, metaverse/ gaming, and new tools around NFTs. Kevin Rose’s tech experience and knowledge-rich guests make this podcast a must listen.

Episode to Start With: Beeple – His Story, The Future of NFTs, Favorite Digital Artist, and more.

Zima Red

Andrew Steinwold, Managing Partner at Sfermion,—a NFT-based investment firm accelerating the emergence of the metaverseis the host of Zima Red. Sfermion recently raised a $100 million NFT fund to accelerate the development of open metaverse.

Zima Red podcast explores the obscure things of digital assets, virtual worlds, and things related to NFTs.

Episodes to Start With: Transforming A Game Into A Digital Nation by Aleksander aka Psycheout, a co-founder of Sky Mavisthe company behind Axie Infinity.


Jin – The OG Metaverse Creator & Builder

Don’t know what OG means? Check out The Lingo / Language / Jargon for NFTs.

The Nifty Show 

The Nifty Show is from the hosts of BadCryptoPodcast, Joel Comm—New York Times bestselling author and blockchain enthusiast—and Travis Wright—top marketing technologist and blockchain advisor. Both Joel and Travis are funny and knowledgeable. They never failed to entertain the audience.

This weekly podcast acts as a resource for latest NFT releases and case studies of NFT by companies. 

Featured guests include from OpenSea, Decentraland, Dapper Labs, Capcom, Upland, and more.

Episode to Start With: Alan Carr Dapper Labs – The Nifty Show #14


NonFunGerbills is a weekly podcast (mostly once in a month) hosted by Luke & George. It covers NFT assets and decentralization.

They give away NonFunGerbil tokens to their audience who get involved in the description creation process. Visit their site for how it works.

Episode to Start With: Julien Genestoux, Unlocking the future of NFTs

In the above episode, Julien Genestoux, the founder and CEO of Unlock Inc talks about the future of NFTs and ways to monetise creator’s content.

One of the top NFT artists Hackatao and Paris Hilton have appeared in this podcast.

Click to explore NonFunGerbil NFTs

That’s Nifty

That’s Nifty is a NFT art-focused podcast that emphasizes some of the best artists and collectors in the NFT world.

It is hosted by one of the famous NFT artists slimesunday along with Tommy Noble, a NFT collector, and kitschy kitch, a NFT collector. If you want to know what happening inside the NFT art space, you can listen to it.

Interested in following famous NFT artists? Read Top 15 Famous NFT Artists to Follow.

Episode to Start With: Mad Dog Jones, Joshua Pierce, and Adam Priester

nft now

Matt Medved, Alejandro Navia, and Sam Hysell are the founders of nft now.

Every Wednesday, the podcast covers newly minted NFT news, curation, and analysis. nft now showcases the trailblazers, empowers creators by giving actionable strategies, and fosters the community.

Episode to Start With: The Future of Metaverse Real Estate with Krista Kim

The Mint Condition 

Bunchu.eth, Dez aka KRHFT, and Chamber are the hosts of the weekly podcast The Mint Condition. The Mint Condition podcast is powered by dGEN, a community network for NFTs and cryptocurrencies founded by Bunchu and Chamber.

In this podcast, hosts talk about NFTs, digital collectibles, and cryptocurrencies.

Episode to Start With: Axie Infinity with Andrew Campbell aka Zyori

The Matthew and Rizzle Show

An interview-format podcast that is hosted by Matthew, the creator of TheWIPmeetup.eth and Rizzle, a co-founder of nft42.

The Matthew and Rizzle Show cover interesting projects, artists, and creators in the NFT and crypto space.

Episode to Start With: Talking about community, Bored Apes, and Arabian Camels with Antara

Digitally Rare

Digitally Rare is hosted by Matt Condon and Jonathan Maan. Matt is on the project of themanymatts (find more information in https://drop.nifti.es/), whereas Jonathan is on a mission to write a song a day for 1000 days and sell them as NFTs.

Started in 2018, Digitally Rare has been talking about digital ownership on the blockchain in a casual way.

Episode to Start With: The Song that Own that itself

NorCal and Shill

NorCal and Shill is an interview-style podcast that is hosted by NorcalGuy, a crypto OG turned NFT genesis art collector.

The casual and fun podcast hosts the top crypto artists. It is usually about the artist’s NFT and crypto journey.

Episode to Start With: The dawn of Shavonne Wong, a 3D virtual model creator, Forbes 30U30, and the admin of  @nft_asia

NFTs 4 Newbies

Heather Parady and Rich Cardona are the hosts of NFTs 4 Newbies. Rich is one of the “Top 100 podcasters and a media company owner. Both of them hosted around 1000 podcast episodes combined on mental health, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

As the name suggests, NFT 4 Newbies, a 15-minute podcast is absolutely for beginners. They break down their learnings about NFTs

Episode to Start With: Scams in NFT community with Greg Fisher

The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience doesn’t need any introduction. But for the sake of writing, this podcast is hosted by well-known Gary Vaynerchuk aka Garyvee, an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker.

As you know, this is not a dedicated NFT podcast, however, we can’t skip it. This is the place where Garyvee gives his in-depth knowledge to the world. This podcast is a mix of #AskGaryVee show episodes, insights of marketing, business, segments from my WEEKLYVEE video series, and some Fireside Chats.

Episode to Start With: What was the momet I fell in love with NFTs? Fireside Chat

The a16z Podcast

The a16z podcast is the part of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a well-known venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, California.

This is also a not dedicated NFT podcast, however, it is the place for discussions about technology and innovation.

Episode to Start With: NFT use Cases, Today and Tomorrow

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