8 Best NFT Visualizer to showcase your NFT Collections

Non-Fungible Token ( NFT ) is getting mainstream day by day. Every day new brands, celebrities are getting into NFTs. NFT is disrupting every other industry from music, photography, real estate, sports like never before.

GaryVee predicted that 80% of the world’s population will hold NFTs by 2030. So there are a variety of tools around NFT solving different use cases are created every day. One such tool is the NFT visualizer.

What is an NFT Visualizer?

An NFT visualizer is a tool that helps artists and collectors to showcase their NFT artwork in a more immersive way. 

An NFT visualizer will help the collectors and artists to showcase all their collections in a single place similar to a museum or gallery where visitors can interact with each NFT collection like never before and able to bid the NFT owners directly from the tools. 

NFT Visualizer helps the collectors to display NFT from across wallets, NFT marketplaces in a single place.

Why do you need NFT Visualizer?

You need NFT Visualizer to showcase your NFT collections in a single place with an impressive experience for the visitors and to flex about your NFT collections among your peer and social groups.

NFT visualizer helps collectors to gain exposure and which in turn raises the price of NFTs.

Important Feature to Consider before investing in NFT Visualiser?

As a collector or artist, you have to consider a few things before considering investing in NFT Visualizer. 

Supported Media Format: Most NFT projects are in jpegs, png, mp4, 2D, wave, and 3D images. Make sure NFT visualizer supports all popular NFT media formats and even upcoming media formats.

More Platform Support: You may hold your NFT collections on multiple wallets that rely on different blockchains technology. Make sure that your  NFT visualizer supports all major wallets and popular blockchains like Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Cardano, and much more.  

Social Interactions: Social Interaction is one of the core aspects of NFT Visualiser which helps you to connect with like-minded individuals. It helps NFT artists to draw closer to their fans. 

Costs: You can start with a free NFT visualizer tool to display your NFT collections. You can go with paid options if you have a huge following and an expensive NFT collection. Before buying, make sure that you check across all platforms and compare prices and opt for the best visualizer that suits your needs.

Types of NFT Visualize

1. Interactive Displays 

Interactive displays are one of the creative ways the artist can share their NFT with the consumer, where the consumer will get both the digital NFT and physical component of the NFT.

2. NFT Virtual Galleries 

Virtual galleries are the future, where visitors can able to look out at your NFT Collections. The virtual galleries metaverse project is still in a nascent stage. An artist can display their collection in virtual galleries where visitors can able checkout and order their favorite artwork directly through the virtual galleries.

8 Best NFT Visualizer to display your NFT Collections 


best NFT Visualizer

OnCyber is the easiest way for artists and collectors to show their NFTs in a fully immersive experience, for free. 

You can import your NFT assets in 2 clicks and showcase your assets in 3D with the oncyber link.

With OnCyber, you can showcase your NFT collections in crafted unique creative spaces designed by the coolest artist in the sphere. 

You can share your NFT OnCyber Space with anyone through a URL link. 

Visitors can able to view the NFT collection in VR format as well as in the Assets format. 

You can check out the latest space created on OnCyber, the most popular spaces, and even the last 24h trending spaces.

You can check out the world-famous NFT Photographer Justin Aversano Twin Flames Gallery on onCyber. 

best NFT Visualizer

Checkout: https://oncyber.io/


best NFT Visualizer

Gallery is a platform where you can view, curate, share and discover your favorite NFTs. Through the gallery, you can express yourself through your NFT and connect with other members of the NFT community. 

Gallery.so is very secure which is only for viewing your NFT and verifying your ownership. 

They support NFT on Ethereum, they are planning to add support for Tezos, Polygon, and Solana later in 2022. 

They support Metamask, WalletConnect, Rainbow Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Gnosis wallet and they are planning to support more wallets in the future. 

You need to obtain a Gallery Membership Card to access Gallery. These are NFTs that allow to sign up and create a gallery as well as have voted in certain product decisions. You can check out their Premium and General Membership cards on OpenSea.

You can check out the Coopahtroppa NFT  collection on the gallery.so which includes Cryptopunk, Deadfellaz, and much more.

best NFT Visualizer

Checkout: https://gallery.so/


best NFT Visualizer

Mynt is the custom digital gallery for your NFTs so that you can easily flex off your NFT collections with your followers on social media, with your friends and family. 

You can share the Mynt link on social media profiles on Twitter and Instagram. With mynt, you can able to track how many people have been viewed your NFT collections.

You can connect your Metamask wallet and display all your NFT collections in a gallery-like format to the world.

Mynt shares a list of top collectibles, top collectors, and the top NFT collections. 

Mynt is easy to use platform for both the artist and the collectors to showcase their NFT collections to the world.

Checkout: https://mynt.la/


best NFT Visualizer

Lazy.com is the lazy way to show off your NFTs. You are only three steps away from showing off your NFT collections. Just create an account, connect your wallet and all your NFT collection will be ready to be displayed on Lazy.com. Share your unique lazy.com URL to your Instagram and social media bios. 

Lazy.com supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana Blockchain. 

As a user, you can able to pinned your NFTs so that they will be shown off at the top. 

You can view all of  Mark Cuban’s NFT collection on Lazy.com. His collection consists of Cryptopunk, BAYC, RTFKT LOOT pod, Gucci, and much more. You can view all of his NFT collection here.

best NFT Visualizer

Checkout: https://lazy.com/

UnStoppable Domain 

Unstoppable Domain is an NFT domain that lives on a public blockchain where users have complete ownership of their stored data. 

A recent update on the Unstoppable domain allows your NFT gallery to display art on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. 

Make sure your NFT art and your NFT domain are in the same wallet, thus it won’t display your NFT domains.

Best NFT Visualizer

The NFT Gallery services are free, and the UnStoppable domain can cost anywhere between $570 – $4500 and which is a one-time fee but not like traditional website domains.

Checkout: https://unstoppabledomains.com/


Best NFT Visualizer

Spatial helps artists and collectors to build their own spaces in the metaverse. They leverage cutting-edge 3D technology that empowers users to share their NFT in beautiful eye-opening spaces.

Spatial starts with a free plan for creators to host exhibitions, meetups, and live events. For more advanced features like hosting more curated and controlled experiences, creators can opt-out for a pro feature which starts at $25 per month.

Spatial was founded by a passionate team of 3D design and metaverse experts in Newyork and SF. 

Checkout: https://spatial.io/


best NFT Visualizer

CryptoVoxels is a virtual world and metaverse, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.  

Artist and collectors can create their own space on Cryptovoxels and launch an NFT gallery. Artists and collectors can’t able to interact in real-time with the visitors. 

If you have a huge fanbase it is much preferred to buy a parcel of virtual land and hire experienced designers to build out their NFT gallery. 

Checkout: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/


best NFT Visualizer

Decentraland is the first fully decentralized virtual world on Ethereum blockchain where you have galleries from various artists. 

Decentraland is a metaverse project where visitors can able to walk through their favorite artist NFT creation or Collector’s NFT collections. 

Sotheby’s have their own virtual gallery in Decentraland. 

You can hire someone to build your own visualizer on Decentraland and host your artwork in any of the galleries available. 

Checkout: https://decentraland.org/

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