How to contact and raise support ticket

Mintable is a multi-chain NFT Marketplace where you can sell, buy and mint digital items. The supported blockchain is Ethereum, ImmutableX, and Zilliqa blockchains. 

You may want to contact Mintalble Marketplace if you face any technical issue or problem with the platform. 

Mintable has been visited by millions of users every month so that reply to your message or email would take a lot of time from their time. 

Before contacting them via email or raising a support ticket or even through social media, try to fix the issue by googling out the issue, reading their FAQ section at their help center. 

If you couldn’t able to fix the issue, try rising a support ticket at Mintable and contact them via email at

Mintable Marketplace Contact Details

Help Center 
Raise Support Ticket 

How to Contact Mintable and Raise Support Tickets 

You can find a solution to the problem you are facing with Mintable with Opensea Platform in the following ways. 

1. Check out Mintable Help Center 

How to contact

More than 99% of problems are repeated and are already solved and the solution to your problem is available on the Help Center Page. 

Before contacting the support team, you should visit the Mintalble help center page and search thoroughly whether the solution is already available or not.

On the Help Center page, they covered most problems faced regularly by the users. 

You can checkout the Mintable HelpCenter Pager here. 

2. Raise support tickets on Mintable

You can directly raise support tickets through this link

How to contact

Fill out the forms, select why you are contacting them. Write out a short crisp and concise about the problem you are facing. 

You will receive messages within 48 hours time and sometimes it may more time than ever. 

3. Contact Mintable through Discord Community 

How to contact

You can directly chat with them through their discord server. You can join their discord community through this link. They have more than 25000 members on their discord server.

You not only get a response from the official team member but also through the community members. 

Beware of scams that are happening on the discord server. Never share your secret recovery pin or password with anyone.

4. Contact Mintable through Twitter 

You can raise your issue directly through Twitter by mentioning them. Usually, businesses respond very fast to Twitter. You may get responses from Mintalbe community members as well. 

You can follow Mintable on Twitter and they have been followed by more than 65K members. Every weak they conduct a free giveaway through their Twitter channel. 

Beware of scams that are happening on Twitter. Never share your secret recovery pin or password with anyone. 

5. Finding Solutions with the help of Mintable Subreddit Community 

You can ask for help on the Mintable subreddit community by sharing the problem you are facing, the community is very active and they will respond with the solution. 

The solution will be helpful to everyone who is all going to face a similar issue like you in the future. 

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