10 Business Idea You Could Built with ChatGPT

From software eating the world to AI is gonna eat the entire world.

With the rise of Generative techs like ChatGPT, DALL.E, Stable Diffusion, and many more. The next few decades are going to be much more interesting than ever before. It will disrupt every other industry in unimaginable ways. 

ChatBots for Any Industry, or Company 

Almost all modern-day business applications use ChatBots to communicate with their customers. Currently, only a few use cases have been handled by chatbots effectively. With the advancement of ChatGPT, it could take almost 90% of cases like humans. 

This would save enormous time and resources for the business. 

Exciting ChatBots can easily leverage ChatGPT to increase the overall experience 

Content Generations 

If you are a content writer, you can leverage ChatGPT for your content writing process. This can help you to overcome writer’s block and will increase your writing potential by 10x. 

While using ChatGPT for the writing process, you must know how to humanize it to escape from AI content detectors as well as Google. Otherwise, your site will get penalized.

If you are a Youtuber, you can create video scripts using ChatGPT, optimize your youtube title, and even create a description for your video. 

Personal Coding Companion 

ChatGPT is the most advanced personal coding companion that is available right now—no more wasting time on googling out and watching tons of youtube videos. With just a click of a button, you will be able to solve coding issues like never before. This could personally save a lot of time.

You can ask questions, and ChatGPT will give you accurate answers. You can either build it as a plugin or a chrome extension. 


You don’t need to be an expert anymore to understand complex topics. With the help of ChatGPT, Children can ask any question they are curious about and they will receive in-depth learning on a variety of subjects. 

Businesses can develop specific tutors to solve their specific niche. So they can train ChatGPT with more resources with respect to their niche. 

Existing platforms can inherit ChatGPT to further improve their overall experience.

Creating Music

ChatGPT was able to generate musical notes, with just a few prompts. Anyone who is getting started in music is able to generate musical notes in seconds. With ChatGPT, they can alter their own musical notes or improve their exciting notes.

AI Powered Virtual Assistant 

What if Siri, Alexa had the power of ChatGPT? That sounds interesting right? With just a tap or with your voice you can draft an email to x. Schedule a meeting with your client that automatically tells them why you can’t make it by looking at the calendar. 

You can send a friendly text or reply to your WhatsApp message. 

AI Therapist 

There have been rising cases of anxiety and depression in the past several years. With ChatGPT we are able to develop an AI model that responds to the questions/ phrases in ways that scientifically improve human emotions and behaviors.

 AI Partner/ Friend

There are many apps and services already available but most of the services behave exactly like a computer-generated bot. I personally think ChatGPT is going to change how an AI Partner/ Friend should be.  The latest model can behave exactly like how a friend and partner would respond.

AI Teacher 

With ChatGPT, We can able to teach any skill in a step-by-step manner with detailed explanations. With the help of AI, we are able to teach any skill in an interactive way with respect to the user. With ChatGPT, we are able to scale personalized learning like never before. 

AI Low Code Creators

We are aware of the ChatGPT coding capability. What if any could be able to generate a landing page or web application in a second? 

With just a prompt, you could create a landing page or web app with functionality in a second. DeBuild, powered by GPT-3 technology, has been working on this prototype for the past year. With ChatGPT, we were able to see a lot of Low Code Creators. 

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