How to Fix STEPN App Not Working

Fix STEPN App Not Working

STEPN is a move-to-earn Web3 lifestyle application that motivates people to stay fit by incentivizing them.

Players equipped with NFT sneakers can earn money by walking, jogging, or running outdoors. NFT sneakers can be purchased in the in-app marketplace or Magic Eden marketplace.

The combination of health and money elements attracted over 900,000 active STEPN users.

In recent times, many such users have been facing issues with the STEPN application, such as cannot updating or logging in to STEPN, the application crashing and cannot end the run.

In this article, you will find a solution to “fix STEPN App not working” issue.

Why STEPN App is Not Working?

STEPN app is not working due to some technical glitches on your mobile, such as an unstable Internet connection and/ or memory shortage or glitches in the STEPN app itself.

Also, the STEPN app will not work properly in tweaked/ rooted/ jailbreaked phones as it is hard for the STEPN team to detect cheaters using these phones.

To fix STEPN app not working issue, you need to check the Internet connection, update the application, may need to clear the cache or free up the storage space, restart the app or device, sync the device’s date and time with real date and time, or change the device if necessary.

Steps to Fix “STEPN App Not Working”

  1. Check the Internet Connection
  2. Update the STEPN App
  3. Check If It Is Global Glitch
  4. Clear Cache
  5. Check the Storage Space
  6. Uninstall and Reinstall STEPN App
  7. Sync Date and Time
  8. Check the Compatibility of your Device
  9. Restart your Device
  10. Contact STEPN

1. Check the Internet Connection

If you are facing difficulty logging in to the STEPN application or any kind of lagging, you must check your Internet connection first.

An unstable Internet connection will cause this problem particularly if you are walking, jogging, or running in a remote area.

To check your Internet connection, you can do an Ookla speed test. Ookala is available on Android and iOS.

If the Internet connection is poor, you can move on to a different location and try accessing the STPEN application.

2. Update the STEPN App

Sometimes a technical glitch in the STEPN app itself would trigger the application to perform as not intended.

To overcome the STEPN app not working issue, you need to go to the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and check for the latest update.

If there is any update available, you need to update your STEPN app immediately.

3. Check If It Is Global Glitch

If something is wrong with your STEPN application or your STEPN app not working properly, you need to check the official STEPN Twitter, Reddit, Medium, and Discord page to see if the issue exists globally.

If it exists globally, you need to wait for some time until the STEPN team fixes it.

4. Clear Cache

If some files of the STEPN app have not loaded properly, you could face some issues.

To reload all the application files, you need to clear the cache.

To clear the cache on an Android device, go to Settings.

Then, navigate to Apps or Application Manager.

Tap on the STEPN app and tap on Clear Cache.

To clear the cache on the iPhone, go to Settings.

Then, tap on General followed by iPhone Storage.

Afterward, navigate to the STEPN app and tap on it.

Now, tap on Offload App.

Clearing the cache not only reloads the application files but also improves the speed and performance of the device. 

After clearing the cache, you need to again log in to your STEPN app.

5. Check the Storage Space

If the storage space of your device is not enough or almost full, you will experience lagging and/ or the STEPN app will not work smoothly.

Once the STEPN application is launched on the device, it needs to use the GPS and SMAC mechanisms until the player closes the app. STEPN Model for Anti Cheating (SMAC) mechanism that STEPN uses to monitor players for any kind of cheating activities.

Since the GPS and SMAC mechanism runs simultaneously, it requires decent device memory space for smother performance.

Hence, it is wise to free up some space or change your device if you encounter any storage shortage.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall STEPN App

If the STEPN app is crashed during the run and you cannot collect your GST, you must consider closing and restarting the application.

If the issue still persists, you need to consider uninstalling and reinstalling the STEPN app.

Ensure to remember your STEPN wallet Seed Phrase before uninstalling the application. You can refer to this guide on How to Store the Seed Phrase Safe and Secure.

7. Sync Date and Time

The STEPN app may not work properly if your device’s time and date settings are out of sync with the real-time and date.

If that’s the case, you must sync your device’s date and time with the real date and time.

Now, head back to the STEPN app and check if it working properly.

8. Check the Compatibility of your Device

After the recent STEPN update, if you can’t log into the app or suddenly if the app stops working, this is due to the device requirement and/ or outdated OS version of your device.

Nowadays, few users particularly Huawei device users are facing this kind of issue as Huawei does not support the Google Playstore and the users of Android version 8 and below.

There is no update regarding the device and OS requirements on the STEPN website as of now.

 However, in general, avoiding Huawei devices would be the solution.

9. Restart your Device

If you did everything mentioned in the above steps and still facing STEPN app not working issue, you must consider trying to restart/ reboot your device as a last try.

After restarting the device, try opening and using the STEPN app.

10. Contact STEPN

In the case of any unique issues, you must approach the STEPN support team.

You can email them at, or contact them via Twitter or Discord.

Read also: How to Contact STEPN.


STEPN app is not working due to unstable Internet connection, a technical glitch in the device or app itself, memory shortage on the device, device’s date and time out of sync with real date and time, compatibility of the device, or tweaked/ rooted/ jailbreaked phones.


1. How to fix the “Moonwalking detected“ even if I maintain the optimal speed?

If you are getting Moonwalking detected warning even if you maintain the optimal speed, check your Internet connection and see if you are walking amidst trees and tall buildings.

Also, Huawei device users are getting this issue frequently as Google Play Store is not supported on those devices.

To fix Moonwalking detected issue, walk, jog, or run in an open space and avoid using the Huawei devices for STEPN usage.

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