How to clone your own voice using AI (100% AI Generated)

AI voice is taking over social media. People are cloning popular people like Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, and many more. 

You can also clone your own AI Voice so that you don’t need to create your own audio every time. 

If you are a busy entrepreneur or creator and want to use your own AI voices for your video or service. The better way to do this is by cloning your voice and replicating it whenever you want with just the text. 

How to clone your own voice using AI 

To clone your own voice using AI, first, you need to create an account on ElevanLabs and subscribe to the paid plan. 

Find at least three audio files of your voice in MP3 format. Upload the audio files to ElevenLabs, generate and download the voices and edit a video using video editors. 

Step 1: Create an Eleven Labs Account and Subscribe to Paid Plan 

  1. Got to
  2. You can Sign Up using Google or Facebook. You should agree to the terms and services. 
  3. Choose the Starter plan and Subscribe to the plan

With the free plan, you cannot able to cline voices. 

Step 2: Start Cloning a Voice. 

  1. Upload the audio clip of your own voice to clone 
  2. Add Voice > Instant Voice Cloning > Name it > Upload the audio clips > Add Voice 
  3. Select “Use” to use the cloned voice 
  4. Enter the text and Select “Generate”
  5. Download the voice by clicking on the save button. 

Step 3: Start editing your video 

  1. Use the video editing tool to edit the video 
  2. Drop the video you want to edit 
  3. Drop the audio files that you cloned 
  4. Edit the videos and audio clips using the editors 
  5. Export the video and upload it anywhere. 
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