How to use Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs is the most realistic and versatile AI speech software, ever. Their new text-to-speech models rely on high compression and context understanding to render human speech ultra-realistically. 

Eleven labs AI dubbing tool will let users automatically re-voice any audio or video in a different language, all while preserving the original speaker voice. 

Eleven Labs Pricing 

They support a different set of pricing ranging from Starter, Creator, Independent Publisher, Growing Business, and Enterprise. It starts from 0$ to 330$ per month. 


Free Starter Creator Independent Publisher Growing Business
Character Support 10,000 Characters per month 30,000 Characters per month 100,000 Characters per month 500,000

Characters per month

2,000,000 Characters per month
Custom Voice 3 Custom Voice 10 Custom Voice 30 Custom Voice 160 Custom Voice 600 Custom Voice 

How to Use Eleven Labs 

To use Eleven Labs, you need to create an account and subscribe to the paid plan. 

Have the audio file of the voice that you really want to clone and convert it to an MP3 File.

You can upload the audio file to Eleven labs and generate and download the voices using desired input text.

Step 1: Create an Eleven Labs Account and Subscribe to Paid Plan 

  1. Got to
  2. You can Sign Up using Google or Facebook. You should agree to the terms and services. 
  3. Choose the Starter plan and Subscribe to the plan

With the free plan, you cannot able to cline voices. 

Step 2: Start Cloning a Voice. 

  1. Upload the audio clip of your own voice to clone 
  2. Add Voice > Instant Voice Cloning > Name it > Upload the audio clips > Add Voice 
  3. Select “Use” to use the cloned voice 
  4. Enter the text and Select “Generate”
  5. Download the voice by clicking on the save button. 

Step 3: Start editing your video 

  1. Use the video editing tool to edit the video 
  2. Drop the video you want to edit 
  3. Drop the audio files that you cloned 
  4. Edit the videos and audio clips using the editors 
  5. Export the video and upload it anywhere. 


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