What is GPT-4 it’s Use Cases, Examples and its Impact

What is GPT-4 

GPT-4 is the latest multimodal modal which means it accepts both images and text input and output text. GPT stands for Generative Pre Trained Transformer and the series have evolved significantly to become more sophisticated and powerful than the previous model. 

In 2021 we have written a detailed article about GPT-3 and its use cases. We have used the both API and the application that is powered by GPT-3. As we have used both extensively, we know how GPT-4 is much more revolutionary than their predecessor. 

Why GPT-4 is more powerful than GPT-3 

GPT-4 model has been improved to follow user intentions while also making it more truthful and generating less offensive or dangerous outputs. 

GPT-4 is more reliable, creative, and able to handle much more nuanced instructions than GPT-3.5.

GPT-4 can accept the prompt of text and images and generates text outputs. Over a range of domains including documents with text and photographs, diagrams, and screenshots. 

Here is an example.

The user inputs a Meme image and asks GPT-4 for the explanations. 

GPT04 Exams

The user inputs images and ask GPT-4 for explaining why this is funny. 

The user inputs an image and ask GPT-4 what is unusual about the image.

The user inputs a PDF paper and asks GPT-4 to read and summarize it. 

GPT-4 capabilities are much more nuanced and instructed than GPT 3.5. GPT-4 has been tested on a variety of benchmarks, including simulating exams that were originally designed for humans. The performance of GPT-4 on simulated exams exceeds expectations and performance is on par with human levels. Here are the results.

GPT04 Exams

Impact of GPT-4 on Business

GPT-4 will open up a whole new world of AI-powered business opportunities. The new model accepts images as a prompt. This is an absolute game changer for anyone who wants to build an AI business. 

Like the introduction of email, smartphones, or video conferencing, GPT-4 has potentially rewired and improved how businesses run

  • Patrick Collision Founder of Stripe.

How to use and access GPT-4

If you are a pro-ChatGPT user, you will be using the GPT-4 response on the hood. You need to buy ChatGPT pro to access GPT-4 model in ChatGPT. Free access to GPT-4 is currently not yet available, and the release date is yet to be finalized. 

If you are a developer, you can sign up for the waitlist to get rate-limited access to the API. OpenAI will gradually increase availability and rate limit to balance the capacity. The developer will get prioritized API access to GPT-4 for contributing model evaluations to OpenAI Evals. 

10 GPT-4 Use Cases and Examples

GPT-4 converter Napkins sketches into Code.

Greg Brockman founder and vice president of OpenAI demoed the GPT-4 capabilities by creating a website from an image of a sketch from his notebook. 

If you extrapolate this demo. The possibilities are endless and this could be the future of no-code. With these capabilities, anyone could able to launch their dream apps or project without knowing how to code. This could be the future of coding.

Use case: Built a complete UI/UX design with a sketch or just a drawing. 

GPT-4 will sue scammers for you. 

DoNotPay is working with GPT-4 to generate one-click lawsuits to sue robocaller for $1500. Imagine receiving a call, clicking a button, the call is transcribed and the 1,000-word lawsuit is generated. The law firm could not able to cope with GPT-4 technology they are suing  Robot Lawyer DoNotPay.

Use Case: Anyone with a help of GPT-4 can able to handle a lawsuit with just a click. 

GPT created a game of pong in < 60 seconds 

Twitter user Pietor Schirano created a game of pong in under 60 seconds. This was his first try. This clearly shows how transformative this technology is in implementing coding solutions. 

Use Case: Users can be to build and launch their application that needs intensive coding skills with the help of GPT-4 

Another user created an arcade game with the help of GPT-4 and another user even launched an IOS application using GPT-4. 

GPT 4 does well on Standardized tests. 

GPT-4 performance on many standardized exams. BAR, LSAT, GRE, AP, etc. Truth is GPT-4 can apply to Stanford as a student now. AI’s reasoning ability is OFF THE CHARTS. 

Moreover, GPT-4 performs way better than GPT3.5 in many aspects. Below are the comparison between GPT-4 and GPT3.5 and their performance in the Standardized test. 

GPT-4 for Customer Services

The popular chat-based SAAS firm Intercom has integrated its product and released a built entirely on GPT-4. This is one of the biggest releases in their history. 

Usually, the Customer Services bot needs to be fewer hallucinations, and much better communication confidence levels. Staying conversational & personal. Understanding context and handling complex workflows. 

UseCase: World advanced conversational agent for support. 

GPT-4 for Education. 

Duolingo Max is a subscription tier that gives you access to your own personal, AI-powered language tutor through Explain My Answer and Roleplay.  With GPT-4 the ai would give you more context on your lessons responses. And also helps you to practice real-world conversation skills with the world.

Khan Academy uses GPT-4 to help students with an instant one-on-one tutor. 

Use Cases: The way we consume and learn information will be changed forever with the help of OpenAI GPT-4. 

AI-Powered Coding Documentations 

Stripe has partnered with OpenAI with GPT4 and launched AI-powered Stripe Docs. 

Use Cases: This will quickly become standard, where developers can interact with Docs and understand much better.

Visual Powered Shopping App 

There are more than 253 million blind and low-vision consumers. For them, access to the shopping website is awful and even with the advanced screen reading functionality. 

GPT-4 supports multi-model, which could truly revolutionize and impact commerce when those people have workable access to the site. GPT-4 could pretty much solve this problem in a more meaningful way than any other technology out there.

AI-Visual Powered Recipe Maker

As we all know that GPT-4 is a multi-model so it could able to understand visuals. This means can take images as input and output the desired text. 

A Twitter user Sudharshan asks GPT-4 with a photo of a refrigerator and asks it to come up with food recipes. Here is the input as well as the output. The result would be damn surprising. 


GPT-4 could be a personal assistant. 

We are all aware that ChatGPT could be a potential assistant or copilot for your day-to-day activities. A Twitter user Jackson asked GPT-4  to help him to make as much money as possible. GPT-4 responses were mindboggling and it even allows him to launch his own online business to make money. 

GPT-4 can do Code Reviews 

A Twitter user Conor dumped a live Ethereum contract into GPT-4. In an instant, it highlighted a number of security vulnerabilities and pointed out the surface area where the contract could be exploited. It is then verified a specific way it could exploit the contract. 

UseCase: AI will ultimately help make smart contracts safer and easier to build. 

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