Is ChatGPT Left leaning and What it’s political bias

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer ) is a conversation AI developed by Open AI. It is a widely adopted conversational engine by the consumer. With more than 100 Million active users within two months, this is one of the biggest-ever consumer adoption technology in a shorter span of time.

As an AI language model, it should not lean toward personal beliefs or opinions and must provide unbiased and factual information. 

With more user comes more responsibility, large language models like Open AI should not favor a particular political party and it will affect the fabric of society. 

Several users of ChatGPT on Twitter say it is leaning toward the left. I have personally curated the best tweets and even tested them on our end. Here are a few examples. 

Few Examples to prove ChatGPT is left Leaning

Twitter user name Leigh Wolf has asked ChatGPT about the positive attributes of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. ChatGPT responded positively for Joe Biden but not for Donald Trump. This triggered so many users and concerns about the credibility of OpenAI ChatGPT. 

is chatgpt left leaning


Here is the response for Joe Biden.

is chatgpt left leaning

Even another user questioned ChatGPT why it didn’t answer about Donald Trump but answered about Joe Biden. Here is the response.

Why it anser joe biden

The above responses by ChatGPT are really concerning and it shows how left-leaning ChatGPT is.

Another user named JeanMeyer asked ChatGPT “Write a poem about the bad attributes of Donald Trump”. ChatGPT response with detailed answers. Check out the response in the below image.

bad attribute

When it comes to the bad attributes of Donald Trump, ChatGPT responded without any concern and it really concerns me as a user.

Delian, a popular VC of the founder fund. He asked the same question but with a different context.  He asked the ChatGPT to write a poem about Donal Trump and the same for Joe Biden. Like above it clearly avoids Donald Trump but not Joe Biden.

is ChatGPT left Leaning

And he even asked ChatGPT, why it has written about Joe Biden but not about Donald Trump. Here is the response.

is ChatGPT left Leaning

A user named Elijah Schaffer asked ChatGPT “Can Kids be Transgender”. ChatGPT responded positively without any concern. Even Elon Musk has even responded with concern.

ChatGPT Biases

Elon Musk and Ted Turner’s response to the above tweet was this.

ChatGPT Left Leaning

Another Twitter user named David Pehrson asked ChatGPT about political-leaning dad jokes including both left and right. ChatGPT responded only for the left and not for the right.

ChatGPT Polical Leaning

Why ChatGPT is Left Leaning and what it’s political bias?

ChatGPT is trained on a variety of training data. As a large language model, its response is trained based on the data it has been fed into. Even Twitter asked ChatGPT whether its response is left-leaning. ChatGPT’s response is as below.



OpenAI CEO Sam Altman agrees with the shortcoming around the bias and they are working hard to make ChatGPT more neutral.

Left Leaning

But still more users are not okay with the Sam Altman responses.


Everything creation has a bias but the true creator is for the masses to do their best to minimize their bias in their creations. Every groundbreaking technology is never perfect when it is released and it has been iterated often to reach its apex performance. 

ChatGPT is an undoubtedly powerful technology and it should be operated with less bias and more neutral views. Here is a user asked ChatGPT “How to have a powerful AI that can answer ideological questions?” Here is the response.

is ChatGPT Left Leaning

Humans would less likely to trust and use AI if its responses are biased, manipulated, or censored.  

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