8 Best Metaverse Stocks to Invest for the Future

The term Metaverse is coined by author Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash”. 

Metaverse is a combination of the digital world with a blend of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 3D holographic characters and videos. It would hyper alternative reality world where people could be able to work, share and collaborate. It is likely to be believed that in the future half of the time we would be in Metaverse.

Metaverse is most well suitable and known for gaming companies like Roblox and Minecraft and that would happen in mainstream culture and everyday interaction in the future.

After Facebook changes its name to Meta, the buzz around Metaverse has been high ever since. The stocks related to Metaverse soar higher than ever before. 

Metaverse is worth trillion-dollar according to Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood and Grayscale said that Metaverse represents a trillion-dollar market opportunity.

Already a virtual land has been sold for $2.4 million worth in Decentraland and blockchain gaming Axie Infinity had more than 3 billion transactions in 2021. 

When will Metaverse happen

A lot of innovation and improvement has to happen in various industries to support the push of Metaverse. It will happen anywhere between the next five to ten years. 

  • Ultra-fast broadband speed 
  • Virtual Reality Hardware 
  • GPU supports for Highly Virtual World

We have collected a list of great companies that are making Metaverse possible. Metaverse will only happen if collective intelligence participation of all companies that are listed below. We may miss the underdog company that is crucial for Metaverse. We will continuously refine this article and will add new companies that are innovating in the Metaverse space. So feel free to bookmark this article. 

Here is a list of companies you can invest to part of Metaverse 

  1. Meta
  2. Nvidia 
  3. Microsoft 
  4. Fastly
  5. Roblox 
  6. Unity Software
  7. Nike
  8. Shopify


Focus: Virtual Reality, Virtual Social Networks, Hardware.

Metaverse Stock

Facebook set the vision for Metaverse when it acquired Oculus Rift for $2.5 billion dollars in 2014. They have contributed more to the VR and AR world than any other company on the list. They set up a team called Facebook Reality Labs where they bring world-class researchers, developers, and engineers to build the future of connection virtually. 

Meta is planning to hire more than 10,000 developers to make metaverse possible and they are planning to invest more than 10 billion dollars in near future.

Even they changed their name Facebook Inc to Meta that shows how firmly they believe and invest in Metaverse. 

Meta has a massive first-mover advantage over any other competitor as they have invested and developed sophisticated hardware and tools that are needed for the VR experience. 


Focus: GPU Processing, Chips

Metaverse Stock

Nvidia is one of the very few semiconductor companies that could able to make fast processing chips that are needed for Metaverse.

Metaverse is a blend of VR, AR, and Holographic images, and to make that possible we need fast processing chips that are needed to run complex calculations. Nvidia is hold a complete monopoly and it is a clear winner in this Metaverse space. 

With the growing amount of data and to process this data, to run a high machine learning model on the data. We definitely need GPU and advanced chips that Nvidia had built over time. 

Nvidia has a great future in this Metaverse World. 


Focus: Software, Virtual Collaboration, Holograph


Microsoft is only very few successful tech companies that have completely transitioned from one era (PC) to another era (Cloud Computing) and they could able to make it happen in Metaverse as well. 

Microsoft has already held a major share in the Gaming industry owing to Xbox and Minecraft. Minecraft is played by more than millions of users every day. With the data and experience, Microsoft knows much more details. It would be very helpful for them to navigate the Metaverse world. 

Their commanding leadership in productivity software and Cloud Infrastructure Azure are needed to build Metaverse.

Their continuous investment in holographic devices like Microsoft HoloLens 2 will set them apart from competitors. 

They are most likely to retain leadership in both productivity and collaboration software even in the Metaverse world. 


Focus: Infrastructure – Edge Computing

Meteverse Stock

Fastly is edge computing infrastructure as a service platform that solves pretty much important problems in the self-driving cars and too in Metaverse world where data lags can be crucial. 

Consider you are in Metaverse world suddenly the data you were operating inside the Metaverse has delayed, that may be the worst experience in the Metaverse world. Fastly could able to solve this. 

As fastly could able to transfer a terabyte of data per second and it will reduce the lags time and latency of decentralization. 

Metaverse could be unimaginable without edge computing as Fastly could be able to solve this problem in an unimaginable way. 


Focus: Virtual Platform

Roblox Metaverse

Roblox is already a virtual world where gamers could able to buy virtual goods like clothing using their very own virtual currency.

Roblox created a game with metaverse in mind and it is already building its platform with solid users of more than 45 million users.

Roblox is not a single game and it is a game inside a game where developers could able to launch their own games, content, and other entertainment for the users.

Roblox already built a metaverse gaming world and they are in process of hiring great talents and building of necessary infrastructure to make Mataverse happen.

Unity Software 

Focus: Software

Unity Metaverse

Unity Software makes software that helps Game developers create 3D Avatars and Images. More than 80% of games created today are on the platform of Unity Software. 

If anyone wants to develop a 3D world for the Metaverse then the Unity Sofware platform does the heavy lifting. 

Unity Software is needed to build the basic fabrication for the Metaverse world.


Focus: Digital Collectible 

Nike Virtual Sneaker

Unsurprisingly Nike has been added to the list Because Nike was so obsessed with the Metaverse. They even acquired RTFKT studio which creator of digital sneakers and digital artifacts. 

Nike Inc was very optimistic about Metaverse and they are investing heavily in digital collectible assets and NFT’s.

RTFKT uses games engines, NFT, blockchain authentication, and augmented reality combined with manufacturing expertise to create one kind of digital sneakers. 

In Metaverse and NFT world, Nike would definitely build a great Digital Collectible brand. 


Focus: Digital Ecommerce

Metaverse Stock

In a metaverse world, creators want to sell their digital artifacts within the Metaverse world. Shopify is filling the gaps for the creators in the Metaverse world.

Shopify is the place where small business owners can able to create their own store competing with big players like Amazon. What if small business owners want to build their own virtual retail store in Metaverse.  

Shopify has huge potential by leveraging both the real-world and metaverse world by creating great tools and infrastructure needed for small businesses.

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